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  1. I think this is an excellent idea by Raven and I am sure this thread will soon be flooded by thousands of questions. It is true that new players some times seem completely lost and confused, as it is also true that LHO could easily be overwhelmed by the repeated questions and their heavy duties.

    Great thought, dear Raven!

    Lady Isolda

  2. Hello all,

    I am now and then experiencing multiple issues with the layout: most of the time, my e-mail letters and the announcements cannot be read (I click on the respective link and then pops-up the page that IE uses when a page fails to load), but since yesterday I'm having the same problem with various other links of the layout, such as the players' names (including mine), and all other profile-related links (papers, spells, friends etc.). Each time I click on a link, the same IE page shows up, informing me that the page cannot be loaded. I have the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player and Java installed, cleaned the cache, run the diagnostics tool and nothing happened. Any ideas?

    Thank you,

    Lady Isolda

  3. [quote name='Vaul' post='18178' date='Oct 10 2008, 02:55 AM']Actually I wrote ".[i]..The player took only brief notice of my [b]comments[/b]...[/i]", and you wrote [i]"...but I dare say that a [u]single[/u] [b]comment[/b] in the chat..."[/i].

    Singular/plural. You can easily get confused ;)[/quote]

    I dare say that it is not me who gets confused neither by numbers or by anything else, but I shall gladly correct it to a [b]single [/b][b]effort[/b], 'single' being used in a broader sense (i.e., limited).

    I insist, dear Vaul: If you like the game, give it some time. You'll find both your way and comrades (100,000 registered accounts, and counting).

    All the best,

    Lady Isolda

  4. Hello all,

    Please allow me to write down my thoughts in respect with the matter in hand.

    From where I stand, all the above posts contain segments of truth, but they also contain some minor points of exaggeration, too. It all begun when dear Vaul complained about the dominant atmosphere of the MD, which she believes is moulded by the older players; that is true, and it is also true that said atmosphere may sometimes seem overwhelming or at least strange for a fresh player - and for a somewhat older one, too: I am an MP4 and still unaccustomed to the pandemonium in Wind's Sanctuary, in which I never participate due to the very same reasons that make many others not to participate, either. So, yes, that particular atmosphere can sometimes be annoying, as many people have already stated in the present thread, but at the same time it can be interesting as a way of expression between likeminded people. Let us just say that these people have found their place to express themselves this way. I accept that. I can live with that. I do not think that it does the slightest damage to the game or role-playing in general. It just does not suit me – at this point of my presence in the game, at least. After all, it is only natural that older community members shape such community's customs and habits. It is like school, like college, like any work place we have ever found ourselves in. The old leaves its mark. The new must find its way. If it's stronger than the old, if the community embraces it, the old dies. Simple as that.

    And the map is big, as we all know. Personally, I have found my place: I spend much time in the Marind Bell Dojo which I think is perhaps the most pleasant spot on the map (especially if we pretend that the various regular offenders are not there). I duel and chat in the Dojo, and help others whenever I can; sometimes I shout in Capitals to the offenders, and sometimes I swear because I am a noble with a hot Mediterranean temper and I can't really help it. I like the Dojo and maybe the Dojo likes me too, since I always meet interesting people there. I have made friends there. This is my place. Let others have theirs.

    [b]Point one:[/b] The map has a place for all. Let us all find ours, where we can express ourselves, and allow others to find theirs.

    [b]Point two:[/b] Let us accept the pluralism and welcome it as a fundamental element of the MD. After all, a browser game is not that different than the real world. It is not the real world of course, as anyone could argue, but the people who participate are 'real people' and they cannot undress their personalities just because they log in. Plus, if we (the people) could be the ideal beings some of us dream of, it is highly probable that none of us would play online role-playing games since our lives would be much happier in the real, happier, ideal world, with our 'real' personalities.

    [b]Point three: [/b]New people register all the time. Being a fresh player myself, I acknowledge the fact that others have been here long before me and inevitably made the rules I am now following. Perhaps it would be better if we all tried to integrate ourselves, in our way, up to the point where integrating doesn't become a burden. And always keep in mind what the greater benefit is if there is any. Consider this: Would any of us quit college if we disagreed with the tradition of societies and fraternities that others have established before us? Probably not. We would just distance ourselves from said tradition. And if the price to pay was our social differentiation, we would think that our Bachelor would greatly outweigh it.

    Another grand issue in the present thread has to do with the notion of quality role-playing. Personally, I disagree with the idea that role-playing can be identified as 'good' or 'bad', since I cannot disconnect role-playing from the human personality behind it. I used to act when I was younger, and even played in a couple of films, and what I most certainly know is that [b]there is [/b]such thing as 'roles that suit/don't suit the actor'. The best performances are usually achieved when the role relates to the actor's qualities, because in this case the actor can delve into their own personal resources and find the elements to dress their role with. And, usually, script writers and directors search for the actors who share similar qualities with the role they are called to play. If this constitutes the common practice in the professional 'role-playing' world (call for similarities between the actor's nature and the role's traits), I really cannot see why we should deny the same privilege to the participants of a browser game. Especially if we keep in mind that, when it comes to a game, there are no external forces to confine the players in any pre-determined kind of 'role-playing' (like in the theatre or the cinema); on the contrary, people are free to choose their part, and in this case it goes without saying that the connection between the actual character and the role will be even deeper, to the point that they will become one.

    What I am trying to say is that in a free 'role-playing' environment, like the MD, personalities make the roles and subsequently the type of role-playing. Some role-play like this, others like that, always according to their true nature. It is only inevitable. And all of us do just that, no matter whether we realize it or not. The real issue here in my opinion has to do with a) our tolerance towards pluralism, as I already stated above, and b ) the ability one may or may not have to role-play in the first place. Just like acting: some can act, others can't. Most of the times acting can't be taught from scratch; it can only be cultivated and evolved because one either have the talent or not. And, yes, I agree with the person who said in this thread that role-playing, like another form of acting, cannot be taught. I would also add that role-playing cannot be confined in any etiquette, either, for the sake of those who cannot role-play. It is like saying that acting should be transformed in order to facilitate those who would like to act, but unfortunately are not made for it. Or, and this is even worse in my opinion, that other people who [b]do not [/b]actually harm us should change what they are because we cannot cope with it.

    Furthermore, one may be able to role-play, but one would like another part for themselves. Could this be possible? I think not, following my own arguments regarding the connection between the nature of the player and the role itself. We all may desire the shiny first part, but not all could have it, mostly because they are not made for it. And why should they? Sometimes, the 'quieter' roles turn out to be the most influential ones and, anyway, they too have their position in the wider script. There are the flamboyant types who make all the amusing fuss in the chats and elsewhere, and there are all the elegant, sophisticated characters that 'whisper instead of shouting' and traverse the map in style. I judge not; I like them all (OK, not ALL, but the vast majority of both kinds). So, really, what is all the discord about?

    And a final comment. Dear Vaul wrote:

    [quote name='Vaul' post='18012' date='Oct 7 2008, 03:36 PM']Hi again, here's a little update... :)

    For several days I relocated myself to the fenth's press sanctuary... It seems to be the place where more of the non-english speaking players tend to hang out, and chat is usually minimal. However from time to time there have been considerable chat concentrations, shall I say ;)

    In one such occurrence, one person, who is a seasoned player to say in the least, has come to the sanctuary to clearly sacrifice some of his creatures... During that time he has used the chat to do some roleplaying, in form of invoking the gods to accept his sacrifice. I have recognized this as an opportunity to do some roleplaying of my own, and I have decided to cut in on his little sacrifice ritual :) I proceeded to explain that it's just a machine and that it performs its function without any touch of the divine... During this, I have emphasized that I am in fact playing my role, and had hoped to squeeze out some cooperation from a player that has clearly put some effort into his own role... Needless to say, I was disappointed.

    The player took only brief notice of my comments, and has explained that I have my own theory of the press, and that he has his. This was the last second he alone wasted on me, and has proceeded to talk with other old players who happened to be at the same place and talked about different beverages one might be able to buy in those "fictional pubs" that the old guard created seemingly for ALL the sanctuary areas, and in which only them seem to participate. And then they proceeded to ask each other where are the other players that are known to participate in this pub scene of theirs...

    So as you can see, [b]despite the best of my efforts[/b], MD is a very very bad place for even trying to cut in on any form of roleplay that already exists in it, let alone starting a trend of your own. Sorry new players, you just do battle and walk the Earth, and do what you will, but play your roles you shall not :) signed: the old guard[/quote]

    Dear Vaul, please do not take this the wrong way, but I dare say that a single comment in the chat is not what I would call [i][b]'the best of my efforts'[/b], [/i]especially when the chat is crammed with old acquaintances who start chatting between them (I do not see why this is either strange or sad). Why not introduce yourself, why not try again with another comment, or a question, or something? And what is most important, why try to familiarize yourself with the game the hard way? If you find it hard to interact with older players, why not let them aside for the time being and start looking for your peers? If the older community members seem a little distant (which is not always the case), why not start building your network with fresh players like yourself? And why push it? Give it time. Socializing is a slow process.

    Thank you all. If you have taken the pain to stay this long, you are really patient readers!

    Lady Isolda

  5. [quote name='Liberty4life' post='17357' date='Sep 26 2008, 05:33 PM']manually refresh your tab or logout then login, click second icon in left menu, bellow chat you will see link named friends, so click it to see your friends list, to add a friend you need to find that player in online list or chat in any location, when you see him click his name, to the right of chat you will his infos as always and new thing will be link that adds that player to your buddy list, so click it to add him/her after that you can click on your friends list and he/she will appear in it[/quote]

    It seems to work now. I have even started adding friends. Thank you for your help.

    Lady Isolda

  6. Now, I'm not sure if I'm also having this bug, but I've purchased the Buddy List for 5, and then another one for additional 5, and I cannot see any changes in my interface. Where is this list activated, because I can't see it anywhere. Thank you,

    Lady Isolda

  7. So (and please consider this a question open to all), if I understand correctly, this damage done yesterday means that the world no longer contains the alliances it used to have, and that their current members are no longer members of anything? Furthermore, was this damage planned to alter the overall environment of the world and to move the storyline to a whole different direction, or was it an external attack (by hackers, maybe?) that ruined what we all knew as of yesterday? I have read Messenger's posts and Mur's announcement, but I admit that I haven't understood yet whether this catastrophe was pre-designed and planned in order to re-form the structure of the game or an accident/damage done by third parties. The general picture shows towards the 'pre-designed' thing, but then the tone of Manu in the announcement leaves the impression that what happened was totally unexpected... I can't figure it out. Totally buffled here...

  8. Hello all,

    I understand that I am very new at this and that there is a lot about this game's philosophy that I have not yet mastered or even imagined, but the idea of more alliances seems to me more like politics, i.e. an effort to console the players who are not yet members of any active alliances.

    The neutral zones on the map have a purpose, and the way I see it they reflect perfectly the [b]solitary [/b]course one takes towards [i]self-mastery[/i], [i]self-knowledge [/i]and, eventually, [i]evolution [/i]before one truly determines who they are and where they wish to belong. They simply symbolise what happens within one's soul before they reach the point of maturation, at which they are finally ready to make decisions and 'pick sides' (metaphorically speaking). Giving these lands to alliances is like refusing to accept the existence of this solitary journey which, I believe, is a core element/notion of the game.

    Furthermore, there are numerous people among us who may wish to remain [b]permanent [/b]solitary wanderers and it is only fair that the game administration retains some sort of representation structure for these people; and there must be some [b][i]terra [/i][/b](the 'land' in Latin for those who have not taken Latin courses in school) in which they can return without been seen as outsiders. Therefore, I propose that we keep these neutral zones intact, thus preserving a world which really has some space for everyone.

    On a less romantic note, what would happen with the game mechanics if neutral soil became the territory of an alliance? I remember reading somewhere that the members of alliances gain regeneration points (?) when they are in their alliance's territory, but lose regeneration points (?) when they leave it. Wouldn't be a lot harder for alliances' members to traverse the map fighting if they constantly lose regeneration points (?) passing through 'possessed' territory?

  9. It is actually very simple, I think. Each creature is the physical embodiment of one's soul; that is why it binds with that soul, and that is why players find themselves more or less attached to some creatures and bind their rituals with them.

    Even better, each creature embodies a segment of the player's soul, i.e. a bit of the soul that has the same or similar traits as the creature itself.

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