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  1. Dear fellow Members of the GG Alliance,
    As known to all members of GG Alliance, there is a binding Treaty of Knowledge Sharing and Non Aggression between the Guerrilla Golemicarum and the Guardians of the Root (The Alliance of the land of Loreroot), the text of which I copy here *as is* for everyone’s convenience and ease of reference:

    [b]Guerrilla Golemicarum and Guardians of the Root
    Treaty of Knowledge Sharing and Non Aggression

    This is a treat of knowledge sharing and Non Aggression, The purpose of this is to outline the terms to be agreed between the alliance of Guerrilla Golemicarum and the alliance of Guardian of the Root.

    The terms of the Treaty is for both alliances to share knowledge in the art’s of magic and lore in order to help increase the skills and abilities of both alliances this could be done by having both alliances could meet on a
    regular basis and shear their knowledge in this area. This would also cover both alliances working together to share knowledge on the Shades currently considered a possible threat to all alliances.

    The Terms of non aggression would cover both alliances not attacking each other unless the alliance members involved have given permission. This could be done under the same terms of the Dojo at the Marble Dale Park. This could also give alliance members the chance to learn new tactics and understand the fighting system better
    by discussing the fight afterwards.

    It is the hope of having both alliances working together that may help to attract new members and hence help to repopulate Loreroot and Golemus. Having both alliances working on skill training and knowledge sharing this could make both realms powerful enough to defend their territory.


    3 steps

    First: one warning
    Second: a penalty (This will be done by Wodin)
    Third: kicked out of the alliance

    Guerrilla Golemicarum
    Techno Mage

    Guardian of the Root
    Loreroot Nymph[/b]

    At this point, I would like to remind to everyone and our new members especially, that said respect is not a matter of individual good will or granting of personal favours among the members of the two alliances; on the contrary, it is absolutely mandatory as the three punishment steps (Warning, Penalty and Expulsion) indicate. Unfortunately, despite the binding effect of said Treaty, several violations have taken place, some of them due to ignorance of either the existence or the importance thereof, and some of them sadly due to conscious disrespect toward both the Treaty and the honoured purposes it seeks to serve. Therefore, the need emerges for several new measures to assure that the Treaty is met with the respect it deserves.

    One of these measures is the present topic, through which we aim to remind/inform our older and newer members of the mandatory effect of the Treaty. Furthermore, I would like to urge all of our members to use this topic to report each and every violation of the Treaty, including the name, date and location the violation took place, along with solid proof of said violation (solid proof being considered the screenshot of your battle log in which the name of the violator must be visible). Finally, I kindly ask all our members to respectfully honour the GG Alliance by honouring the Treaty, thus contributing in practice to its solid reinforcement.

    Lady Isolda

    Foreign Relations Commander of the Guerrilla Golemicarum Alliance

  2. [quote name='Grido' post='22331' date='Dec 14 2008, 09:04 PM']translation? what are you translating?


    i think i've become dependant on this thread now...

    EDIT: huh, got strange code at the top of the login screen now, cant log in though :cray:[/quote]

    Right now, an agreement drafted by a group of apparently illiterate laywers... ::Big sigh of despair::

    Hey, is the server up and running, or am I dreaming??

  3. [quote name='Metal Bunny' post='22272' date='Dec 14 2008, 06:22 PM']I think the word 'incarcerated' would've been enough of a hint.

    But I'll.. provoke this offtopic-ness a bit more by giving you a nice description of a certain institution of fine states and nations around the world.

    [i]Prison, where men find out what they're capable off when they have only themselves..[/i][/quote]

    Why don't we have a prison in MD as well?? We do have villains, correct?

  4. [quote name='Je Suis Oeufs Fous' post='22188' date='Dec 14 2008, 07:35 AM']-Wonders why Grido is stalking the topic when he should be sleeping-

    -Plots some more-


    -cracks and dies-[/quote]


    ::Finishes reading the topic from the beginning to end:: You know, all those hugs are really pathetic... Poor addicts...! ::Shakes head and sips more vodka. Refreshes again hopelessly::

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