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  1. about unreleased equipment i planned to ask murry about those, well thats disscussion for another topic...

    i was thinkin why not put some of casual rp items into shop that would be unusable, just there in inventory to add to flavor, like sleepin bag, spoon, fork, plate, etc those unimportant items that are used on daily basis, i bet rpers would love somethin like this

    and i dont propose to widen the shop even deeper, there would be no point in that, rather mix it up, for example put one item onto some powerup in shop, so player buys for example regen 20 creats to full health and as bonus he gets one random item he dont yet have (if he sells it he can get it again and if he got all then he randomly gets another random one), lets say spoon for example, as long as they aint too far inside shop, they are relatively easily accessable, and wouldnt be expensive to buy be it with silver or creds, and they would spice up game and made some parts of shop interestin again

  2. yes you can scale images down, they dont need to use their full size, anyways aint creat ico images that are show on creat page and in fights more suitable?

    hmm wut chew said gives us problems, totally forgot about that >_> but still we cant be sure if it works like that, imo even if it was made to be in temp location that location should still be same for whole one individual server request, which in this case would be fight page

    cuz if it puts each image on new temp location for every single call for image (copy original image to temp location, make some id, send id and via id access image, once transmission is done remove temp img location), thats simply way too much resources spent, even if that temp image location is just symlink

  3. i dont say there need to be more of strong stuff, just somethin useful, that wont affect free type of play much, but also to fill in mds budget, somethin that is balanced for those 2 things

  4. well atm timed boosters and many of powerups are completly useless, they need to get changed into more useful fashion, folks aint motivated to spend bunch of creds/rl money for 100 useless stuff just so they could buy soulweaver for example, which they could acquire much cheaper by trade, so really no point

    but for all this part of shop thats combar related maybe its best to wait for combat system redesign (if it happens) and then see about shop, also with those perm stats boosters, they might still stay yummy even with system change so we will see

    pure rpers asaide from coins and features dunt have anythin much of interest in shop, they can acquire all they need pretty fast and free by votin, and there is nothin much for them aside for coins to buy on shop reset, they probably spend most of their creds on avy shuffle thingy

    personally i would like for others to speak up wut they would like to see in shop aside from combat related stuff

  5. yeah i must say again, that this change we are proposing DOES NOT affect yoar amount of training invested, if ya are stronger nuw than somebody, with this change of system ya are still stronger than him, it just brings back the element of using TACTICS, rather than just brute force which is everythin nowdays, combat in md was created and advertised with moto: EVERYBODY CAN BEAT ANYBODY BY USING PROPER TACTIC (and nut just brute force)

    since i still think mine idea is best :D i will probably make full draft that covers every situation by end of week, and maybe even write php functions :D

  6. umm i must say there is slight counter effect already present ingame, for each active day ya get some uber small amount of few random stats

    but seems good thing that for each active day player losses part of his stats under condition that he wasnt trainin in his last active day, btw ya meant 8k nut 8000k right?

  7. zomg apophys good reminder bro :D

    how i could have forgotten about creats base stats :D

    so if stats are negative they are applied normally

    if they are positive, relative stat modifier is bein calculated between players, and instead of base modifier we use creat stats, so creat stats are multiplied by relative modifier

    that way earned stats still matter which "isnt" (well the more ya get less useful it is so it counts as nut useful) case with logaritmic function...

    and this way problem with big ve pools is solved as well cuz relative multiplier gets multiplied with creat stat, it comes to acceptable values even for dmgers

    nuw only remains to make additional exception for low stats (need to decide which interval is considered as TOO low stats)

    imo i can see this workin with no problems and without much changes since it would take like 3 new php functions to be writen

  8. well its also impossible to make base modifiers purely % due to before mentioned exceptions with very low stats goin vs anythin

    yeah... at first look i cant think of any solution that is simple for neg stats, only complicated ones

    but then again question is if neg stats are even needed :D

  9. soz man even if i cant quote ya this time about things such as that ya in fact knew lightsage was competin and such, i still dont buy that story that ya cloaked lightsage unintentionally, coz of the way ya started postin in this topic in first place, with obvious intention to mess up bhc, its no secret, and ya can keep up with sellin ice and fairy tales, everybody can see wuts goin on but fact is that they still dislike eon more than ya so yoar "sale" is goin well only in such a case, if ya did this same thing in any other situation ya would be put on wall of shame as always

    save me next time of all this flamin and just say: "hey guys i dunt like this and i am gonna mess up bhc" instead of all this indirect... oh sry.. semi.. quazi indirect approach which is actually insultin, and no i wont apologize for callin ya lair and hypocrit, cuz that "story" of yoars sounds insultin (from mine point of view at least) to both eon, lightsage and to every damn reader cuz it leaves impression that ya are takin us for fools

    over and out, no point to reply anythin else anymore about this, at least from me

  10. grido, point in here is first to work on main schema and then to expand it with exception which would include negative stats as well

    as for lightsages post, were wut can we say, except to wait till somebody steps up for that job officially which council/mur havent opened yet and in meanwhile brainstorm possible solutions on forum

  11. [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1337723333' post='112633']
    Uhhh, Lib clearly you have NO IDEA what you are talking about...

    An apology is in order, I think.

    in [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12289-boss-heads-contest/page__st__20#entry111936"]this[/url] post ya said somethin totally different from wut ya actually did, umm so yeah

  12. [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1337710353' post='112624']
    Uhhh, I didn't realize he was in BHC. I sincerely apologize for that. O.o I was running through loreroot to recruit some creatures and I had a bunch of heat to blow. LS was right there.

    Again, sorry.

    aha... kewl story bro

    in which post again ya were sayin that ya wouldnt eva give yoar cloak to anybody? especially nut to random person and especially nut for free

    liar and hypocrit >_>

  13. interestin idea, how i missed that, i like it but it also has some problems, like difference on how much players are online and attackable for example, and how much time ya win and such, some win more some less, and psychology problem behind player when he sees that nothin is permanent, irl its different, cuz ya cant really go inactive irl :P

  14. due to some discussions about other topic [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12353-combat-system-redesign/"]Combat System Redesign[/url]

    it came to mine attention that if combat gets changed, initially md funds gonna drop, since hottest thing in md shop is stats, ya get both coins and stats yummy, and its obviously to most players only thing thats worth using shop reset for

    also shop is full with useless things that dunt help anybody (or almost anybody) anymore

    so we need shop offer reswamped as well, if combat gets changed how to change shop so ppl still have somethin thats worth spendin money for

    also in whole shop offer only thing thats useful for rp folks (which are increasin while combat folks are decreasin in number most likely cuz lack of action cuz combat system sucks atm) is coins, and nuthin else, imo they should get somethin more in there to buy

    hmm when i look in down again, whole md needs to get reworked >_> so many things aint good atm

  15. hmm yeah part with mine base multipliers can be changed and would be good to change into somethin else than actual number but still... need to think about those stuff a bit

    problem with yoar example is that it still makes one side with tons of stats still op, but if we combine yoar idea instead in place of mine base multipliers (guess that was yoar point) with mine relative stat calculating, it would made things work

    then we would have "shape" of profile which would be influenced by ratios of yoar own stats, and then we would have relative ratios which are the ones that compare yoar and opponents stats

    so lets see... combat stats are regen, power, attack, defense, initiative and luck; tradesense, energ imm and brisk aint used in combat so it doesnt matter, regen is used only at end of combat, and imo it shouldnt be altered as well that leaves us with power, init, luck, att and def, att and def tend to be VERY high due to them bein easier to gain, and also they are acquireable in shop, we need to take that in account when makin this base multipliers in guillak's fashion cuz we would only have "two" (it would always be att or def at first place mostly att, and then def in second) BASE shapes otherwise rather than 5^5 >_> atm me has no solution for this, other 3 stats would need some % handicap to determine shapes properly, so in next example i will use guillak current method...

    so lets say...
    (where the heck is table button?)
    | Me | Wodin (his stats were first public ones i could find atm so i use him :P)
    att | 1742 | 3140
    def | 1078 | 1901
    luck | 164 | 124
    power | 470 | 74
    init | 255 | 165
    sum | 3709 | 5404

    personal ratios aka base multiplers (it says how much is percentage of yoar single stat in yoar overall sum of all yoar combat stat, in other words, which stat is dominating out of 5 combat stats)
    ------------------------------------------ just roughly calculated atm...
    att | 47% | 58%
    def | 29% | 35%
    luck | 4,5% | 2,5%
    power | 12,5% | 1,5%
    init | 7% | 3%

    relatives ratios between two players aka relative multipliers (it says how much times player stat is higher against other players same stat)
    att ratio: 1:1,8025
    def ratio: 1:1,7634
    luck ratio: 1,3225:1
    power ratio: 6,3513:1
    init ratio: 1,5454:1

    so those relative multipliers should be multiplied with personal multipliers... >_> but problem is how to get good personal multipliers, guillaks idea is nice with profile shape... but obvious problem is how to make them fair so stats dont skyrocket again, and how to make them that att and def aint so dominatin in every single situation... (which is caused by fact that they are gained easiest and in biggest quantity >_>), so we might need to get different solution for that

    so however for now lets say base modifier is 10 for each stat, which would mean that in combat stats applied would be like this

    | Me | Wodin
    att | 10 | 18
    def | 10 | 17
    luck | 13 | 10
    power | 63 | 10
    init | 15 | 10

    so this is roughly how it would work, mine idea is that stats applied are relative and that they do their small influence on combat but not much, we dunt wanna see "one shot kill" rits anymore i guess, and wanna see some brains used again, but we still wanna see that stats affect combat and that there is still point in havin more, we just dunt want it to be that stats decide alone, so relative is way to go, but still there are exceptions to be made in case of immense stat differences in first place, then exception with too low stats, and ofc the better solution for base modifier, when that is done we would need to adjust it with spells and tokens... (whos effect i guess get added to stats just like before and aid yoar stats before relative ratios are calculated, and that seems simple and easy way to solve it but still open to discussion if somebody has better idea)

    oh ps.... wut about ve...?
    there are very high ve pools, problem with applyin this relative method to ve is that it would affect heat gain/loss a lot, and also there is that percentage modifier of stats used before fight which affects tokens, stats and ve (first two aint problem, ve is problem cuz of heat) >_> so..... idk... heh

    so still lookin for good solution to base modifiers and ve/heat thingy >_> actually i would like oppinions on ve/heat first discussed and then look for solution

    heat is problem in here if we lower it with relative thingy... then less ve would be applied and whole heat gain/loss system would be needed to be changed as well, but then again noob would also have more ve left to heal... imagine they put in 100% but due to relative they use only 10% for example meanin 90% are still left for healin creats afterwards....

    and if we let ve remain as it is, then eles would be OP, as well as angys and priests, since dmg creats with so small stats wont be able to kill off multy million ve creats :D

    edit: as lightsage pointed out and as i discovered in this post, yep nut just stats need to be changed but rather much more, so rename it into combat system redesign? or can i maybe do that myself? ...

  16. [quote name='lightsage' timestamp='1337632520' post='112534']
    Conditionally through, sponsors want advertising. City wants advertising too (and tourism).

    yep but club doesnt have to do anythin except give them permission to put their commercial sign on stadion or wait to get new t-shirt with sponsors name, so yeah... ;D

  17. [color=#0000cd]Split from [/color][url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12348-skill-damage-block/"][color=#0000cd]here[/color][/url][color=#0000cd] ~Burns[/color]

    no lone wolf... point is only elite will be able to win shield from skill dmg, meanin they will be able to keep up trainin

    ya are distributin shield in same manner as skill dmg, thats biggest problem (in addition to others i already said in previous post), it will all finish where on eon, or some other lucky winner who is also one of top fighters :P soz i dunt see point in that

    and no again, everybody can beat anybody is nut called spells, its called usin creats in smart way by anticipatin wut defender is usin and then usin yoar brain wut to use against him, this concept is lost since stats became ubber high and when ya combine them with tokens good auras and uber creats, ya created unbeatable rit

    yeah i am also against idea of buyin stats from shop thats idiotic imo, and they increase by percentage... even worse, thing is nobody complained that ya can buy shitload of ve attack and def, why? cuz everybody wants to use that option one day when they think they are ready and get few dozen million of stats over night and hopefully bypass eon, and hit the roof of sky with their head, why i didnt complained, well idc actually just sayin how things are, if folks like it like that then np idc really cuz i dunt fight anyways

    if ya ask me, md needs to get rid of stats and rework whole combat system from scratch, md needs one new dev just for that (which md cant afford), and need to implement new ideas that aint affect with stupid numbers, i dunt understand why every game sooner or later has to fall on that: hey lets raise our number value in "damage" then lets raise this up too..... etc etc and we are pro, i hate that kind of approach, the reason why almost all games use that kind of system is becoz its easy to implement, its finished solution, ya dunt have to think much, since implementin system that is both fair to veterancy of fightin and to be balanced while nut usin some stat crap is very hard, well ya can notice that it cant really be done, but ya must that md initially was set towards that path with some quazi-stat system, back then stats didnt mattered ya had some it helped ya but nut much and that was point, mur never anticiapted they would grow up so much, and thats problem, and also addin other things that effect combat like items, spells and tokens well it makes things worse and its too late to go back and fix things up on way they were intended to be, back then spell were oke they were this op as today, but today they are and they need to be cuz of all other stuff that is scalin up, but still they aint good solution to balance things up, which is obvious

    anyway back on topic, by implementin this shield of yoars, we could say yeah its oke we solved problem of stat dmg (read up wut i think about stats....and ignore it for this paragraph since atm i am writin in ideal situation thats nuw actual and from yoar point of view) but then ya would have ppl still complainin and sayin stuff, then they would get reply: "win bhc earn shield", and then the angry poster would reply back and say how the heck am i supposed to win bhc to guard myself from skill dmg if i cant train up stats high enough in first place to win it, so seeeee this aint fixin problem but rather makin it even deeper

    but as i said, skill dmg is there to lower down stats to reasonable levels they were meant to be, but skill dmg aint doin its work succesfully, since acquirin stats is still much higher, and eon is immune to it, it can only slow down others from gainin stats

    all this talk about skill dmg, while actual problem are stats

    point of stats (i am repeatin myself) is to act as small bonus for fightin veterancy (or dedication towards it), its nut meant to be ultimate tool for destruction

    imo very good solution to all this would be to make base multipliers for each stats used in combat (init, power, luck, att, def) and then make relative system which would compare amount of stats two confronted players have and then make ratio which would be multiplied with base multipliers (which are same for all) and then add those relative stats in combat and use them instead, so if somebody has 10 times more attack for example and if multiplier is for att is 10, then ya get 10 att for that fight, and he gets 100, simple as that, it would make ya stronger in fight so yoar trainin wasnt for nuthin, but it still would be the ALFA&OMEGA of whole fight, ofc there needs to be exceptions for cases such as player with 10mil att attacks dude with 10 att :D that would make first one still get insane amount of stats in actual fight, so it should have some exception to it

    redesign of system like i proposed in last paragraph would solve many things, but thing that ya propose would just add another thing into system that is already crowded and wouldnt solve anythin, current combat system doesnt need new counterbalances, IT NEEDS TO GET REDESIGNED

  18. interesting idea but NO

    why no, nut becoz i stand behind eon or such, but rather becoz imo this would be bad longterm

    atm it sounds good cuz only eon is winning so if somebody gets lucky and wins he will have shield against skill dmg, but longterm, when eon wont be the only one able to win, then ya will have ppl with skill dmg and shield against it, then they would become even more untouchable, and small folks will only see their stats goin down, while top few fighters will raise their stats to infinity

    skilldmg is opposite to training infinite stats, imo nobody should have stats over 10k, it destoreys point of combat system that says "everybody can beat anybody"

    mur made it all fit with skill dmg and the option that more ppl can acquire it by winnin bhc is awesome and theoretically makes no monopol, but problem is that only eon is winnin bhc :P so he is only skill dmger

  19. no dude, those small tournaments (i am not talkin about leageu or championship) are organized with one football club and all financing and rewards are done by city or other sponsors, at least thats how its in here, how i know? well i am part of it :P

  20. wait wait wait... IF he wasnt in public location, but rather in some closed location that can be access under special condition then this quest works just fine even with LOE loyalty, they just should get slight time handicap with some percentage increase (the one that would make it averagely fair to everybody else, so ya need to count it up, also not all lands have same max ap, regen ap and regen interval, so there should be some handicap multipliers)

    only problem in here i see is screenshot... image can be modified, as well as loaded web page, makin contestants to click clicky that logs time would be the solution, becoz then it would be 100% valid

    so if "if" from beginnin of this post is true, this challenge is perfectly fine, and yes there is big difference between quest and challenge, anyway quest in md has derived into completly different meaning than it actually means initially..... but thats discussion for other topic

  21. shit thats funny, wuts next complainin why casinos (organizator) are on favored side of any gamble game they host? if one football club organizes region tournament at their home stadion they should be forbiden to compete? wtf ppl i can find tons of examples where ORGANIZER ACTUALLY COMPETES IN HIS OWN GAME be it with his own rules (like casinos) or without

    so pls save us again of usin eon as excusse, oke he is overpowered but he got there by himself, while everybody else in this game had to lick somebody else's ass to get where they are now

    now ya can say things like eon just bought his stats, well then why nobody complained about shop unfairnes ???
    then ya can say things like "if eon was in our position he would whine too", in this i can tell ya, ya are bein wrong, even if anyone of ya were in eons position and eon in his, i am tellin ya eon wouldnt be usin excusses like "that dude is OP, bla bla bla, we cant do shit, it takes too much effort", ya knuw wut he would do? he would suck it up and work hard to bypass ya regardless of how long it takes, but most of ya say "screw it, we are too lazy" and so ya quit, congratz to those few that are still tryin, but still whinning wont help ya, it will only hurt ya, so shut up and train hard

    ya all dunt like eon becoz of how he got wut he has and becoz how he is usin it, ya are all jelous, hypocritical, weak and pathetic

    this game has turned into "use eon as excuse for everythin", so thank ya very much for makin "magicduel" become "blameeon", soz folks i didnt signed up for that game

    edit: oh yeah ya can also say "screw ya lib ya dunt even play this game actively wut gives ya right to speak about those things", well oke, ya are right, but regardless of how much ya dunt like wut i said and hate to hear it, ya all knuw its true

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