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    I live to take a place with the gods of this world..<br />i am a warrior of ice havin some real fun....
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    linards ice
  1. i think i have the answer rose...curling over a sword with a Purple hilt@!@ PS:-the sword appears white..
  2. well lets decide on our colour first ...any ideas??
  3. well thats enough to start off with right? by the way i will soon be a mp4 ...
  4. fine then i guess u can count me in.................for now at least..................
  5. well what r its aim supposed to be exactly....cant we hav a group which will watch over the whole land....except of a single kingdom????
  6. WELL HERE GOES... for me u know u hav been on MD too much ..when whenever u hear a faint "DTak" u turn around to see who is atackin u... this really happened to me once....
  7. y a i wud like to help too .....
  8. yes i also saw it ...but then the next time i couldnt see it
  9. well i selected princple of imagination,transposition and darkness principle..... i guess the combination would be deadly...
  10. ok guys u might think i am naive or arrogant or whatever ....but the fact is that i cant stand secrets and i will not rest until i hav found all the secrets present in this game...besides that i am sure that i am gonna be a great member of this community .....hope to hear from u all.....
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