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  1. *clicks Chewett's link* Very funny Mister
  2. This is an entertaining wonderful game I enjoy & people are nice & helpful: [url="http://www.aqworlds.com/"]http://www.aqworlds.com/[/url]
  3. An underrated roleplayer - I noticed her when she walked into Wind's Sanctuary, and have kept an eye on her ever since.

  4. [quote name='cryxus' post='17043' date='Sep 20 2008, 11:40 AM']*you come across a torn page dated 9/19* ...Zleiphneir came into the pub rather disturbed saying something about SageWoman being tainted by some tainted water from the fountain of dark vibrations, and the involvement of a joker. While some of the pub tended to Blooddmoon, Zleiphneir, Tremir, and DocFaust worked on a sample of tainted water Zleiphneir had. Tremir and DocFaust determined that the water was a medium for a dark force manifesting evil on SageWoman and Granos, and that conventional antidotes wouldnt work. After Khalazd
  5. [quote name='stormrunner' post='16695' date='Sep 14 2008, 07:31 PM']it was good timing indeed, the fight was a pain, and khalazdad the grey is way easier to deal with hell he seems to be a nice guy and can some till me why all the women around Khalazdad hate me I'm I really all that bad[/quote] You want me to repeat [b]Here[/b] & [u][b]Again[/b][/u] as well the reason Runner? I gave you the real reason & I don't like to repeat myself.......
  6. Okies But there's no sitting in a real Dojo, you either fight or do warm ups you Don't sit, I took Judo for a few months that's how I know this hon, if you sit in a dojo it's because you're doing floor excercises but if you sit & do nothing you'll get a reprimend by the teacher & a few punishments (push ups etc). *shrugs* Was just trying to help with the visualization, to make it closer to reality.
  7. May I suggest no escalators or steps, just at the same ground level? (so that it will look like a real dojo *grins* )
  8. Dear Ren I know the area where you always frequent but I have no idea were to find the majority of the RPC's are to even say hello to them i believe that a common page of quests with information from each quest would be an excellent idea since the profile pages obvioussly do not suport graphics & it's unpractical to hunt down PRC's to solve their personal quests if you can't even find the majority of them.
  9. Glaistig you say that because you're an MP5 , Queen of the hill, over the top, oh & because if you don't agree you could loose your LHO stats; it's easy for big shots like you not to see it like it is; not everyone has what it takes to make it to the top But that doesn't mean they have to be punished for it & last time I checked an RPG of ANY kind it's an enjoyable game for everyone and not only a handful. But then again you're a kid trying to make it in an adult's world; perhaps if those that are on the top would remember what it was to be weak & an Mp3 they would consider Firce
  10. Well if you ask 200 people what Chaos is you'll get 200 diffrent definitions...........
  11. I know I posted my name in the first & now locked list (wonders why it was Locked) so Im posting again to opt out ; I no longer whish to be considered as a candidate (if there ever was a consideration in the first place) just scratch me out, although I will not stop being this way contest or not. Have a good evining. If I ask you to do something is for your own good. I don't like making topics just for the fun of it. If I want fun I go and play and don't give a **** about this forum. DST
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