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  1. Biffy...I dont know if you will read this now but...you are a huge loss. You will be missed. Come visit when your memories give you a nudge and remind you. Z
  2. Dearest Subjects I write to you with great mirth, from the kingdom of Shoe-baa. I may be a goat in a wig, but until the actual Queen of Sheeba returns you'll have to make do with me. If you take exception to a goat in a wig, or a man in a dress, you can take that up with Chewett, as this quest is all his fault. Also, if you do take exception to either of those things you're immediately banned from the quest. I can't be wasting good sequinned dresses on grumpy prejudiced participants. Between now and new year I will randomly be online. I will randomly put a wig on. If my wig is on, I
  3. Some people say that Eon Should wear some high vis Neon So that his victims have a chance To write their obituary in advance At the pub on a Sunday Mr Sunfire Has drinking habits quite utterly dire By drinking vodka he belches flames Setting fire to people's wigs is all fun and games dst She hates the Tree So I put some glue on her shoe For when she steps in poo Z
  4. There is a system for inner magic already...are you saying you want a mechanical system? In other news - I never got off this train, I'm pro spell-doc. Z
  5. klawdees wrote this in honor of md's birthday and asked me to post it on the forum. spirit of the madman he was tempted to keep on walking or maybe he actually did and sank down into the road that silences life and death and further into the fiery earth where the spirits draw their peace where they don’t care for names where fact is just a disease lungs drinking thirsty the dust keeping path, he ignores his distrust and perceives neither comfort nor wrath seeing only silence feeling it master his form following only his path awaiting only his birth pas
  6. I agree with you Pip. Z
  7. I've reported this multiple times here: I might also add that I had lots of candy, which has now all disappeared and for which no garbage appeared. Basically, you stole my candy Chew also, as a side note, since that garbage/degrading fix was done, my toy chest hasnt spawned any candy (but that may be a coincidence) Z *where Ive written candy, read candy bar.
  8. So it shall be. Thank you Faceless for being so altruistic. All prizes now distributed (Aethon will get the Elu to you Lin) Thanks for taking part all. Thread can be closed. Z
  9. Love the face on the hell hound. Sure, if it takes your fancy to hook me up with it, by all means! I especially like the puking skull. Z
  10. Thanks all for taking part in this. Both myself and the other judge tied Faceless and Lintara for first place. Have either of you already received an Elu for a halloween quest? Dst comes in third. Well done all. Z
  11. Adventuring Award dst - takes part in most things, both participant and designer. Best Beautification Gonzalo - avatars, alliance logos, general artistic fancy. Champion Fighter Sunfire - his willingness and skill in helping others progress in this area defines this for me. Fossil of the year Kiley - still around, still chirping away making everyone laugh and keeping spirits up. Helper of the Year Mallos - Not so visible to most, but works very hard at trying to support people and the game in whatever way he can. Most Addicted MaGoHi - Though his will d
  12. Nobody has made any further contact or come to compete so I'm going to start the judging process. Z
  13. Ok, Faceless do you and your team still want to finish their quest or have you no time also? Z
  14. We seem to be having some planning difficulties with finishing this. I'll be on and off this evening and weekend. If you catch me, I'll run your quest, if not, I'm going to have to put a time limit on, otherwise I think this may end up still going by xmas... Z
  15. Lintara - Close to Finishing Faceless - Has started, but far from finishing. Dst - unstarted. Let me know if/when you wish to continue/start. (Im not around Tues or Thurs) Z
  16. Ok, we'll set it so 22:30ST on Monday, and move it if we need to - that way you might all be able to play at once. Come see Z then. If you're going to show up...I would strongly urge you to provide the names and skills at least 2 hours in advance of attending though....because if you don't...you can still play...but there might be consequences. If you can't make it, just let me know and I'll sort a date with you. Z
  17. Thanks @Faceless @dst - Ideally, they will be with you when you come to the in game event. However, they don't actually need to be there, you can use their skills for them instead - the down side is, you'll be relying only on your knowledge of their skills and when/how to use them, rather than the innate knowledge someone who holds those skills has. You can also send one of them instead of yourself if you want to. As a side note - I have had some time issues myself recently, so apologies for the lateness of this request from me. It may mean the event runs after Halloween...unless you
  18. For part 3, Lin, F and Dst, you need to pick two people who agree to help you. Please post your associates names here, along with a list of 5 key skills each of you have (they should be character skills, for example, Z might have ability to make people sleepy, plant healing, fast running, grumpyness and alcohol tolerance) Z
  19. My beautiful Bob!! I see you again!!! Thanks Dst & No one! Z
  20. He looks rather large. He was probably terrified of that mock spider of yours twice his size! Can I ask that anyone wishing to take part in part 3 have their submissions in by the end of this Sunday. Z
  21. Bravo! An excellent harvest of Spider Minions...that first one is particularly weird, I've never seen one of those! Faceless has now revealed Part 2 - Capture an image of a real spider on your web! I shall be in touch/post regarding part 3 nearer the time... Z
  22. I'm mildly concerned that you have sent this back from the future...you'll only cause your future self to be denied quest entry to wherever this has come from you know.... Z
  23. This quest is built of 3 parts. The first person to complete part 1 will cause the reveal of part 2 to everyone when/if they complete part 2. Same with part 3. Part 1: Build a spider web. Part 2 revealed by Faceless: Capture an image of a real spider on your web. You can build it out of any materials you like. No drawings, only builds. Please take and post a photo of your spider web and ensure there is a piece of paper in the image with your MD name and the date on it. Prizes depend on how you play. Part 3 is a live event and will be held sometime from the 28th of
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