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  1. Me cause trouble? When have I done that? *smiles innocently* Thank you
  2. Participants so Far: chewett, smartalekrj, killer2, Nauraph, Akasha, Ashkon, Metal Bunny, Morrighan, Steno, Grido The Story So Far: One day the gate at the gates of Ages opened up a bright shimmering light blinded my eyes. This light reflected off my sword and blinded something in front of me. The thing howled as i glared i noticed it was enormous and it had a huge huge huge greataxe resting on its shoulder. It swung its axe back and then the dark began to raise upon it's age and a howling effort cringed me with fear followed by stabbing pain trough my poor ferrum cuniculum, caused by the e
  3. You know you've been on MD too much when... -You take the time to read all the replies posted -You are unable to play MD because you can't download the Adobe Flash player because you just got a new computer. Then you think about taking the computer back to get on that will allow you to play MD. (I can't take the computer back because I really need it for college ) -You come to the forums to chat because you can't play MD -You would rather stay on the MD website than go eat breakfast/lunch
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