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  1. *smiles and waves* Hello.

  2. *comes up from behind and squeezes tightly then runs away smiling*

  3. *smiles and waves* Hello.

  4. *pushes his cheeks together until he looks like a fish* funny *smiles*

  5. *smiles and waves* Hello

  6. *smiles and waves* Hello.

  7. *runs in and tackles* hi *smiles*

  8. I am lion! RAWR! *smiles*

  9. *smiles and pokes back*

  10. *smiles and waves* Hello!

  11. *runs in and pokes* Hi *smiles then run back out*

  12. *runs in and gives a big hug* Hello! *smiles then runs back out*

  13. *pokes and then runs away smiling*

  14. *pokes then runs off smiling*

  15. *smiles and waves* Hello!

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