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  1. Silver Renard Flame wielding shapeshifter who is at home in natural areas. I'm a fox..... I survive in nature all the time. As a cunning hunter and tracker, I should be able to move through the area with little danger to myself. Also, since I can CONTROL my flames, I'm not liable to burn the whole forest down like those who would need to cast spells to defend themselves. Using my shapeshifting, I could get to places others could not. Using my illusions, I could ward off many forms of danger by making it believe there was something there that was not.
  2. There you are Kitsune! Awww.. no picture? The fox doesn't count.

  3. ok... here's my theory based on the AL The sun that shows over all of magicduel (with the exception of the underground areas {for obvious reasons} and necro) is the "inner sun" that is referred to by renavoid. the light shines from those helpful souls and those who have unlocked their potential and radiates across the land. in necro (the light's balance) however, darkness prevails as it is the opposite of everywhere else. this is just a random thought i had, but hey..... it may have credance..... who knows what's inside manu's head
  4. Would you pm me what combo you used for that? I couldn't get those things to do anything for me, and I played w/ them for over 2 hrs using every combination I could think of >.<
  5. Play nice w/ the boys now ammy Burns, it is as storm stated: a trial for amoran. Our input is here, not in her dreams...... unless someone knows where to find morpheus....... >.> Also, in response to blaze, dreams for some are far more than just a dream. What you experience in some dreams (or nightmares) can have a serious impact on you personally. And while I have no data on hand to back it up, some ppl have claimed to have gained physical injuries not unlike the ones they recieved in a dream. And there is no doubt about the mental damage such dreams have on ppl. Also, in most case
  6. O.o Geez blaze..... did Amoran do something to you? Do you like Kalaminara Kol? Or is it that you just have had one too many blows to the head?
  7. bored..... did you actually have an idea? or were you just restating what the others said so that you could say you said that answer no matter what happened? LOL
  8. i don't know a great deal about astronomy, but i could try to help....... what is it we are supposed to do?
  9. i've tried to help amoran build her character..... so for me to say anything wouldn't be fair. but a few ideas here actually seem plausible
  10. prolly nothing if you actually have copyrighted it.... but then technically you have copyrighted material being used for a public game...... as for something like a signature... i wouldn't see an issue w/ that.... artists may actually enjoy having their art admired and known
  11. ok.... but if you get it... you'd better do the same
  12. i agree, there is a void w/o the mr's...... who will open the gates of golemus for us soldiers w/o them? i think a certian pirate should figure out a way to get that key.... before i do
  13. i like it too. i agree w/ penelope in saying that it's nice to be recognized for something beyond just battle.
  14. i have this open in another thread, but i noticed the description here and posted it here as well (especially since i saw no other thoughts on my thread [feels ignored....]): ok, as i'm sure aleron would tell you, most people, with or without the use of magic would not be able to wield certain types of weapons one-handed and definately not w/ the use of a sheild as well. i was wondering if maybe we could introduce ways of having benifits and disadvantages to using shields, one-handed weapons (normal swords,axes, etc), two-handed weapons (most polearms, greatswords, bows,etc), or two-handed w
  15. My character is rather random, is a trickster and a shapeshifter, and all and all, a pain to judge by points since you never know what he'll do. (once threw a portable hole under yami and tied flyingchipmunk's shoelaces together...... and i'm not even sure that he had shoes :lol: ) how would you judge a character like that fairly since everyone else would have to stay in character, but unless my character is giving out info on how to play the game, he's never out of character?
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