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  1. Given the recent anniversary I have been but in somewhat of a more social mood. To that end it appears the my other half (the player) is reaching their anniversary and I would like to commission some music to celebrate this event. Not just any music will do, no we require a magicduel related parody of songs that already exist. 


    Janie's got a gun
    Janie's got a gun
    Her whole world's come undone

    From lookin' straight at the sun


    Granos' got a gun
    Granos' got a gun
    His whole void's come undone
    From lookin' straight at the Mur

    Note: This is just an example I am no artist

    This will be decided by community vote, but for more effort more points will be awarded.
    1 up vote = 1 point
    1 heart = 2 points
    Written = 1 point
    Audio = 2 points
    Video = 3 points

    The rewards: (note may be increased if there is enough interest)

    1st place 5gc

    2nd place 2gc

    3rd place 1gc

    The last day of submission is the 5th of June 2021. Go forth and amuse me.
    Multiple entries are allowed

  2. As many of you know, this is a subject I am quite fond of. I share similar views with many of you and some will differ. Given I am The Seeker of The Void I figure I should at least leave some input on this.

    To me the void is both tangible yet intangible. It is what the beginning and the end will and are. Some will claim that the void is associated with darkness, like a great blackness that just engulfs all things. While this may not be wrong, I see it more in line with a great whiteness(the potential for all colors). When you break things down into very basic ideas, there are two colour pathways. On one path you can see that black pigment is an amalgamation of all the colors while absorbing everything, and you have white which is the absence of color. Then on the other path you have the opposite. You can see that white light is an amalgamation of all the colors while absorbing everything, and you have black which is the absence of color. Statements such as 'white is the absence of color' is both true and false but it comes down to our perspective, knowledge, and how we attempt to perceive that which is supposedly imperceivable. To me the void is limitless but also finite at the same time, such as the infinity sign, each side has limited space but still continues on forever. It is all that we cannot comprehend. Thus when we attempt to understand or quantify it, our perceptions are tainted by that which we cannot possibly understand. Our minds simply are not equipped for it. 

    A small example now:

    Imagine a giant circle. That circle is then surrounded by numerous other smaller circles. Let us call the giant circle MD(Magicduel), and the smaller ones the players. Each smaller circle has a line connecting itself to the larger one, connected to other lines and smaller circles within, which we can call our avatars. The space outside these circles can be called the void. Eventually over time these circles erode and crack, and through these cracks we catch glimpses of the void, but our minds cannot understand this. These cracks show up in many ways, one of the most common is with mental illness, that is my Taint. They become tainted by something they cannot understand. So we begin to fill the gaps that we cannot comprehend with information, and things we know from our own realties. These can be called numerous things from hallucinations to visions, or even that sense of deju vu(ghosts, demons or even aliens). Our minds know something is not as it should be, thus they replace these glimpses of the void which we will never comprehend, with what we have of our own memories.

    I can go on about ideas and thoughts on the void but for now this will have to suffice. Feel free to come speak with me on this or other topics...

  3. Since nobody has posted anything I figured I would as today and tomorrow were suggested. Perhaps delaying a bit more to garner more interest may be needed. What server times work best for everyone. Personally I feel that 22:00 server time may work well.

    As for nominations:
    Mag and Aia are deserving of some recognition.

    Please suggest more times so we can come to a consensus for the ideal time.
    Please suggest more people for medals try to include which ones. 

  4. I understand there are other Alliances to such an effect, and look at the state of things--stagnation. For things to move forward there has to be a change of ideals. That said I am not condoning RP, but merely stating that there needs to be a reasoning behind it, a purpose that makes sense in regards to what MD is. And for clarification, there are Alliances, and then there are Guilds, guilds are the ones with coded purposes.

    Just because something else exists does not mean something else should, MD is about that unique set of perspectives, if there is a reason behind it which there usually is (although may have been lost over time--which is another discussion all together) then it is fine so long as it sits grounded in the foundations of MD. As Dst pointed out, you do not need an alliance to RP.

    There is nothing wrong with having fun, but an alliance is making a visible impact on the realm, therefore must have a purpose. An alliance that has lost or blatantly failed its purpose should not exist, case and point the Necrovion Sentinels.

    I would like to see this succeed, but it has to be for the right reasons. (publicly or privately)

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