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  1. I will be around some tomorrow to pass the items out at the GoE. I can be around some more here and there if someone lets me know the times that are good for them. forum pm is the best way to get a hold of me.
  2. To add: to the my previous quote on changing things to change them. Creating change is good especially if it brings activity for your self or others. An alliance could do this for you. Whether you join one or create it. But if some one wishes to chang things for the sake of changing it, the it will not be a lasting change. Then the motivation, energy, and heart are not behind it. So I emphasize the why you want the fusioneers And why not something else or create something else? What do the fusioneers offer for today's community but also the community in the future? How would the fusioneers fit with the land of the dead? whoelse will be apart of the alliance?
  3. A few additional thoughts, blackshade you tend to be toxic towards those that do not agree with you. Which in a community as close knit as this, it will just cause you to have issues with all that you cross. It will make it difficult to get anything done. So far you have managed to upset or come across in a more negative light with some of the more active members. So far you have shown the initiative in wanting to start things, like with the hell hounds and now with the fusioneers. But you have also burned/damaged bridges with your approach to peoples in put. If you are open to others input and are not so harsh towards them if you do not agree... then things tend to go better. Who knows you may find that the input leads you down a new path. On the topic of alliances, I do not think it should be applied to all alliances. So lets speak specifically about the fusionieers. I think it is good for people to have goals. With this alliance though, it seems you and perhaps Mallos's alternate character (sorry I can not remember your other character's name mallos) are wanting the alliance back. But you two are working on your own and does not seem to be working together. That is if I read Mallos's intentions correctly on the other forum post about the alliance. An alliance needs to show that it can stand on it's own with out all the bells and whistles. If it can not then, it is time to let it rest until there is the community support for it. A few questions... Why are you interested in the fusioneers? If part of reviving it is to change it to something else other than the fusioneers... then why revive an alliance? If it does not stay true to its foundation then it is not the fusioneers. "If you succeed and the guild is revived then its not the same. It will work differently. It will have no relations to any land other than what the guild is doing or with at the time. Also the guild wouldnt be based on fighting or saccing for loyalty. It would pick its leaders based on loyalty to the dead. " Also in that quote it defeats the purpose of an alliance, a lot of what you said goes against the point of there being an alliance. If you are looking towards loyalty towards the dead... is that loyalty points or someone who is loyal to the land and whomever dies? If it is true loyalty to a land and whomever dies, seems like you are wanting to create another caretaker type alliance. Perhaps you need to take a breather and really think about the role and goal you wish to have in md and why. If you are just trying to change things to change things, then you will just be spinning your wheels.
  4. There is not much of a point in my opinion of reviving creatures. If someone sacrifices a windy. Then it should remain sacrificed. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of sacrificing it in the first place, if someone has accidentally sacrificed a windy. Then perhaps putting a lock on certain creatures to keep from anciently sacrificing it similar to what is there for the bestiary. As for reviving Alliances, I do not think there should be a set way to do that... since there were different ways/reasons it ended up that way. And if you are looking to revive an alliance... then it should be a way that is unique to yourself and the people who wish to do so. Otherwise it takes away from the importance of reviving that alliance. Automating anything of importance like that takes away something. Sometimes it makes things easier, leaving time for other things. But sometimes it takes away the human element. ------ Now as for revival of concepts, ideas, or research. PWR-Player with Role- or RPC - roleplaying character (I think) pretty much already being done in a way with the tag system but a different setting. Though that system is incomplete for now while other things are being worked on and thought about. PWR/RPC was a little different, at that time it gave a reward and some direction, it reinforced the role that person took on. That system had its flaws and some got upset. But the elimination of it, disrupted something in md society for the rpiers. At the moment most of us are vets and survived past that point. We know who we are and where we stand. So the current population does not need the PWR/RPC, for we do not need that reinforcement. But to give us something to do, to work towards, offical titles or goals can help. To revive this it would take the work of all of us. A discussion and the responsibility of us left to come up with something official. By offical, I mean recognize by md society. Not something that has to be made or created. Council- it has had its problems and multiple deaths. There is also the Kings Council, but for the public that wants to be apart of something and do something. And for lands or groups that do not have the capabilities of attending the Kings council since it is for rulership. So if this was to be revived, perhaps it should be done with set representative outside of the leadership and that anyone is welcome to come to a meeting to discuss things. There could be public and closed meetings for the council. The closed meetings would be the council deciding something or talking about things to do for the public. Like events. The public meetings would be discussions on current problems (social and not social), direction, ideas, or maybe you just did not get enough ranting done at the Soundbox. What would need to be decided is how structured the council would be and adjust it so that the flaws of before are not as harmful. I believe one of the problems was that who ever was chosen could not keep up with it. It was a popularity test. So perhaps people that are chosen for it now or in the future. Is decided by the land where they reach an agreement or as close to one for who will be on the council and then just the ruler ship will decide the representatives(2 people) so a total of three people from each land/organization if they do not have a land affiliation. The representatives would attend most public meetings to discuss things that affect the land. Council members make decisions, plans, and try to solve problems. Meh. that is all I have on revival of concepts discussion. Most things that you want to revive requires effort and there should not be a set system.
  5. Always for encouraging activity. I just do not know how active I will be with rl.
  6. My two cents on the subject, I was not around for the events that transpired... so I have a bit of an outsider perspective. I do not see where it is abusive or misuse of power. People were killed and as such there are consequences to any actions taken. Why are you surprised at this? When you (Aethon) have used abilities available at your disposal to further your goals. As for the spells themselves, just as Mallos said by posting the announcement made on the creation of the spells. I think Azull and Syrian were within the bounds of their roles and powers to react in such a way.
  7. Depending on when it is, I may or may not be able to make it. I am interested in participating but this is a very busy time of year for me.
  8. I do find the not being able to see the hidden forum information that I am apart of to be annoying. Even following that subforum does not solve the problem, you would have to follow each new topic and check back. The reason I even noticed a new topic in the hidden section was because I saw some people give rep points to something I knew I had not read.
  9. I think it is a good idea and support this. The booth is on hold until I have more time to put forth towards it. This time of year is a busy one and it take preparation to impliment. One of the problems with a task system with living people is that at the moment, the over all population is low in MD. It is hard to give out tasks or turn in tasks with the time differences and varying in population. A task system/ quest system needs a stable foundation and people to participate. At the moment with rl, I am not able to provide the stable/solid foundation. This applies to any who wish to take this up. For if it takes days/weeks to hear back from someone on a quest question or to received the reward or next task... then people lose interest. But giving generic tasks or quests... where nothing outside of material goods is gained then... the quest is hollow. It is busy work that may not add to the value of the game. These were all things I was trying to find away around and wanted to share these foresight.
  10. This is a busy time of year, because of business trips, working longer hours, some holiday leave, and so on... I will not be around as much for the next few months until possibly August or September. I will pop by on the forums since that I can look at on my phone.
  11. I have noticed with the land cleasners that some locations do not have a current heat vein. The east, nml, and mda are places I had noticed this so far from using other land cleansers there. I tested a necrovion landcleanser in MB and could determine if a heat vein existed even though it would not push one along the heat vein. With that in mind I had tested to see if some other locations had heat veins that were active. So the skate board may not work in places that do not have a landcleanser where the heat veins have been made active.
  12. Fenth's Coast Isle Horned Lair Sleeping Drachorn Harmony Rock Firey Coast Lightening Isle Thunder roll Twisting Tide Melding Stone Screaming Shores Herding Stones Pet Rock Island Essence Pool Island Tiny Men Retreat (I have not seen the pic, these are just off the top of my mind)
  13. Today Pictures, the potato plants are dying back and I will cut them to the ground this weekend. Then will let them set. I pulled the rest of my radishes since it is too hot for them. I left my carrots there but will probably not get anything from them. In place of the radishes I have planted the basil that I had in small pots. They were looking sad and drying out too quickly in the heat while in the small pots. Some of my tomato plants are on the right and they are going crazy. Since I did not have time to do much with them... they have gotten out of hand. Below a lot of Zinnias are blooming and my roses are as well. There are a few patio tomato plants that have tomato fruit and you might spot the mint and sad basil. Below is a new rose plant that my friend bought me for my birthday. It is not blooming yet and is just a tiny little thing.
  14. About 10 to 15 plants a week... So far 2/5 if what I harvest is tea leaves (those numbers were from when I did it out of 10 resources collected total) 1/5toxic plants 1/5aromatic herbs 1/5 unidenified herbs (Will double check my notes when I get home, i may have tea leaves and unidentified plants switched) Below are from when 30 resources were collected. Aromatic herbs 9/30 Toxic Plants 7/30 Unidentified Herbs 9/30 Tea Leaves 5/30 So the amounts of herb types varies... I am still working towards 100 and higher amounts to get more accurate data.
  15. Thank you, zooliii. Do you wish to have 4 silver coins or a common rp item of your choice?
  16. Hmm... At the moment the thoughts are vaguely there and I will try my best to explain them clearly. Creatures as a concept of being bound to us: Creatures recruited and are bound to us to fight battles that we personally can not be apart of. The creatures represent certain traits of ourselves that we are all capable of. When we sacrifice the creatures, we get back a little of those traits to ourselves and at times building block of reality are collected... the bits of the essence of that bond. Creatures create items, because they take on a living form based off of the bond. They consume and create. They reach a level not otherwise obtainable on their own. Grasans and the newer creature Molimas. The Elu is a bit different, it can not be added to the fights. It eats candy and produces paper. And it is not bound in a normal way. It is free, or more free in a sense. Creature trading, is basically giving up apart of yourself to another and a person changes based on the creatures they mainly deal with. So by obtaining the drachorns to free them, you are imprisoning them. Keeping them from growing and experiencing the world around them. When perhaps you should be finding ways to increase the bond or connection to the physical plane to bring them to an awareness or free them through experience. For example, you have a rider... She does not control you and is not your master. The same could be said for those that have drachorns. It is not as though people are sacrificing the drachorns and spilling their blood. The drachorns have a value that some other creatures do not. Drachorns have a level of respect, one that you seem to lack. You see them as a creature needing protection, to be guarded from the nasty humans/people. The drachorns are capable to handle things themselves and continue to experience the world through the connections they hold with people. To imprison them in one being would be a fate worst than death. Especially one that would refuse them the opportunity to experience the world. The only other way to free them would be similar to the empty aramors... to have them wander aimlessly unable to do more than walk the lands... devoid of life except in rare instances. Though if such a thing were to occur... the drachorns... upon being attacked... would disappear from that person's touch. Slowly moving towards oblivion. An interesting occurrence, though one I doubt you would want. --Assira the Black edit: Just realized that what I posted is similar to what Syrian has posted in the other topic on heaven... So I support what she has said.
  17. Take care Nimrodel. I hope all goes well.
  18. Aqua: 10 Rainwater 4 rock salt 20 water 1 crystal I agree with the location being wasp's totem
  19. I am interested... I will just have to get the creatures for it. And I hope to be present for it. This year work is busy with trips and eventually I plan to take a real vacation.
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