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  1. Very unlikely indeed, but alas, here I am.    I suppose I'll keep an eye on it and in case it comes back I'll be joining you again. To be honest, I never quite my place but I missed it when I wasn't playing it, even in the times I hadn't been on the site for a year. I've never really come across anything quite like it.
  2. I was just thinking to drop by and look how the realm has changed, maybe to pick it up again. I'm sad to see this happened, I'm hoping it's coming back or something new spawns in its place.   Xin
  3. With the #8 Avi you mean the knight, right?

  4. Selling Avatars 'till october 1st, going to the shop after that.

  5. XinHun


    It's Konan 8D Very well done :3
  6. Is there any tutorial for SAI, or can I use one of photoshop? If it's possible to use Sai for that. (not very much experience with it.
  7. Count me in. If you want to check my poems go here: [url="http://xinhun.deviantart.com/gallery/"]http://xinhun.deviantart.com/gallery/[/url] This is my favorite: Data flows The data flows, Through my head, No Idea, How to get, The endless thoughts, To a stop, It keeps flowing, Without hold. Feelings out, Of control, Tears are rolling, Screams that howl, In the night, Sleep is gone, Even though, The battle’s won. Light is fading, In my eyes, I feel like, Going blind, No more sight, All is black, Hope is gone, Stabbed my back.
  8. XinHun Female -I can manipulate shadows -Transform into many things -I can use a little bit of alchemy -I can fight with Katana's -I can hug you as much as you want.
  9. Wasn't even trying to do that, Akasha, I was just curious, though it seems that even asking isn't accepted right now...
  10. [quote]Do the Legend Speakers seek affray with us, XinHun, or art thou merely curious? Loreroot is defended, period. My words are not hard to understand, I believe.[/quote] I do not speek for the Legend Speakers, so no, we don't seek affray. I was just curious myself. It sounded to me that you were looking for a war to prove yourselfs, that's why I asked, not to start a war.
  11. [quote]Lastly, to those who imagine Loreroot to be nothing but a collection of cowards and wastrels, I say this: bring war to our land, and you shall find, at your expense, that there are many of us who will fight for the land, badge or no badge, title or no title; that there are many of us who do not fear death at all, much less in the defense of Loreroot. We are not always the loudest or most colourful; think not that every huntsman carries a bugle. The spirit of Daniel Raven stalks these woods still, and the magic of Helen Wasp is not diminished. Conquer Loreroot, if you think you can: but
  12. *nods at Akasha's comment* Too true, too true...
  13. Ah, well that's kinda nice *laughs* Still think it was childish though...
  14. Right, well I read what Raven said carefully I was wondering why WHY?! someone could even think of Raven wanting to turn down because of the power he would get: [quote]Quote: Subzeroo: “There should be no one with such huge amount of power, Especialy Raven ... rumors of MD world has it that he can come near Mur's powers ... If this will be alowed ... things will get ugly .... and this has been forseen from mid January 2009”[/quote] What kind of ****** Bullsh*t is that?!? Mur is the freakin' creator of this game! If you feel like responding please PM me in-game. (usually at MDP)
  15. You should ask Calyx that, she 'invented' the Dojo. But I will protect the MDP Dojo, because it has nothing to do with this stupid war, and therefore should be left alone.
  16. [quote]First of all, I'm going to make it crystal clear that I will not interfere with the war effort or the fighting. I won't be attacking anyone or anything until this mess is over. HOWEVER. I will make it known that I think this "war" is completely unnecessary and (from what I gathered to be the cause) childish. You are all acting like children on the playground who started fighting because one kid insulted another. Only...you have bigger and sharper sticks to hit each other with...[/quote] I totally agree with Saki, but I will also add that the ones that attack the Marble Dale Park, ju
  17. I'm online on server time 15:30 to 21:30 with a little break, server is 1 hour ahead of me. I don't mind working alone.
  18. It's just genial, this game. All of it...

  19. I don't really see why this would be useful, but it is an interesting poll. Anyway, keep on the good work ^^
  20. Do you actually need a vote for this?!? OF COURSE THERE SHOULD BE ONE!!!
  21. Congrats Calyx on becoming RPC and Chancellor of MD University!! I just have a question: What is this going to change in the Dojo?
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