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  1. Seems like luck is everybody problem stat except for act ^^
  2. I agree with what has been said And is it possible to get luck,trade sense etc by sacrificing? because i wouldn't have got any for one of my creatures
  3. Whiiieeee Party time ^^ Free drinks = vitality and stamina potions?
  4. Ahh It's good to see some old guys back i was starting to get lonely ^^
  5. refresh your page after being on the same spot for some time,you'll see.. and once you log out you'll see it to
  6. I think that's what he aimed for since manu likes to tease
  7. Deetn

    Story mode

    If you all have problem with the waiting then don't choose 24h meditation and just continue you'll ge lot's of action once you get out of tutorial mode I promise...
  8. I think when you find out who killed her then you will have released her spirit and solved her secret and then you'll be able to go through the passage?
  9. Hi Peter, welcome! Explore and enjoy the magic world of magicduel!
  10. I'll do my best! btw do you keep your adepts or will they be reset once the game is in beta or beyond?
  11. The rest didn't disappear the first time and i just hit continue without knowing which one i selected but the second time went normal btw Am i the only one having difficulties with that blue stamina potion? I can keep on clicking it but i never disappear nor do i get the extra action points i'm using internet explorer
  12. I have to chose which principle I want in the game,but euhm how do I chose it? I clicked like a dozen times and nothing happens, and if I close/continue the page I'll probably won't be able the chose 2 principles the next time? Please save me from the terrible dilemma
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