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  1. :yahoo: Hope I'm still on time for the testing..1, 2, 3.. With utmost cooperation and cooperation. Respects. L3
  2. Then maybe an additional creature available for all, then?? Like that similar, to a Gargoyle??
  3. I would most definitely be honored shall I be included among the defenders of the Sacred Mountain. Even if be it among here offensive forces, need it be. Even since mp3 tutorial, I already have taken special interest for the Sacred Mountain who seems to be calling out to me. Ant the time I first entered her bossoms during the Festival, it was only then I felt truly revitalized. With your most gracious considerations, kind Sirs, please considereth thine self as amongst her servants of thine Sacred MOuntain. *takes a low bow* Respects. lord3angle
  4. Aww, Mr. Mur, I had been waiting for that big, wild Festival finale. but its already a Sunday here already (GMT +8) in the Philippines., and tomorrow (your Sunday) is work day for me already. I pray that when you decide on another Festival in the near future, please end it on a Saturday. Work is the only inevitable thing that hinders me from logging on. Even so, I still do during break, and lunch time.. Congratulations on a successful festival, Sir. I fancy the writings/collection on my page as of now, that I didn't put up my role play. I sure hope that we may soon be provided a different pa
  5. Thank you, Sir..but i can't seem to find 'Ninjunny' on the RPC list... I really appreciate your response, Sir. Kindly let me know which character name you use among those in the RPC list.. REspects.
  6. I would definitely love to join if I may...But I still can't enter the gates.. Respects.
  7. So may I message them with something like this.. "please advice me, good sir/ma'am on how to earn and thereby be honored with a magic scroll from you... Respects" Will this be ok, then?? REspects.
  8. Now, I'm not sure how I could acquire one..*scratches head*..RPC names are here..but players who message them is then annoying them??Anyone please enlighten me on this...please... REspects.
  9. Imagination is a principle that can stand on its own, so is element, and time. I thought when you use principles that can stand on its own..they would very well compliment each other.. Just a thought , though. Let's take for example you have imagination...which can bend reality. Think of Time principle, you may somehow in the near future "extend" or "shorten" time. Principle of Element. Let's say you specialize in one, water for example.. You may then utilize your Principle of Imagination, to create anything that has liquid, using the Element Principle. And thereby, utilizing Time Princple t
  10. :lol: I thought it was that way..but it's better to be sure than mere presumptions. Thank you, mate. I still have to defeat that store guard to get what's needed as the clue says in the paper cabin.. REspects.
  11. I just signed in..just wondering..you mean when you defeat an npc. he'll always be in your way each time? Let's say for example I defeat the Willow's Shop Guard, now..does that mean the next time I need to go in the shop, I have to defeat the guard again? REspects.
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