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  1. [quote name='Tremir' post='16868' date='Sep 17 2008, 11:48 PM']I think he wants into the alliance, MB. Not to be an adept.[/quote] right you are lord Tremir ... I feel up to it and would like to contribute my, if little, power to the Guerrilla. I have wasted a good amount of Messages to Lord yrthilian, but he did not respond to my messages, as such i felt it was needed to post my request here. thank you all for your time and patience ... [i]Masterhahn[/i]
  2. so, as i see here, there is not that much happening in the Guerilla ... if there still is space in the roster, i´d like to fill it ... meet me IG or send me something via PM. regards Masterhahn
  3. yes, i guess you are right there. obtaining a role is pretty much essential in being able to cast spells ... i myself am observing some players that use spells ingame and i have to say, that i am going to hunt them down, in order to maybe aquire that knowledge from them, by defeating them as i don´t know howto apply for a role, or how to earn one .. still pretty new to the game ^^
  4. wenn ihr noch jemanden braucht, dann schreibt mich an ... am besten mit den textpassagen, die noch überzetzt werden müssen ... cheers Masterhahn, auch bekannt als 'der hamburger'
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