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    Nex reacted to Mad Hatter in NEW PRINCIPLE   
    Pi is not determined! when does it end, can you give me the last number in Pi? Cause if you can then you are greater then God ((if you believe in that stuff- i just used it as a ref.)), but you cannot! Pi is a transcendental number, which implies, among other things, that no finite sequence of algebraic operations on integers (powers, roots, sums, etc.) can be equal to its value.Because π is an irrational number, as well,its decimal representation does not repeat, and therefore does not terminate.

    i used the term 'libido' because of its nature to psychic energy, the same way that physics uses the term energy, as described by Carl Gustav Jung. Every psychic content is associated with libido. When a conscious content loses libido, it drops out of consciousness and enters the personal unconscious.
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    Nex reacted to dst in The Ultimate Training Contest   
    Is this still taking place? In case of a positive answer maybe we should pin it...
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    Nex reacted to Orlando Gardiner in Wp For Days   
    [quote name='Nex' date='08 December 2009 - 11:45 PM' timestamp='1260315915' post='49473']
    [b]regarding alts/mains:[/b]
    an obvious problem: how do you define alt and main? is the first char always the main? what if you mainly play your second or third, will you lose out on various possibilities because the first registered account would have had the chance to do this and that?

    an example:
    at least 3 of my chars could have been considered 'mains'. the first was mainly RP, the second, was originally used to test storymode and the finer points of battle mechanics and later became my 'main' for quite some time, then 'alt'-ish again when i started playing V.

    [b]regarding alt abuse:[/b]
    an easy if inelegant solution would be to limit age based WPs to wishes that can only really benefit the activator. no use to farm alts for WPs when your 'main' can't benefit from it. you could use them for RP purposes or to test certain options/wishes, which is one of the things alts [b]can[/b] be used for.

    Well, there will be just one down side, indeed everyone's first account should count als main, meaning that only people who use another account than their first will lose a small benefit. I's just a choise you can make, no one forces you to use another account..
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    Nex reacted to Death Bell in Testing sacrifice altar values   
    lol u know that the bug is allowed hehe
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    Nex got a reaction from Last Soldier in New Creatures   
    everyone who has ever seen a creature page automaticly does that, except that s/he omits those values that don't add to the idea itself, or about which they are not sure, which is good, for it can be worked out in discussion. the one thing that generally gets confused is when a creature needs a power- and attackvalue, etc, and listing all stats increases this confusion....

    now, i'm not saying a template is a bad idea, to the contrary actually, but instead of just listing things (i.e. some values that are rather hard to asses for many newer players), it should also add some explanations, like when a creature needs certain stats and that not all stats are needed for each creature, etc
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    Nex reacted to Death Bell in Whirlwind Beasts   
    i am not sure if sum1 pointed this out but u say lvl 1 it heals but it doesnt have any power stat... ???? only attack and defence..
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