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    The Voices

    Oh insanity how you are such an indulging vice of intrigue. A vice that we all consume, yet those of us who are aware are not diluted, just simply addicted while those who deny are both, and more forgone then all of us who accept our little...rough edges around the end of our minds with open arms. Its a form of brilliance really, a slice of luscious rapture and true genius without any restraints. Anyone who denies their own quirks, their own cult of self...this thing called insanity well... There the types who simply snap one day and end up in a padded room or in the ground. Anyhow, that wa
  2. I feel loved. And in the warm fuzzy and good way! I mean not so warm and fuzzy that someone is smothering me with a sweater...or the kind that turns into an obsession that will lead to a bloody murder driven by lust...but the err...umm...Kinda love like between A man and his err...umm...Id say dog...but I know some people are into dogs so I cant do that. Lets just say I feel loved and that I don't mean that in a perverted way at all. Really. Also, Glasty, Please do your best to terrify me, Ive always wanted to die laughing from fear and incomprehension. ^^ Tis one of my many dreams...
  3. I know how you both can be happy! Okay, first, we cut both of you up right? Into little gooey pieces...stop staring at me! Listen! Okay?! Okay. Then we put them in a bucket. You following me? A BUCKET. BUCKET. Okay? Okay. Then we need someone with a boat. Trust me...really! I know what I'm talking about. Okay? You get the boat? No? Well I know this guy okay? He has like...hair. Tell him I sent you. Right? Okay, got it? Corse you do, now get his boat. What? You need a way to carry it? Well I know another guy who KNOWS a guy and he has a truck. Okay that's not important but HE knows a guy who o
  4. Or perhaps I can sudice him and then father his children before revealing my true identity and thus shattering him! Then shortly thereafter I will divorce him, take the kids, half his stuff, and then get restraining orders so he will never see his beloved children again! MUHAHAHAHAHA! Oh no...Ive already said far too much!
  5. On the topic of alignment the whole Fourth edition rules out the old alignments and gives us fun new ones...okay there not that fun. Basically it states that Good is order and evil is chaotic! Now...Where the hell is the fun in that?! Here they ALL are * Good: Freedom and kindness. * Lawful Good: Civilization and order. * Evil: Tyranny and hatred. * Chaotic Evil: Entropy and destruction. * Unaligned: Having no alignment; not taking a stand. Which basiclly states that the empire in star wars cannot exist. Why? Cause that's Lawful evil, which means 'That I will bring or
  6. Then maybe Ill have to go and get a Chevy and drive it into some kinda levy and make said levy break and then flood your entire fortress with water. Yeah...and like...err...It may cause a little bit of damage and all, and will probably help the trees grow but still! It will be an act of defiance none the less and umm...yeah. Watch yourself. Cause stuff may happen... Totally. The not knowing what the hell is going to happen and if its going to happen at all is the real killer.
  7. Man Im not good at poems at all...you have me beaten...for now at least. But one day you will rue this event and your comeuppins will come! And you will be overthrown from that mighty oak that you call a home! And there will be much rejoicing. So...watch your umm...bottom of your mighty tree fortress from your throne... Cause... Err... That things flammable?
  8. I do look Forward, To our duel that will happen, I love Haiku Too. And Even if this is, Not a proper Asian art, I shall still do it . For I do know now, That Haiku involve nature, So plant many trees.
  10. Many truths my friend. Wrapped in many lies and riddles, the bow put on top of the package by Eris.
  11. A maze you say?! One filled with lots of twists and turns and ups and downs and sideways and freeways and parkways and driveways?! Well let me tell you something mister, I'm onto you. Yeah. Don't think I don't know that you PARK in a driveway and DRIVE in a parkway! Your random way of confusing people will come to a very disgusting end filled with the vile ichor of the last remnants of your insanity! Yes thats right I KNOW you have moved past sanity into insanity and thus your sanity is insane and that must be smashed up like a still humming axe at the end of a thrilling solo in front of a tho
  12. Deon Selco


    VivA LA Tie BreAker. -Note Theres A Hint In This Post I Hope You CAn Find It PS- A!A!A!A!A!
  13. Well if you wish I can use profanity and various other means like murdering everyone you've ever loved to make you more angry with me so you can savor the fact that you will eventually pummel me? I am a helper! ^^ Wait I know what will arouse your fighting spirit! Okay, here goes...I dont love you and every time I look at you I pretend your Johnny Deep.
  14. Ill have to watch out for her then. Chances are though Ill find out about her anger first hand.
  15. I shalt run as quickly as my legs will allow into the maw of a gnashing painful and spiky death!
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