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  1. Lady Isolda always offers her skills to the benefit of any good cause.
  2. Dear fellow Members of the GG Alliance, As known to all members of GG Alliance, there is a binding Treaty of Knowledge Sharing and Non Aggression between the Guerrilla Golemicarum and the Guardians of the Root (The Alliance of the land of Loreroot), the text of which I copy here *as is* for everyone’s convenience and ease of reference: [b]Guerrilla Golemicarum and Guardians of the Root Treaty of Knowledge Sharing and Non Aggression This is a treat of knowledge sharing and Non Aggression, The purpose of this is to outline the terms to be agreed between the alliance of Guerrilla Golemicaru
  3. Lady Isolda is proud to count Tarquinus among her closest friends in these lands, and one of the reasons is his devotion to his heart's desire to restore the Moon's presence in this world. He and the Order can count on my support and friendship.
  4. Lady Isolda I would like to attend if I am online at said date and time. All the best, as always, Lady Isolda
  5. I Want It ALL...! I was never good at choosing.... B) Merry Christmas, people of the MD. Lady Isolda
  6. I had the chance to leave some messages of support and encouregement, though... like this one: ::Lady Isolda: To those who survived the catastrophe: People alive in the Paper Cabin freely offer food and water to the victims of the server's brain surgery:: 8)
  7. [quote name='Grido' post='22331' date='Dec 14 2008, 09:04 PM']translation? what are you translating? ::refresh:: i think i've become dependant on this thread now... EDIT: huh, got strange code at the top of the login screen now, cant log in though :cray:[/quote] Right now, an agreement drafted by a group of apparently illiterate laywers... ::Big sigh of despair:: Hey, is the server up and running, or am I dreaming??
  8. ::Occasionally comes in, reads, laughs, then goes back to her translation, which for some obscure reason seems like a punishment from Zeus!::
  9. ::Quotes her entry in Raven's log:: He is the one I would worship should I enjoy being a worshipper. He is of my favourite ones, that is why I let him win my creatures at the Dojo. ::End of quotation:: ::Leaves a tiny little kiss on his nose:: Be nice to Raven and I will be nice to you.

  10. Apart from my class, I am available for administrative tasks as well. I would like to help more, but English is not my native language so I am not offering as an editor; plus, my hours are not stable, so I think I will not be able to do much work as a transcriber either.
  11. [quote name='dst' post='22293' date='Dec 14 2008, 07:06 PM']:lol: Maybe then it will be a good idea to come to the prison [/quote] ::Evil smile:: This is when you are definitely going to stop attacking me...
  12. Because if you do, you might stop attacking me with your *educative* rituals and I will miss my chance to copy them. 8)
  13. [quote name='dst' post='22288' date='Dec 14 2008, 06:54 PM']And why is that?[/quote] ::Laughs:: I would tell you, but then again I am afraid you are going to like it...
  14. [quote name='dst' post='22286' date='Dec 14 2008, 06:51 PM']Of course! Who would know better how to guard a prison? [/quote] I would... B)
  15. [quote name='dst' post='22280' date='Dec 14 2008, 06:33 PM']Yes, there is a prison in MD and I am planning to become one of its guardians . As for me striking out against everyone again...of course. I have a nice little new ritual (pure evil actually). . Some of you might have faced it already. [/quote] A villain guarding the prison?? Are we getting totally insane here...? 8)
  16. [quote name='Metal Bunny' post='22272' date='Dec 14 2008, 06:22 PM']I think the word 'incarcerated' would've been enough of a hint. But I'll.. provoke this offtopic-ness a bit more by giving you a nice description of a certain institution of fine states and nations around the world. [i]Prison, where men find out what they're capable off when they have only themselves..[/i][/quote] Why don't we have a prison in MD as well?? We do have villains, correct?
  17. [quote name='Metal Bunny' post='22263' date='Dec 14 2008, 05:46 PM']It's the same with incarcerated men, who can't enjoy the wonderful pleasures of life..[/quote] Which life, Honey Bunny? The MD life or the Real one? ::Scratches head in the thought that she now needs a tag for life::
  18. Still here, the usual suspects, huh? Why do I get this feeling that when the server is down we all love each other a bit more?
  19. ::Wonders why she has telepathy, but can't teleport. Sighs::
  20. Isaki

    I LOVE this evil man, that is why I will poke his eye back some time soon. The other reason is because the Eye gets mingled inside my hair every other day. Hrm... did I mention that I LOVE him?

  21. ::Wonders if the MD addiction is an adequate excuse for broken deadlines and suspended projects::
  22. [quote name='Je Suis Oeufs Fous' post='22188' date='Dec 14 2008, 07:35 AM']-Wonders why Grido is stalking the topic when he should be sleeping- -Plots some more- -refreshes- -cracks and dies-[/quote] LOOOOOOL ::Finishes reading the topic from the beginning to end:: You know, all those hugs are really pathetic... Poor addicts...! ::Shakes head and sips more vodka. Refreshes again hopelessly::
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