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  1. This list is missing the Vitality Shrine, which is at the top of the creature page, the adept list page, and the profile page. The webcam capture page is also backed by flash currently. When selecting an individual creature, the creature's full image is currently loaded via flash as well. The device at Berserker’s Way is also a separate flash file if memory serves (given what it does and how it's loaded, I'd be utterly amazed if it wasn't). The old homepage (as-in http://magicduel.com/) also uses flash in its left-side banner. As a bit of clarification, what are you referring to wit
  2. My feedback is that, other than it looking absurd (color scheme wise), and it trying to be way too vertically compact on the main forum list (the way it organizes subforums as boxes ends up cutting off the titles of anything with a reasonable title), it's also a pain to log into. I may very well just be one of the few that have a different username than they have display name, but it took me getting locked out before I tried to figure out what my display name was actually set to. By requiring that you use your display name (public information), vs. your username (which isn't shown anywhere tha
  3. You can use MDScript specific functions from within your own functions, but you have to add: (prepare function) on the first line inside the body of the function.
  4. I have no idea if this actually occurs anywhere, it may very well simply be hypothetical rubbish.
  5. As I see this topic 9 minutes before midnight the day before.
  6.   How do you intend to handle the parts that are pseudo-random, such as the creatures being targeted by a "Random" targeting ability? Do you intend to include a set seed for the random number generator as part of the simulation parameters?
  7. Assuming I'm not just as tired now as when I posted that, it makes sense. The intent of the query is to set the translations to empty where the romanian version matches the english version, to allow the english version to be updated freely without the other languages getting left behind.
  8. Ekk, that's not nice at all :(   To implement the fallback, assuming my minimal idea of how the translation mechanism works is correct, I propose simply selecting both the English column and the column for the specific language, and fall back to the English column on the PHP side if the language's column is empty. De-duplication should also be pretty easy, as a set of simple `UPDATE translation_table SET ro='' WHERE ro=en` (no idea what the actual column or table names are) queries should do the trick.
  9. If I remember correctly, the other translations fall back to English if the target language doesn't have the requested value defined. If it doesn't, then I propose that such a mechanism be implemented to allow the pieces that have been translated into other languages to still be viewed.     Also, I wasn't using the bug; I asked if I could use the bug to retrieve what information I could about the structure of the equipment system, allowing me to better phrase and direct the questions that I'll have when I start documenting the system for project Legacy. (All of this assumes that I
  10. In Announcement 3543, it was announced that the languages other than English have been disabled in the game. This however prevents access to a large amount of content that has been translated, or where significant differences between the original version of the text, and the English text exist.   Let's take the Romanian poem text for instance. It is done largely independently, and has a large number of places where the English and Romanian versions are completely different. I'm unsure if the the poem text was translated from Romanian, or from English. I do know most of the German poem t
  11. That isn't the full error Assira, but it does have the part that matters. In the middle of that, you'll notice the newline after " (Already provided:", it is this newline that causes the error. A <br/> should be used instead.
  12. Alright, so, here goes a weird one.   IAB the Numberless (ID 113205) is able to see both the slime and the downward arrow at the Meeting of the Roads. This is the only key that should be considered as "normal" on it, due to me having some fun with the key system on my own and ending up with both the story and movement arrows at the Fields of Abandonment (1_0x-3_1). In general, the key state of the account should be considered as abnormal.
  13. I believe this is an issue with you choosing to have too many labels. It would be possible to disable the scrollbar, but that would make it difficult for most to be able to scroll down. The other solutions are to make the label link text smaller, or to use a button to expand the labels and have them collapsed by default.
  14. This is due to the `rechargeCr_all()` function not being defined.    Defining it as: function rechargeCr_all() { $('div[id^="div_creature_"]').each(function(i, v) { healCreature(v.dataset['creatureId']); }); } Should allow the distribute vitality to all button to work correctly.
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