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  1. Nope, not at all! On the other hand, it is not a science. Most of the "rules" of drawing do not apply when you get down to it and start drawing, however they are not to be ignored, the rules ARE important. But not to work as they dictate, but to notice in which way they are wrong. No one has ideal proportions. They are ideal, not realistic. It is up to the artist to decipher in which way a person defies the rules. Is he long-limbed, short, tall or portly. A would-be draftsman needs to think about many things while he's drawing; proportion, format, color value, perspective, shape of t
  2. [quote name='amorte' post='15037' date='Aug 28 2008, 11:22 PM']in request of Blackthorn and DiKra... here is somthing less dark. With the specifications of Glor...i think [/quote] Hehe, as we agreed, my version of the girl on the swing, after the contest: [url="http://dikra.deviantart.com/art/Swing-96393999"]http://dikra.deviantart.com/art/Swing-96393999[/url] Not exactly an avatar... but it was never supposed to be
  3. Woohoo, I'm off to spend my 50 credits! In any case, congratulations to Amorte! I must admit I kinda thought I would win, but that was after I have forgotten what I drew My style is not exactly avatar size friendly and I've gotten rusty In any case, I finished all of my exams yesterday, so you can expect more avatars from me starting this weekend. Cheers!
  4. Haha this is great! I must admit I imagined it differently when you described it. The torso twist turned out great! Lol, heads up!
  5. I painstakingly removed the background with a white brush because the magic wand didn't satisfy me... there's nothing magical about it! I don(t know how white you need the background to be, so this was the only safe choice. the 5x3 size ratio is on all of the images. I used the 20x12cm 72 Dpi frame to paste all of my pictures into. Glor said the ratio should be "around" that figure. But wen you have a standard, why not work with it? I did the old parchment effect now, and brightening the background sure helped make the parchement version better. I'll post the changes here Thanks for
  6. Dude, your images scare me But then again, they say art should bring out emotion in people. In any case, I was planing to submit these images for the contest. So before I bundle them and send them, tell me what you think; should I put more of something or remove something, or change something, or change my style. All input is appreciated, especially from the current draftsmen employed in the development of this game.
  7. Flying CHIPMUNK! THANKYOUVERYMUCHWILLYOU! Such blunt and deliberate misunderstanding of my artistic interpretation is unbelievable! And daylight saving time is such an easy avatar to draw.... you just have a sunbeam dropping a coin in a piggy bank that looks not like a swine but as a clock. And there you have daylight saving time!
  8. he was enthusiastic? Gor, you mask your feelings well... you will make a good sith Yeah, you can find a lot of inspiration in the game. The reason I even tried to play it (and I dislike browser games) was because of the art. It is inspiring; not because it's so good, but because it has it's own feel to it. What later drew me in was the concept and then the people who just love being teased In any case, I talked to some in character and drew some pictures for them. Try to guess what are their names. Well, the thing is, simple is good, but only if you draw it with all the compl
  9. Done. Unfortunately I broke my mechanical pencil, so it's not as finished as I would have liked it to be. hmmmm, I need to work on my avatar skills. My images don't look as well as avatars as they do in full size. Yours are the contrary! Your avatars are quite good, especialy the dog one Reminds me of Archer's dog on the Enterprise Thanks, I'll definitly enter it. And turning things grayscale is the least of problems.
  10. :lol: It looks like what it is, a photoshop repaired Palpatine.
  11. I don't like grayscale, but as you wish, sir I've done this drawing while waiting for praise, tough luck for me, though! As to where I've been? I hope the answer >around< will satisfy you
  12. Ok, I'm thinking about applying for the contest, but first, tell me what you think of these two. I must admit, I did not make them with the 3:5 format in mind and I "scanned" them with a camera.
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