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  1. AL is going tooooo slow
  2. :drinks: :clapping: :rofl: :crazy: :good: :spiteful: :lol: :hi: :yahoo: yey viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii welcome
  3. not need to mention your ingame name, we see it on your profile on the left, btw next time when forget to say something, its better to edit post than to post new one, ty hmm, were you able to add friends before, did you do same thing i told lady isolda to do?
  4. [quote name='dst' post='18119' date='Oct 9 2008, 12:04 PM']Because I don't really like the idea of opening a new topic for each new player that wants to say hello.[/quote] well i agree with you @storm: i dont get it are you talking about innocent ppl pr about innocent as player name
  5. just like i said i am using ff2 on linux, it is all ugly because opacity in ie and other browser arent coded in same way, mur was lazy on this matter he coded this game to work best with ie (yes i know bad decision) to me everything is okey except flash opacity, and this battle windows poping out, i had this problem only with first window at beginning of game and no more in short: this game works best with ie (i am asking myself how much money does mickey$oft gives to mur for making this game working best with m$ ie), and has a bad support on other browsers
  6. welcome here is a procedure howto play this game: became my adept and login once in each 5 days and thats all just kidding
  7. ubuntu sucks, gnome sucks, i am using slax btw it doesnt matter much which os are you using i wonder which browser are you using now and which were you using on xp
  8. [quote name='mishadowst' post='17717' date='Oct 3 2008, 01:29 AM']when you stop saying no one and find other things to say instead for fear of confusing people that your talking about No One[/quote] same thing with I Am Bored
  9. [quote name='Yami no Sakura' post='17711' date='Oct 3 2008, 12:18 AM']Time to revive this with another MD-moment that slipped out of Saki's mouth the other day. xD You know you've been on MD too much when... ...You tell your friends that your MindPower 3 player still has 34.8 Metal Bunnies of freespace left.[/quote] :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: this was good, omfg roflmao
  10. well thats a kind of problem from player to player, since everyone has its own style of writing, some player are writing story that looks like monologue (like you did), some are describing, some are writing novel-like story, etc thats way i see myself as a bad feedback, but generally i like almost anyones story
  11. oo sjecam te se jos iz onog razgovora u chatu eh ljepo od tebe kaj si se potrudil oko price to ti se tu jako cijeni i igraj tu ulugu u igri koju si si opisal u prici, nisa procital cijelu pricu, preduga je duza je i od moje a ja imam jednu od najduzih prica i igri samo pazi da ti prica bude nekak povezana s igrom i sve pet nisam sad bas siguran oko kojeg warhammera se prica vrti, al uglavnom mora ti prica biti sredena da bude nekak povezana s ovom igrom, nadam se da kuzis kaj mislim ak trebas pomoc oko neceg samo me pitaj i zabavi se s ovom igrom, a i ova igra je po meni i po mnogo dru
  12. manually refresh your tab or logout then login, click second icon in left menu, bellow chat you will see link named friends, so click it to see your friends list, to add a friend you need to find that player in online list or chat in any location, when you see him click his name, to the right of chat you will his infos as always and new thing will be link that adds that player to your buddy list, so click it to add him/her after that you can click on your friends list and he/she will appear in it
  13. ~public warning, you guys get OT (offtopic) you have already a thread about it, get back on topic or someone will get real warning, ty
  14. i had much more than 52 rounds against npcs (like 78 or 72, cannt remember) anyway it isnt the same to get that much number of rounds against npc and human player, it is very hard to get that against human player, and i dont know what was dst's point
  15. i like it fojar then just to add at least one more mp level with this principles and it will be ultra super
  16. is it possible to read whole story from the beginning, the thing is that i began playing 5 days before, and now i am traped in story mode for mp4 and i am bored, i like the story so i want to read it while i have nothing else to do
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