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  1. I'm sorry I have not noticed any notifications about this post .... let me check... will PM you
  2. Yes of course, I read all the announcements, so I compared it with Death Patrol, not with alliances or even citizenship. Because Death Patrol have access to Necrovion to do their job. The question is do you have any prerequisites for membership in this alliance? Should you stay inside the island? If I went out to the mainland, would I have no way to return? I read something in the mod pannel, Mur said that whoever applied to the island should not have things to do outside (because he would not have free access round trip?) and another arguing that it was not clear to him the rules to apply to this new role.
  3. Ok.. not wanting to take sides of what happened and the motivations, but something really caught my attention, how is it possible for members of this alliance not to have access to the Island? Would it be the same in thinking that the Death Patrol is not given access to Necrovion for his patrol job?!? Let's see, another thing, they were there, but they left for a tour and simply missed the return boat? Did they give up on the Island? Really seems to me a situation at least poorly explained ...
  4. I love how dst bought a fight that was not hers, it was obvious that the admission was ironic, only I realized it?
  5. auction over and crits delivered; thanks all; post can be closed; ty
  6. Rethinking the subject I imagine the problem should be: by removing story mode and these pop up were forgotten in the process ...
  7. or if that is a dificult task, maybe You activate a button on the creature page, and then only the creatures that are marked will appear, like hide all, and you pick one by one what will show up (or at least appear 1st in relation to the others, something like a new selection method of creatures, but you choose individually) and this is what will show when you goes to a altar.
  8. This is a "must have tool" to avoid sacrificing the unwanted creature, as well to facilitating the lives of those who have countless creatures (you favorite most of them, then only those that really are available for sacrifice will appear); Separating only the rare ones will probably not have the same effect for everyone, after all, most players have high level common creatures that have no interest in sacrificing ...
  9. Ok, since I was curious to see what have there, I passed the 1st scene, then on 2nd I try to attack other players just to see what happen (even without creatures) so all the pop up shows: *100 won fights *100 lost fights *500 honor and of course the print to show I have not any of them...
  10. current top bids; Let's wait a few days, if there is no new offer...
  11. I'm putting the following 3 creatures to auction ... Elemental BID 1GC Stored Heat 258.436 Won battles 3.907 Age 1.675 Tokens: (4) blooddrop1; blooddrop3; stardust; jewelshards. winderwild BID 25sc Stored Heat 0 Won battles 333 Age 1.813 Tokens: (10) blooddrop1 ; blooddrop2; blackdiamonds; claw1; claw2; emeraldglare; enlightning; goldtear; purpurmoon; stardust. Water Daimon BID 13sc Stored Heat 4.613.457 Won battles 1.537 Age 1.841 Tokens: (4) blooddrop1; claw1; kellethafire; stardust.
  12. I think my wish was granted in last announce: tree gifts no matter activity? or maybe a creature I never had...
  13. I'm not...but if Elu is for only one person, you can give it to Lintara, she told me once that wish it so much
  14. Searching for Rusty, I found in some offers from 3 to 4(in a few I checked), some seem to have been completed outside the forum, because the posts do not have a definition; So the atual offer is valid: 45SC. The same goes for Santa, that the last valid offer in a recent post was 1GC and 1SC, but did not see the completion of that post either. Without a consensus of brilliant value, I would say that I would not sell mine for less than 1GC, thus considering the last valid offer from Santa in that post, up to 1G, 1S, I would say that this is the value of the brilliant in this auction. Also remembering that the auction goes until the 24th of december 23:59
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