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  1. if memory serves me right, spamming the old curse spell and being crushed by summoned army (the char, not the spell) during the cube-conflict could do that.
  2. [b]regarding alts/mains:[/b] an obvious problem: how do you define alt and main? is the first char always the main? what if you mainly play your second or third, will you lose out on various possibilities because the first registered account would have had the chance to do this and that? an example: at least 3 of my chars could have been considered 'mains'. the first was mainly RP, the second, was originally used to test storymode and the finer points of battle mechanics and later became my 'main' for quite some time, then 'alt'-ish again when i started playing V.
  3. Happy B'day MRD and Udgard, have a nice one!
  4. Happy B'day Dst Don't party [i]too[/i] hard
  5. on the lower right side of the screen (in-game) are some tips (how to play, balancing fights, etc). if you haven't checked them when you became mp4 you should do so, the requirements for 'loss' and 'retreat' are listed there. well, since it's stating the obvious: to make sure you'll 'lose', don't inflict damage
  6. χρόνια πολλά Irene Happy b-day Kalten and Gustavolokko [spoiler][color="#FFFFFF"]Happy Birthday No one, have a nice one [/color][/spoiler]
  7. criticism: everyone who has ever seen a creature page automaticly does that, except that s/he omits those values that don't add to the idea itself, or about which they are not sure, which is good, for it can be worked out in discussion. the one thing that generally gets confused is when a creature needs a power- and attackvalue, etc, and listing all stats increases this confusion.... now, i'm not saying a template is a bad idea, to the contrary actually, but instead of just listing things (i.e. some values that are rather hard to asses for many newer players), it should also add
  8. massive spell-slinging? did you test if it would actually decreases the VE of creatures if s/he fights a battle with 100% influence? killed by own influence would be funny, but i guess if it works at all it would decrease the creature Ve to 1.
  9. Nex

    Wish Shop

    would be nice to make it 1-3 uses of the [spell], but recharge the counter once per month (maybe even make it 1 use per month per WP spend, with the option to invest a certain number of wps in the specific spell). thats in no way excessive, but it symbolises a lasting achievement as for the automated trips: having a 24/48h timer for access to those locations and an automated teleport to GoE once the timer runs out would allow this sort of roundtrip.
  10. it does, at least for claw II which i was referring to. the [b]highest[/b] of the 3 principles fuels attack (so if you have just one them, you get 1/3 of its value added to attack), but the [b]lowest[/b] of the 3 fuels regeneration, which, in case you dont have all 3, will get zero. (i guess it doesnt matter for you since your regen stat is high enough to get all your creatures back to full VE anyway ) btw, i think when you have at least 2 of them, it should get 1/3 of the other principle, instead of zero, but that wasn't the case when i tested it yesterday. i know that claw III (still) gets
  11. in vengers case its not so much the token combi, but the principles to fuel those tokens
  12. since tokens are getting tweaked the days of multi million damage records are presumably over. right now i only noticed the changes to claw II, but i guess it's a work in progress and claw III, darkysky etc will follow. i was just currious what the record under this new circumstances is [spoiler]claw II was nerfed from adding the full value of the highest principle to attack & regen to adding 1/3 of the highest principle to attack & 1/3 of lowest to regen (which is zero, in case you don't have all 3 principles)[/spoiler]
  13. venger is declared winner of uber-damage, with eigger on a pretty good rank 2 just for comparison, what's your record post-nerf?
  14. hehe, very nice burns. as i'm a friend of unusual tactics, i'd say it would be hella fun to use the priest offensively to eat through enemy defenses. pretty much the exact opposite of what it's meant to do of course thats in no way more effective than a claw II all-hitter with high enough *principle*, but its fun to pull off [edit: just found it, you already pointed it out: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3873&pid=31832&st=0&#entry31832"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.p...amp;#entry31832[/url] i see we are thinking along the same lines
  15. with the advent of tokens, ini became the single most important stat and the formula for becoming an unstoppable godslayer was reduced to 3 steps: 1. get *spoiler* and *spoiler* token for your creature(s) 2. pump up your ini stat and *spoiler* to immeasurable highs 3. slay everything with a single hit
  16. yeah, like grido said "basic claw token" can randomly give either claw I or claw II, which can both be distributed to the same creature. i know that there is a claw III token, having the effects of both claw I and II, but i guess its one of the unlockables and not a "basic claw token". [quote name='Gauge']Alright Grido, if thats the case, then what happens if you try to buy an item (ie claw1) that is already on all your creatures? Will you in essence lose that token, or will it just not let you use it? And if it just doesn't let you use it, then will it only activate once you "draw" a claw
  17. as far as i understand it, they are calculated based on the principles of the current owner (trading would make little sense if an effect you cant use would be lost for those with the right principles just because you were the one to apply the token). also, you cant put more than one of the same token (same being claw I and claw I, whereas claw I and claw II are considered different tokens) on a creature, so i'd guess the only limiting factor is the random distribution. [edit: @ watcher: synex made an own topic to discuss this: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=384
  18. yeah, no one named the problem. tweak: resistant to life steal. it could: - reduce the % cap for steal life on this creature (from 20% to 10%) [i]and/or[/i] - require a x times higher power stat to cause the normal effect (example: instead of 1 power = 1 % life steal, 10 power = 1% life steal) [i]and/or[/i] - add energetic immunity as a def-stat against power to calculate the efficiency of steal life.
  19. if more creature slots mean more of the same (i.e. 6 grasans instead of 1 or 2) the chances to get a grasan to get a certain token are not necessarily lower, but possibly higher. but thats beside my point. even if having less creature slots means wasting less tokens, i say: why should any of them be wasted? [edit: i admitted that i dont know how, for example, the blood drop will work. if it does mean that simply having a specific combination of principles will grant a 25% boost to creature stats and possible special effects than that IS powerful and useable for mp3. remember that blood drop
  20. @ braiton: normally i would agree with that logic, if it was not for this simple fact: it is annoying to players with many creatures since they can't plan properly and it does in no way prevent mp3 to get what you said it was meant to prevent. let me give an example: basic tokens need 40k exp to be aquired, that happens to be the exact amount [spoiler]needed to max a grasan[/spoiler]. to stay with your example: if i wanted my mp3 grasan boosted to ridiciulous strenght (if tokens really can do that), i would get one, sac everything else (which for a new mp3 is just an aramor to get through
  21. absolutely seconded. it should be a strategic decision, not based on good or bad luck. having the extra token chances is enough randomness. also, a few questions for understanding: [quote]Blood Drop Tokens are effective only under certain principles combinations and give between 10 and 25% bonus...[/quote] if you happen to not have this special combination of principles, would it make the token useless or just set you to 10% bonus without special effects instead of 25% + possible effects? while the idea to involve principles is really great, this would make certain combinations superior t
  22. [quote]How can the wind heal?[/quote] [quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' post='29397' date='Apr 25 2009, 06:09 AM']Small Gust A gentle breeze in the wind that feels nice on a summer afternoon. Stats Vital Energy 10/10 Attack 1 Defence 5 Initiative 1 Target: All Abilities: Heal[/quote] like that (btw, formally you'd want a power stat for this level) as for stats, i'd imagine the wind to have a high ini rather than a high def, but thats just me the ForcedPerch would be mostly directed to future creatures, since right now the only flying creatures are wind drachorn and winderwild
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