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Status Updates posted by Burns

  1. I is going to be a judge! I can haz phenominal cosmic power... in an ity bity living space :D

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    2. MaGoHi


      congrats burns

    3. Nimrodel
    4. Eara Meraia

      Eara Meraia

      gratz Burns! And may you never do alpha type errors ;P

  2. Master gave Dobby a diploma! Dobby is freeeeee!

    1. Maebius


      Much better than socks!! Congrats!

    2. Assira the Black
    1. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      They are pretty good, I wonder how come I never heard of them before.

  3. Thanks for reporting the spammers :)

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    2. Chewett


      Like 3, dont be lazy

    3. Chewett


      Ah yes... way too many, i spent 2 minutes thanking 4 people? hard life

    4. Grido


      Thought you were going to do a Liam Neeson with the "I don't know who you are..."

  4. Someone's messing with the red button! PANIC!

    1. Tipu


      Not to worry i have farted over those red button last yr... it can't work now hehe

    2. Shemhazaj
  5. 403 forbidden? :'( I wanna play!

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    2. Sunfire


      Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user

      bit before i was a blue screen, didnt read it well

    3. Maebius


      ....and now the 404 error.

    4. Fenrar


      Apache, work harder!

  6. Oh, look there, an unwanted comment vanished. Too bad that you can only mod your own update, eh?

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    2. Shadowseeker


      Heh...it concerned BHC if you ask me. Funny how every single comment vanished on yours though, no?

    3. Pipstickz


      Figured I might as well delete them all, to be fair to Burns, since I deleted his.

    4. Pipstickz


      Though I s'pose you'll think I'm just making excuses, but for now I'm done with the back and forth schoolyard fighting. We're both too stubborn to care what the other thinks, so let's go ahead and move on. <3

  7. $DO || ! $DO; try - try: command not found (Yoda)

    1. Brulant


      This amuses me far more than it should. And I'm proud of it :D

    2. MoM
  8. 15 warsheep to go! Stable is almost filled, get in quickly :)

  9. Just 23 more warsheep needed. The shepherd sits in the park!

  10. 33 more warsheep needed! Join me and get magical aid at the park!

  11. needs more Warsheep to unlock higher spells! Join now to destroy your opponents!

    1. Yrthilian


      LOL even ghosts can become warsheeps

  12. is trying to become Golemus' new protector. Pick me today and get a cookie! :D

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    2. Burns


      Not always, but most of the time, yeah.

    3. Ryan Delphus

      Ryan Delphus

      Well I have been meaning to find a protector and adept under someone. May I?

    4. Burns


      Of course. I'm usually in the marble dale park.

  13. is trying to replace Indyra as Golemus Protector. Become my adept and get a free cookie.

  14. Honor comp: Due to scheduling conflicts, next round was delayed to saturday 00:00. NOT sunday evening.

  15. I know, that SOO not up to date and completely offtopic, but i just found my old matrix background, and i LOVE IT! http://zmatrix.softonic.de/

  16. Since Dec 1st, 170 people started at the shopkeeper, 40 reached part 2, 7 got to halfway through part 2, and 1 person solved it. Either i'm too hard, or the newbies are too weak.

    1. Asterdai


      and i person couldnt complete because he couldnt remember the question, and wasnt allowed to get it repeated :P

    2. Khaoila


      well personally for me the issue i am having is there is no hint as to who the inquisitor is at the step i am at to give me a direction to look all i knew is the archives book on left table that reacts to the name of the inquisitor

  17. I don't mind the bugs, i even like some, i don't mind the problems that a one-man-show always has. But when a gmae can't keep up with my pace, i really get mad.

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    2. Burns


      my fingers are fine, your eyes are the problem! They tell you i wrote gmae, when i actually wrote agem!

    3. dst


      You mean: can't keep up with my Peace, right? :D

    4. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      You don't get mad, that's just a slight bit of hyperventilation.

  18. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

  19. Done with the exam! Time for summer! =D

  20. He, i like the lock... :))

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    2. dst


      What does the lock do???

    3. Grido


      it prevents people from writing comments on status' :P

    4. dst


      Apparently not all people :P.

  21. oh, false alert... you just deleted the post i was planning to find already xD

  22. i'm afraid that the new content button doesn't work yet... i like that button :/

  23. Ha, comments on status! Vive la Facebook-style -.-

    1. aaront222


      Cool new thing i agree!

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