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  1. This dish is called good ramen. The etymology of it is quite fascinating. It is ramen and it tastes good, for this reason I call it good ramen. As ramen does not exist in MD we use the next best thing. While making a cake we instead make nonsweet dough and then push it through the quills that a knator has shed to give it the stringlike form. When No One isn't looking poke through his pile of unidentified herbs and snag some ginger, garlic, basil, and a few bay leaves. A good way to distract him is to write some really bad code and ask him for help to debug it via pm. Use
  2. the reason lashtal has a rockin bod under those robes is because he's actually a golem
  3. ONE YEAR LATER bump~ how have our answers changed?
  4. does that mean ggdeep, path keeper, etc will get to be more acessible? (dang mur posting right between me loading the page and posting causing this epic doublepost :p)
  5. Having to score at each land before being able to score at another land would be interesting. Score at NC but can't do it again until you get the other two opposing mainlands. Restricting use of things that directly give more ap (cakes, pickles, blue candy, free credits) so that players get a decent chance to defend would also be nice. Maybe balance it a bit by causing a player to lose all their ap when they go for a torch defence attack. I think tea would be okay though, it also would mean that there's a useful consumable that exists which would cause resources to get drained fast
  6. My evil saurkraut plans failed so I have created a delicious soup. It was made with goat meat, hot peppers, salt, ginger, garlic, collard greens, onion, and water.
  7. Are we limited to only a dish? I was planning on making an entire plate of food, maybe even a multiple course meal.
  8. re: mood panel i think i've seen aelis wearing this one
  9. Acoustic Remains log [10/11/18 21:35] *Lintara*:Surprise! [11/11/18 03:06] Rophs:=-=-= [11/11/18 03:07] Rophs:I didn\'t expect that! [11/11/18 03:08] Rophs:=-=-= [11/11/18 03:08] :[Spell] seedwhisper
  10. Acoustic Remains log [11/11/18 02:42] Rophs:Maple! [11/11/18 02:42] Rophs:Lots of stuff happened. [11/11/18 02:42] Rophs:Necrovion is open again, something happened with the shades. [11/11/18 02:44] Rophs:Currently it is a lawless place where anything goes. [11/11/18 02:51] Rophs:I invited a shade on a Seedwalk as well, but I don\'t think it will ever accompany me. [11/11/18 02:52] Rophs:I wonder if the Aramors would want to come on a Seedwalk... [11/11/18 03:05] Rophs:Well that\'s what\'s going on now. [11/11/18 03:05] Rophs:Bye! [11/11/18 03:05] :[Spell] seedwhisper
  11. Acoustic Remains log [10/11/18 22:49] : No one collects Wiiya [11/11/18 01:08] Rophs: (going to have dinner and if nobody is here when i return i\'ll do a solo seedwalk) [11/11/18 02:18] Rophs:Hello Oak [11/11/18 02:19] Rophs:It\'s good to see you again! [11/11/18 02:23] Rophs:This is a story of warmth... [11/11/18 02:25] Rophs:Well [11/11/18 02:26] Rophs:The story contains warmth but most of it is cold. [11/11/18 02:26] Rophs:A long time ago I asked Azull for a tour of NC, this was when he was still a King. [11/11/18 02:29] Rophs:Whenever I was in this land there was an
  12. unlocked the creature icon before the map icon while in tutorial, has anyone done this before?
  13. no I need to make a new 4d map
  14. LOL three years later and I enter this tunnel for the first time only to find out I was right 😜 need to update this map
  15. There's been discussion on how to potentially do it but nobody's done anything yet.
  16. Acoustic Remains log [04/11/18 20:49] Rophs:=-=-= [04/11/18 20:49] Rophs:Inside the stone barricade [04/11/18 20:49] Rophs:I will visit a specific shade [04/11/18 20:49] Rophs:With bad news to share [04/11/18 20:49] Rophs:I hope treatment is fair [04/11/18 20:50] Rophs:Regardless, I\'m still afraid [04/11/18 20:50] Rophs:=-=-= [04/11/18 20:50] Rophs: *grins* A limerick! [04/11/18 20:50] *Lintara*: *giggles* Oh, haven\'t rhymed in a while... [04/11/18 20:51] Rophs:Then maybe a haiku. [04/11/18 20:51] *Lintara*:Here goes... *raises her hands to the sky* [04/11/18 20:
  17. Acoustic Remains log [04/11/18 20:00] *Lintara*: *skids to a stop* Made it! [04/11/18 20:00] Rophs:Woo! [04/11/18 20:00] Rophs:Let\'s begin. [04/11/18 20:01] Rophs:Lintara, tell The Oak a story about an adventurer\'s nervous anticipation for an upcoming dangerous journey. [04/11/18 20:01] *Lintara*:Alright, give me a moment.... [04/11/18 20:04] *Lintara*: *takes a breath* The young one looked over her list againThe young one looked over her list again. Bag, rope, journal, food supplies, water, knife... [04/11/18 20:04] *Lintara*:Everything seemed to be in the chaotic pile in
  18. What if... No One is the real AL storymaster and his whiny complaint thread is a false flag operation trying to make us think this isn't his fault?
  19. Acoustic Remains log [14/10/18 03:40] Rophs:=-=-= [14/10/18 03:40] Rophs:Mallos comes to The Oak [14/10/18 03:40] Rophs:He\'s a friendly bloke [14/10/18 03:40] Rophs:Listens to news with The Maple [14/10/18 03:41] Rophs:His presence is a staple [14/10/18 03:41] Rophs:To come here he\'s never been stoked [14/10/18 03:41] Rophs:=-=-= [14/10/18 03:41] Rophs:ryhming is a myth [14/10/18 03:41] :[Spell] every word rhymes together on the seedwhisper
  20. maybe someone can also get around to fixing the bloody lighthouse (but not me i'm busy :p)
  21. Acoustic Remains log [14/10/18 03:36] Rophs:Hello Maple! [14/10/18 03:36] Rophs:Today Mur has made a significant upgrade to the questmaker backpack and we are now in stage14 of MD most likely [14/10/18 03:37] Rophs:Either that or we are about to enter it... [14/10/18 03:39] :[Spell] as md changes there will always be a seedwhisper
  22. Acoustic Remains log [14/10/18 03:11] Rophs:Let\'s begin. [14/10/18 03:12] Rophs:Once upon a time someone decided they wanted to make the best mistake of his life. [14/10/18 03:12] Rophs:But such a profound and amazing mistake that one knows they should never regret cannot be attributed to them. [14/10/18 03:12] Rophs:So he chose a name to do it under. That name was Mur of course. [14/10/18 03:12] Rophs:And now the mistake is growing, festering, becoming more powerful. [14/10/18 03:13] Rophs:After a few years he realized it wasn\'t a mistake despite its many imperfections...
  23. read this, its really interesting although i think md might already be irreparably dead.this gives a little hope
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