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  1. Nex


    lady dark priestess - adept, sly, rad kisser rasiel, have you deceided on a role already? some random suggestions: rasiel, unbeknownst to me - work mounts, be a sentinel rasiel, novice - vie in oracles and here's one at my expense: let's preconceive spite - selective perceptions ah tell "MRV, mean-spirited cynic" - "Mr. V, inspire my lethal [i]accident[/i]..."
  2. Nex


    are anagrams showing a person's true character? i doubt it, but judge yourself magnus vox, md player - damn pal, very smug ox dst, sly ex-villainess - avidly tells sex sins ruler of magic duel - a glum, ireful coder (no offense guys ) these might be a little more fitting: magnus x, word-smith - swordsman/thug mix dst, honestly sweet girl - single tree? why, lots! king manu, ruler of magic duel - unmaking a cruel grimed foul (widely known as "bug fixing")
  3. my 2 points of criticism would be that: a) it wouldn't be so much a creature addition, rather a superior replacement for water daimons (thorny vine) and elementals (the last two levels). b) it has more power than is needed to cap steal life.
  4. if memory serves me right, spamming the old curse spell and being crushed by summoned army (the char, not the spell) during the cube-conflict could do that.
  5. thanks here's another one: something with which you shouldn't be toying, but which, in the end, you might be enjoying it comes with a tool of eternal binding it's born from conditions reasoning-blinding now there's no way back, no appeasing "you gotta buy 'the whole set', no more leasing!" ------------------ @ udgard: good! right on ----------------- i'm not really good at actually [i]solving[/i] riddles, but i'll give it a try: 1. Totenkopf: A breath indrawn Totenkopf: Keep flying on Totenkopf: Pass it around Totenkopf: Until it's gone [spoiler]a blunt nice one![/spo
  6. [spoiler]mighty organ, throbbing with juice pounding fast, always in use women might think of love when they see it savage rites: beat it - eat it.[/spoiler] it's quite trashy and lives less from artistry than from blatant innuendos. [size="1"]obviously it's [i]not[/i] what you'll likely think at first[/size] i guess at least those drunken vikings would have liked it
  7. the idea itself could be interesting, but i see a couple of problems (possible solutions provided): - static "cards". once you have a creature with the highest hand, why should you play anything else? each player calling the kind of creature the other player has to use could work though. but still too static for my gusto... - no suits. unless you use, say, the first 2 digits (even/even, even/odd, odd/even, odd/odd) to indicate suit, you couldn't get a flush or straight flush. your example would actually be a straight, which is ranked just above three of a kind. - another reason older cre
  8. at "issues with the back exit" i'd like to chime in, though for me (MRV, ID:103641) it's not the spell but the WP shop wish for permanent access that's not working.
  9. it is not against the rules, but it's frowned upon to do it deliberately at mp3. you might also find it's not just regen, the relation of damage to exp you just had to 'discover' is true for each kind of negative damage. also, yes there is a way to protect yourself from the effects that go along with negative damage. as you said yourself, a new creature without exp or a maxed creature are a good counter against losing creature exp. as for the other effect, i'm sure you'll find out yourself
  10. Nex

    Stop Ggg

    poppi is right in that mp3s trying to max out specific creatures (or just getting a lot of wins for saccing) generally don't want "dead" exp (that is, exp on a creature that's not supposed to be upgraded beyond a certain level or that's already maxed). there are however some legit concerns that i think pips and apophys were referring to: apophys already pointed out that it would be easy for mp3s to get around that by lots of 15 exp wins. also, it would likely re-introduce threshold wins, where you gain just enough exp with certain creatures/actions to increase the stat you want to increas
  11. i'd have asked via PM, but apparently you can't receive any more messages: since you said you'd need a few mercenaries who would take directions (something akin to a LARP npc i guess), anything specific you'd want us/me do?
  12. just tossing out random ideas from the top of my head here. they'd have a [b]radical[/b] impact, possibly not in harmony with the original core-concept of MDs battle system, so just view them as a possible inspiration rather than fleshed-out ideas: - combat ranks A - xyz (not sure how many), A being the highest xyz being a new mp3 - fullfilling certain creteria (not only stats, maybe some tests a la lorerootguards to see if you really understood the possibilities of your current level) lets you ascend to the next higher rank. starts easy and tutorial-like, with some really hard tests for
  13. Nex

    Stop Ggg

    Lifeline pointed out pretty much all the objections i'd have risen, so let me look at the topic from a different point of view: the problem we're talking about is not, as a few might think, it's most prominent symptome (if you insist to call it that) the ggg, but, as i see it, it's just the natural evolution of MD's society. an abridged history of MD society from my humble point of view; likely quite verbose, cento-esque and biased: like most of the old folks i started in MD's age of survival; the old days, the grim days, the all-or-nothing days when blood was spilled galore. and i liked i
  14. so you basicly look for a band of merry rowdies with big sticks to give your questees some 'gentle nudges' in the right direction? alright, you point the way - i point the stick
  15. sure, here it goes: 13, 21, 31, 56, 28, 27, 21, 43, 18, 13, 32, 25, 25, 73, 67, 2, 50, 22, 50, 21, 42, 56, 15, 11, 23, 34, 41, 21, 31, 32, 15, 33
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