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  1. if memory serves me right, spamming the old curse spell and being crushed by summoned army (the char, not the spell) during the cube-conflict could do that.
  2. [b]regarding alts/mains:[/b] an obvious problem: how do you define alt and main? is the first char always the main? what if you mainly play your second or third, will you lose out on various possibilities because the first registered account would have had the chance to do this and that? an example: at least 3 of my chars could have been considered 'mains'. the first was mainly RP, the second, was originally used to test storymode and the finer points of battle mechanics and later became my 'main' for quite some time, then 'alt'-ish again when i started playing V.
  3. criticism: everyone who has ever seen a creature page automaticly does that, except that s/he omits those values that don't add to the idea itself, or about which they are not sure, which is good, for it can be worked out in discussion. the one thing that generally gets confused is when a creature needs a power- and attackvalue, etc, and listing all stats increases this confusion.... now, i'm not saying a template is a bad idea, to the contrary actually, but instead of just listing things (i.e. some values that are rather hard to asses for many newer players), it should also add
  4. massive spell-slinging? did you test if it would actually decreases the VE of creatures if s/he fights a battle with 100% influence? killed by own influence would be funny, but i guess if it works at all it would decrease the creature Ve to 1.
  5. it does, at least for claw II which i was referring to. the [b]highest[/b] of the 3 principles fuels attack (so if you have just one them, you get 1/3 of its value added to attack), but the [b]lowest[/b] of the 3 fuels regeneration, which, in case you dont have all 3, will get zero. (i guess it doesnt matter for you since your regen stat is high enough to get all your creatures back to full VE anyway ) btw, i think when you have at least 2 of them, it should get 1/3 of the other principle, instead of zero, but that wasn't the case when i tested it yesterday. i know that claw III (still) gets
  6. in vengers case its not so much the token combi, but the principles to fuel those tokens
  7. since tokens are getting tweaked the days of multi million damage records are presumably over. right now i only noticed the changes to claw II, but i guess it's a work in progress and claw III, darkysky etc will follow. i was just currious what the record under this new circumstances is [spoiler]claw II was nerfed from adding the full value of the highest principle to attack & regen to adding 1/3 of the highest principle to attack & 1/3 of lowest to regen (which is zero, in case you don't have all 3 principles)[/spoiler]
  8. venger is declared winner of uber-damage, with eigger on a pretty good rank 2 just for comparison, what's your record post-nerf?
  9. hehe, very nice burns. as i'm a friend of unusual tactics, i'd say it would be hella fun to use the priest offensively to eat through enemy defenses. pretty much the exact opposite of what it's meant to do of course thats in no way more effective than a claw II all-hitter with high enough *principle*, but its fun to pull off [edit: just found it, you already pointed it out: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3873&pid=31832&st=0&#entry31832"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.p...amp;#entry31832[/url] i see we are thinking along the same lines
  10. with the advent of tokens, ini became the single most important stat and the formula for becoming an unstoppable godslayer was reduced to 3 steps: 1. get *spoiler* and *spoiler* token for your creature(s) 2. pump up your ini stat and *spoiler* to immeasurable highs 3. slay everything with a single hit
  11. just remembered that i promissed to post my final stats for mp3, so here they are: [attachment=856:MRV___maxed_mp3.bmp] (before winning HC) while with dedication and persistence everyone can get such stats, few have done it at mp3 ;P
  12. influencing battle duration adding a new strategic dimension to battles by selecting to extend or shorten its duration, giving the setup/duration more weight in comparison to raw stats.
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