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    lady dark priestess - adept, sly, rad kisser rasiel, have you deceided on a role already? some random suggestions: rasiel, unbeknownst to me - work mounts, be a sentinel rasiel, novice - vie in oracles and here's one at my expense: let's preconceive spite - selective perceptions ah tell "MRV, mean-spirited cynic" - "Mr. V, inspire my lethal [i]accident[/i]..."
  2. Nex


    are anagrams showing a person's true character? i doubt it, but judge yourself magnus vox, md player - damn pal, very smug ox dst, sly ex-villainess - avidly tells sex sins ruler of magic duel - a glum, ireful coder (no offense guys ) these might be a little more fitting: magnus x, word-smith - swordsman/thug mix dst, honestly sweet girl - single tree? why, lots! king manu, ruler of magic duel - unmaking a cruel grimed foul (widely known as "bug fixing")
  3. my 2 points of criticism would be that: a) it wouldn't be so much a creature addition, rather a superior replacement for water daimons (thorny vine) and elementals (the last two levels). b) it has more power than is needed to cap steal life.
  4. if memory serves me right, spamming the old curse spell and being crushed by summoned army (the char, not the spell) during the cube-conflict could do that.
  5. thanks here's another one: something with which you shouldn't be toying, but which, in the end, you might be enjoying it comes with a tool of eternal binding it's born from conditions reasoning-blinding now there's no way back, no appeasing "you gotta buy 'the whole set', no more leasing!" ------------------ @ udgard: good! right on ----------------- i'm not really good at actually [i]solving[/i] riddles, but i'll give it a try: 1. Totenkopf: A breath indrawn Totenkopf: Keep flying on Totenkopf: Pass it around Totenkopf: Until it's gone [spoiler]a blunt nice one![/spoiler] 8. Asterdai: death built by life, hidden in a shell, i wont go to hell [spoiler]most likely completely off: ...nuclear warfare? (death built by life -> people building nukes to kill people hidden in a shell, i wont go to hell -> nuclear fallout shelter)[/spoiler] 14. Totenkopf: The moon is devoured Totenkopf: By blinding white fury Totenkopf: The sickness envelops Totenkopf: Stay home, have a curry! Totenkopf: The merriment echoes Totenkopf: The end of year beckons [spoiler]silvester-fireworks?[/spoiler] 15. Curiose: I expell all inner daemons, but I hurt more than I help. [spoiler]i'd say alcohol[/spoiler] apophys: Use me daily; spill your sap. Wordlessly, I'll take your crap. [spoiler]a toilet?[/spoiler]
  6. [spoiler]mighty organ, throbbing with juice pounding fast, always in use women might think of love when they see it savage rites: beat it - eat it.[/spoiler] it's quite trashy and lives less from artistry than from blatant innuendos. [size="1"]obviously it's [i]not[/i] what you'll likely think at first[/size] i guess at least those drunken vikings would have liked it
  7. the idea itself could be interesting, but i see a couple of problems (possible solutions provided): - static "cards". once you have a creature with the highest hand, why should you play anything else? each player calling the kind of creature the other player has to use could work though. but still too static for my gusto... - no suits. unless you use, say, the first 2 digits (even/even, even/odd, odd/even, odd/odd) to indicate suit, you couldn't get a flush or straight flush. your example would actually be a straight, which is ranked just above three of a kind. - another reason older creatures would be weaker. if there is no reglementation for it (for example, use only the first 5 digits from left to right) a 5 digit creature would be weaker than a 6+ digit creature. EDIT: variations could probably make it a bit more interesting. the above would be a kind of 5 card draw... without actual drawing. i don't see how stud variations could work, for lack of face down cards, but maybe you have a nice idea for that.
  8. at "issues with the back exit" i'd like to chime in, though for me (MRV, ID:103641) it's not the spell but the WP shop wish for permanent access that's not working.
  9. it is not against the rules, but it's frowned upon to do it deliberately at mp3. you might also find it's not just regen, the relation of damage to exp you just had to 'discover' is true for each kind of negative damage. also, yes there is a way to protect yourself from the effects that go along with negative damage. as you said yourself, a new creature without exp or a maxed creature are a good counter against losing creature exp. as for the other effect, i'm sure you'll find out yourself
  10. Nex

    Stop Ggg

    poppi is right in that mp3s trying to max out specific creatures (or just getting a lot of wins for saccing) generally don't want "dead" exp (that is, exp on a creature that's not supposed to be upgraded beyond a certain level or that's already maxed). there are however some legit concerns that i think pips and apophys were referring to: apophys already pointed out that it would be easy for mp3s to get around that by lots of 15 exp wins. also, it would likely re-introduce threshold wins, where you gain just enough exp with certain creatures/actions to increase the stat you want to increase. i'm not sure if it's still possible for each mp level, but with enough ressources it is/was possible to stay at a chosen mp level indefinitely, even with forced bonus exp. also, you might remember the problem with bonus exp from other sources. automatic bonus exp of this magnitude would destroy the one big mechanic-wise benefit of real fighting - earing stats per fights via exp is faster than just farming wins. with this much bonus exp, no-damage-fights would even become more optimal in many circumstances.
  11. i'd have asked via PM, but apparently you can't receive any more messages: since you said you'd need a few mercenaries who would take directions (something akin to a LARP npc i guess), anything specific you'd want us/me do?
  12. just tossing out random ideas from the top of my head here. they'd have a [b]radical[/b] impact, possibly not in harmony with the original core-concept of MDs battle system, so just view them as a possible inspiration rather than fleshed-out ideas: - combat ranks A - xyz (not sure how many), A being the highest xyz being a new mp3 - fullfilling certain creteria (not only stats, maybe some tests a la lorerootguards to see if you really understood the possibilities of your current level) lets you ascend to the next higher rank. starts easy and tutorial-like, with some really hard tests for high-end mp5 - each mp level has a max rank, certain ranks unlock new things/mechanics. - (ranks are not required to advance to the next mp level, but some of the finer points of combat won't be available until you get them) - some ranks permanently unlock small boni (slightly increased caps, rank being an upgrade requirement for some creatures' later levels), while other increase the complexity and potential power of the combat system [heat/erolin device, appliable stats being capped per rank (you can get more, but they won't be used in battle until you reach the next rank. mostly to prevent godlike mp3), some auras unlockable at mid-high mp3, creatureboost only later at later mp levels?, tokens only having combat effects starting at high-ish mp4 ranks?!, etc, etc.] - if 2 players of a different rank fight, the lower rank will determine the complexity (i.e.: old mp4 A could use token effects, new mp4 B couldn't -> tokens won't have effects in this battle). all unlocked boni (effective caps, creature levels, etc) of vet player A are kept, giving him/her an edge for coming this far, while keeping it generally fair. -> that would mean not everything is accessible right from the start, you'd have to earn the chance to play around with more complex stuff. you also couldn't overwhelm newbies with the more complex/powerful mechanics, but you still get to keep some boni for being more experienced and having made it that far. having to actually understand the combatsystem to advance to the higher fighter ranks would mean that if you don't understand the first thing about rits and basic creatures all the grinding and tokens in the world wouldn't help you, because you couldn't pass the requirements/'tests' to unlock the corresponding complexity level.
  13. Nex

    Stop Ggg

    Lifeline pointed out pretty much all the objections i'd have risen, so let me look at the topic from a different point of view: the problem we're talking about is not, as a few might think, it's most prominent symptome (if you insist to call it that) the ggg, but, as i see it, it's just the natural evolution of MD's society. an abridged history of MD society from my humble point of view; likely quite verbose, cento-esque and biased: like most of the old folks i started in MD's age of survival; the old days, the grim days, the all-or-nothing days when blood was spilled galore. and i liked it! it often wasn't 'convenient' play, but the general thrill made up for it. when willows changed from a murder-rit testsite and slaughterfest to an all-you-can-cut lumberjack contest (reason being the "trick" dst mentioned eariler) and MR training became semi-public, not to forget the dojo being slowly being established, the MD society as a whole, at the very latest, moved on to the age of cooperation. most played coop before, but now it developed to [b]the[/b] general practice. this was when HC was deceided by which team you had behind you, when even the strongest had a tough stand against a decently organized group. but even that age is past. now we're in one of the last ages any society might enter, an age of post-scarcity: where wins are freely available for everyone, VE/exp is measured by several 100k, where vet fighters have to homegrow their own competition because the natural circulation/ resupply is so low (the fightclub is a nice example here ). the problem is that if there is nothing left to achieve or worth achieving, the way leads back into idleness or the insignificance of infantile disputes when there is no greater cause to put your energies into. now, my point is that the current situation is not a monocausal problem (evil ggg). it's really nobodies fault, it's just the way things go, basicly had to go. since this is not 'the culture' and we don't have other, more primitive societies nearby to meddle with at will, we have to look at [b]our intern[/b] options to get things going again: creative destruction, like no one suggested (well, it had to go further than just removing ggg to be really effective and giving lasting changes, but it's the general direction) is generally a viable option, basicly opting to start a new cycle from the beginning. i doubt if that's really possible with the 'new' combat system as is though. stepping back to a former age without divine intervention (new/changed mechanics) or a purge-by-fire approach might not be possible, if even wanted, so let's see what to do to make the best of what we have now: quests and tournaments that try to bring back some of the old feel [i]in a controlled environment[/i] seem to be the best shot i see here. when the difference in power can be measured by exponents and overkills (yeah, the multipliers again), a more natural, primal state might only be achieved by artifical means. [size="3"][b]conclusion / TL;DR :[/b][/size] if nobody is around to hunt down or otherwise interact with because everyone is sitting at ggg, the easiest solution might be just to give a nice motivation for people to roam around again. if it's all that boring and pointless to grind at the globe, it shouldn't be too hard to supply an interesting alternative also, to pre-empt the most likely objection: "why should i have to be the one to motivate them? can't they find more interesting things to do themselves?" - no, that's the main issue in post-scarcity societies: everyone is spoiled and content with their highly convenient ways ;P
  14. so you basicly look for a band of merry rowdies with big sticks to give your questees some 'gentle nudges' in the right direction? alright, you point the way - i point the stick
  15. sure, here it goes: 13, 21, 31, 56, 28, 27, 21, 43, 18, 13, 32, 25, 25, 73, 67, 2, 50, 22, 50, 21, 42, 56, 15, 11, 23, 34, 41, 21, 31, 32, 15, 33
  16. hey all, the estimated 2 weeks max for getting internet in my new appartement turned into 2 months, sorry for the unsuspectedly long wait. i see some have been quite annoyed how long it took - imagine how i've felt anyway, after returning from my 'MD abstinence' i finally present the results: 32 people took part total number of all guesses is 992 the average thereof is 31 2/3 of the average are 20,6 as for the guesses: there have been a couple of very optimistic guessers going for 2 - 18 (mathematicans/ physicists?), most guessed in the 20 - 30's, surprisingly many guessed in the mid 40 - 60's and a few even went for impossible numbers to mess with our math the closest number (21) was guessed by 4 (!!!) players. that's 12,5% of all guesses and the highest result (that did not end in the equilibrium of 0) i ever experienced. thanks for participating everyone and congratz to the winners! the winners are: cutler, juntaozhu15, apophys, Dmik you'll get your prize as soon as i find you in-game. cheers, V
  17. Nex


    UPDATE 2: since i'm moving and won't have internet for a while, the 3 winners will be announced and rewarded tomorrow. most have waited for quite a long time already, so it wouldn't be fair to postpone it further. for all others: i'll try to find sponsors to award a second batch of WPs (registered for the questmaker quest i.a.) for those who didn't get into the "top 3" / for those close to finishing the quest . i can't promise anything yet, but i'll try my best. cheers, V
  18. so far, the result is rather surprising i might say the experiment will run a little longer, approximately another week, due to me not immediately having internet in the new apartement. feel free to send your guesses via forum PM during that time, i'll check in as soon as possible. offically on MD withdrawal from tomorrow on cheers, V
  19. in this case: split pot, rounded up. not the most sophisticated solution, but one born from a realistic estimation of my silver supplies
  20. again, please do [b][size="3"]not[/size][/b] post your number in this topic, but send it by forum PM. part of the game is to guess what the others might have guessed and choose accordingly.
  21. of course ladytwin, aelis and jester are free to pick another number should they desire so (or the same, who would know) and send it via forum PM.
  22. [size="4"]please send me your guesses via forum PM only[/size]. else apophys would be obviously right in that the person to guess last would win
  23. some/most might know this kind of game already, but i'm curious what the result will be in MD: you can choose a number between 0 and 100. winner will be the person who is closest to 2/3 of the average. an example: 4 people guess 23, 42, 53 and 80. average is 49,5. 2/3 of 49,5 are 33. closest to 33 is 42, so 42 wins. please send me your guess via forum PM. experiment will run for a week, the winner will receive 3 silver coins. [i]obviously 1 guess per person, no alts, no collusive guesses[/i] happy "guessing" cheers, V
  24. well, there used to be (i remember getting bursts to buy eggs and later sac them for high class equipment as mp3 ). if there intentionally no longer are temporary sacrifical gains for low level creatures, an announcement would have saved a lot of confusion. i [i]think[/i] to remember something about traded creatures not immediately giving sac gains though, so that's probably the first thing to check (or just search the announcements and prove my memory wrong). did you test this with traded / non-traded creatures and check for a difference?
  25. i generally agree with the aforementioned (add fixing archers to the list). not sure about this though: why would this change shift the focus from dracs to angiens? do angiens get a seperate def aura at max level? because if it's still the "creature boost" aura we're talking about, the change would effect both creature types equally (% might be different, but it's the same mechanic). unless you mean that the angiens ratio of VE/power => damage should be also adjusted (which would be a good idea) i don't see why dracs would be at a stronger disadvantage. all in all dracs might deal less damage than an angien with sufficient VE, but they target all creatures and don't consume the source of their strenght. anyway, as for all changes with an impact as potentially huge as this, they should have a phase of thorough play-testing to see their effects in actual battle.
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