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  1. You know what Chewett? I don't care what you think. If you want to close your eyes and scream lalaalalalaal. Go ahead. I hope you hit a wall.

    1. Chewett


      Normally when someone says "given away" it means for free. Wheras you sold your rein.

  2. Chewett, and you you wonder why I don't like you? I gave it away. For an item a few fricken gold. I could have gotten over 160 silver for it, but I solf it for 5 gold and an item. I then proceeded to give those away. Along with all my others items. So please, sthu.

  3. Hey Wookie. Why don't you ask Chewett where he got his new Rein from? :)

  4. I can't believe how many alts Sasha/Mcvitie actually has!

    1. Sasha Lilias

      Sasha Lilias

      No wonder your a despised so much 8/

  5. Buying/Trading Imps for BPs.

  6. Selling 5 Imps, heavily aged, and tokened.

  7. Okay, people delete your darn messages! I keep messaging people to find out they can't receive them!

  8. Cancelling initial requests is against the rules... you don't want Grido to jail you, do you?

  9. No one will buy your Rust Cleaning Solution. -_-

  10. *loves how Windy's kid's hair looks like a storm just passed.* Sick dress though. lol
  11. A point I would like to make about Ancient Lore is that it is very much like Religion. Almost every single Religion has a text, the Bible of Christianity for instance. In this book, it is full of stories. Most of which COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. Ancient Lore is very much like these stories. It could not have happened, and we should not base our entire MD lives off of it. Very much like Religion. They SHOULD NOT base their lives off of the STORIES, but off of the MORALS of the stories. These morals are what make Religions so important, in some cases. Most morals are extremely important for
  12. While I am extremely intrigued by who did kill her, I do not want to know. Not this way. Not because you have something to prove to a bunch of ignorant losers. Reconsider what you are about to do, and shove that in their face. They will get the satisfaction of seeing you blow a fuse and reveal a major secret. They will try to do it again, and again, and again. Because they see you are capable of doing such a thing. So, please. Do NOT do it. :'(
  13. Lazarus: The Quest Spammer's Spammer

  14. *wipes the drool from his chin*

    So citrusy. :D

  15. Die die die! Purple dye dye dye!

  16. You know you've been on MD to much, when you start searching for other games to play, and find none worthy of the time MD takes.
  17. [b]Elemental Amulet[/b] Forged in secret in the underground caverns by unknown entities, it holds within it a part of each energy from all five elements. I would like to see the Elemental Amulet to allow the holder to cast unlimited weather spells.
  18. Wow... Mur has a very clean key board.
  19. Fenrir Greycloth


    Awww, she looks so happy!
  20. My suggestion would be the easiest to implement and an easy way to counteract alt abuse. Age wps would be in a limited Id range. Say 1-2000(not many people will get to many wps from age). The wps would only be useable for certain functions, such as the wpshop. (nothing in there is abusable) Wps available via quests would have an Id above that. So those will Be whole wps. Useable everywhere.
  21. And tose people will be caught and punished accordingly... hOpefully
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