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  1. so, i didn't miss out on skill or abilities because I was a MP8 and got set back to 5?
  2. thnx, seem like i got a lot of thinks to do
  3. will do so! Btw, help and old guys out will you Where should i start to pick up where i left, a LOT changed since i've been gone ! And i don't know where to begun =(
  4. hehe, i'm sure you would! Are there any other old dudes active?
  5. Hello everyone! Well, it's been ages ago since I've been here.. I don't think many of you remember or know me It's been 2 years and more and I can see that Mur and the rest were kind of busy all that time ^^ Well i'm going to explore and try to re-familiarise! hf
  6. Seems like luck is everybody problem stat except for act ^^
  7. I agree with what has been said And is it possible to get luck,trade sense etc by sacrificing? because i wouldn't have got any for one of my creatures
  8. Whiiieeee Party time ^^ Free drinks = vitality and stamina potions?
  9. Ahh It's good to see some old guys back i was starting to get lonely ^^
  10. refresh your page after being on the same spot for some time,you'll see.. and once you log out you'll see it to
  11. I think that's what he aimed for since manu likes to tease
  12. Deetn

    Story mode

    If you all have problem with the waiting then don't choose 24h meditation and just continue you'll ge lot's of action once you get out of tutorial mode I promise...
  13. I think when you find out who killed her then you will have released her spirit and solved her secret and then you'll be able to go through the passage?
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