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  1. I would like to sell/trade:

    [s]Master of Puppets: 322 age......................offer of 4 silver made by Kon Von Graves[/s]
    Joker: 105 age with Claw I and II...............no offers yet
    [s]Imperial Aramor: 187 age with Claw II...........offer of 1 gold and 3 silver made by Tarquinus[/s]
    [s]Angien: 223 age with Blood Drop I and Claw I........offer of 1 gold made by nex[/s]
    [s]Angien: 219 age with Claw I and II...........offer of 2 gold 5 silver made by Tarquinus[/s]
    [s]Dream Mutation: 1 age...........................offer of 3 gold made by dayredeemer[/s]
    Grasan II: 8 age with Kelletha fire...............no offers yet
    [s]Pimped Grasan: 14 age.............................offer of 5 silver made by redd[/s]
    [s]Pimped Grasan: 13 age.............................offer of 5 silver made by Gremlin[/s]

    Post your offers.

  2. People are replying without reading every post.

    Grido was told about this the day it happened.

    We did not wait 4 months to bring this up to someone!

    For some reason it was never investigated and Redneck was never punished.

    Right now I am not trying to get Redneck banned, I would like to see him banned, but there is no proof against him.

    Right now I am trying to get people to understand that nothing was ever done about this, we reported it and nothing was done.

  3. No Redneck...I would try to get away in a rl situation. But this is the internet, no real harm.

    You should have been banned because the thought of raping someone crossed your mind.

    But that is not what I am trying to get across to people. Nothing was done about this at the time. It was reported to the proper people and they did nothing. That is the point.

  4. [quote name='Sparrhawk' date='30 December 2009 - 11:37 AM' timestamp='1262201874' post='51461']
    I think personally, that yes your right no one can force you to stay in scene with that and so forth BUT is it not the fact that someone actually tries to RP that to you that would highly offend and sicken you? I dont think it is something that people should be trying to RP to someone else, and the if you dont like it leave the scene attitute isnt right if it offends you which i would assume it deffinately would should not something be done about it?To be clear i am speaking only of the issue not about specific cases or anything.

    I agree.

    The thought of raping someone went through Redneck's mind.

    If I had not threatened to get him banned he would not have stopped. If he didn't stop at that time I would have left.

    I couldn't get him banned because it was never investigated.

  5. This situation was reported to Grido the day it happened. I was told that it would be dealt with but nothing happened. It was never investigated and no one was ever punished.

    I realize that nothing can be done about this now. Proof cannot be given so late.

    But something SHOULD have been done about it when it happened and NOTHING was done. That I think is the point right now.

    I believe an alliance with dedicated people should be created for just these types of things.

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