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  1. junior attacked me. i had 1k personal VE yet all my creatures had over 15k VE EACH!!!!!! some of them are only 400 VE normal anyway, i dont get this. its a bug i guess.
  2. MRP


    MRP is forever bound to the darkness. He lurks inside buildings, in caves and underground. The light seems to effect him in horrific ways, much like a Vampire.
  3. not meaning to stir the pot, but necro can be accessed by MP5's i heard.... i also heard this time you can gain scroe there... but i might be wrong. i know loreroot was always allowed, but people have been told to leave this round..
  4. there is also MRD, MRX, MRG, MSA, MRTime, MRK, MRH, MRZnible, MS DK, MRAvenger..... many many more...... from all over the world..... but its a conspiracy.... no its organization. we have a skype chat and most MR's are in it. You are welcome to join if you wish to see let me tell you this, most of the MR's were converted, from other players names that have been around MD for a long time. You want to do the same and make a band of good players that are organized, do the same as MRD did a long time ago. Make a organized group of players. Anyone can do it, why not you? and also, many people
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