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  1. You know what Chewett? I don't care what you think. If you want to close your eyes and scream lalaalalalaal. Go ahead. I hope you hit a wall.

    1. Chewett


      Normally when someone says "given away" it means for free. Wheras you sold your rein.

  2. Chewett, and you you wonder why I don't like you? I gave it away. For an item a few fricken gold. I could have gotten over 160 silver for it, but I solf it for 5 gold and an item. I then proceeded to give those away. Along with all my others items. So please, sthu.

  3. Hey Wookie. Why don't you ask Chewett where he got his new Rein from? :)

  4. MD will never have hordes of new comers every day. It would not be as unique as it is, if it did. Now, having said that. Mur has not been pumping money into advertising either. That is the real reason behind the lack of newbies sticking around. MD has many filters, and those filters prevent players from playing. They are not patient, they want special effects, and they do not require the mental capacity to play. Yes, there are other contributing factors to this, but honestly, the GGG was not as big a problem as others claimed. It was a problem, but not a large one.
  5. I am curious, what solutions do you propose, apophys? Bronzometh? Or anyone else who has been flaming this topic for the past two weeks?
  6. I can't believe how many alts Sasha/Mcvitie actually has!

    1. Sasha Lilias

      Sasha Lilias

      No wonder your a despised so much 8/

  7. Why is it that two alts are on the same list?
  8. Buying/Trading Imps for BPs.

  9. Selling 5 Imps, heavily aged, and tokened.

  10. Okay, people delete your darn messages! I keep messaging people to find out they can't receive them!

  11. Well, did you PM me? No? Okay. Well then. That's your problem, and not mine. The three free users got their Avys coloured for free. Now it costs 1 silver. A reasonable price.
  12. I believe Mur already has plans for the combat system to include team battles...
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