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  1. my point was that revival/kill items were supposed to spawn at drach lair, and there was supposed to be a way for anybody to acquire charm in some way, this still aint implemented

    i wasnt sayin that somebody needs to get charm now and go there and pick revive up, since its not done yet, but seems like some folks missunderstood mine post

  2. wait.... yeah death thingy aint finished yet, true but why nobody pushed that feature in development focus? ya all wanted yoar lovely worthless citizenship label to be sticked on yoar forehead rather than seein broken things fixed and unfinished things done, murry said that from "now" on death/revive items will be common, that there would be a way for everyone to get access to melodic charm (or w/e is the name) and with that one could access drach lair and acquire revive item, but this part of story aint implemented yet, and ya all forgot about it, so did murrey

    if ya wonderin how could that help ppl that are already dead? well simply one of their friends do the task of acquire charm, visit drach lair, get item and revive, or in otherwords roleplay "white knight comes to rescue" mission

  3. [quote name='Karak' timestamp='1339411055' post='114339']
    ... recognised for our contribution. though the votes of public support tell us we are valued ....

    unsure about wut contribution ya talkin about, i noticed ... none, i guess i am wrong about this since i cant see lr internal things nor do i notice minor unimportant stuff if any (talkin about last 6 months, havent seen anythin done by coe)

    moreover, yoar public support... well half of them are tryin to be nice and/or combat "competition", just like when politicians are collectin signups for their candidature, folks dunt really sign it up cuz of them, they sign it mainly cuz they dunt like that other dude more than him so they go on to help the lesser of two evils so to speak, in this case md players wanna act nice and hate all that ally takeover mambo jambo, tryin to make open revolt against ally takeovers, and show support to alliances that suffered takeover cuz they fear they could be next to suffer same fate

    i wonder how much of TRUE supporters ya have

  4. i dont understand wut are folks talkin about this, rp and fightin part of same thing

    rp is fightin, fightin is rp, both in its own way, thing is ppl in here tend to focus mainly only on one aspect of game, and for them this one aspect of game is whole game, so yeah ty for stoppin by and enjoyin only 5% of whole game

  5. eh? so how does yoar USA works then? one state has those rules other has that bla bla bla and it all works well

    constitution is constitution, the highest law, if xxx territory is some sort of union/federation/confederation or w/e else there is, each state can have its own laws as long as they dont conflict with constitution they have in common

  6. 3 players min in ally is good rule, but those members should be also active to certain minimalistic degree

    but in this i have to adress certain aspect of game so it might seem as off topic but it aint

    ya all need to rememeber that alliances are made for specific combar purpose and that guilds are build on same system, that purpose is lost, combat is totally different and now for long time already ally membership limits combat, that needs to be changed, coz currently players are regularly leavin and rejoinin ally cuz of that, which is again fault of bad combat system

    yoar 3rd player wasnt in ally cuz of combat (as much as i understood from above posts) and mur caught ya with 2 members and bam, so... bad luck

    rule is good, but i would like to see more limitations on activity, not just min members required rule, and leadership of allys need to get better method than prot loyalty

    if ya are less than 3 players, ya can be wut ever ya want but ya aint officially recognized ally

  7. dynamic ip means it gets swapped over time between user of same isp, meanin some dude that has same isp while he was on that ip that ya got, he did somethin bad so datacentar that is hostin md has banned him from their network

    or somethin of that sort happened

    in otherwords, it most likely aint yoar fault but somebodys else

  8. [quote name='DarkRaptor' timestamp='1339020101' post='113798']
    Liberty i did not mean resources.. i mean items.. like Silver Coins.. gold.. etc

    well if ya read mine post, second paragraph explains why it is like that with coins >_> but i am gonna repeat myself

    murry wants ya all to have feelin how much ya pay/give away etc rather than just see number, its like comparin payment done with credit card and cash, payin with cash.... gives ya actual feelin that ya paid with xxx amount of bills that have yyy value, while credit card, ya just see ya paid yyyyy value

  9. [quote name='DarkRaptor' timestamp='1339017891' post='113784']
    Add a "quantity" field to the transfer item option.
    This quantity should also be accounted in the chat to avoid spam AND on the logs to avoid log spam.

    (Nowadays the use of cauldrons ruin the availability of the log even when you have 300 records...)

    similar as chew said above

    items cant split becoz they are actually one, when ya have 50 water in inventory ya actually have 1 water that can be used 50 times :P

    as for coins and such, its also designed cuz mur wanted ya folks to have a feelin how much ya give away by transfering them individually

    but... about log records i agree they are flooded

  10. well chew we all know thats true, but imo why would it stay that way? md population dropped so gettin team assembled bacame bigger issue, then we have how much translations? 7 languages, english and romanian was initially there they just get tweaked over time so we dont really count that, so 5 translations teams did work from scratch till end, how much teams signed up for job and quit? 10? 15? 20? one person if he has time, determination and if he is up to the job, he can do that same work probably with more success and under lower time frame

    only problem i can see why mur would want team is that single person might not be competent enough, since bein bulgarian and speakin and writin bulgarian fluently isnt enough, its still highly prone to mistakes in translations, especially to parts of translation where it falls down to convey the sense rather than just plain literal translation

    but then again, if ya are writer, translator or ya teach bulgarian language i dunt see why ya wouldnt be allowed to translate alone

  11. bfh would do good job on mp6 i am sure, only thing i wonder about is, dude do ya have that much free time for all this :D

    [quote name='SkyArmy' timestamp='1338971394' post='113568']
    I wish Amoran K Kol back to MP6, she is good and helpful one. I miss [color=#ff0000]HIM[/color]

    sorry but.... AAAAAA???????? O.o

    explain plz

  12. [quote name='Tom Pouce' timestamp='1338932062' post='113529']
    So if i understand instead of having a mp3 cap that is suppose to be stroonger that beat yournger mp3, it will be cap mp4 that is suppose to be stronger that beat younger mp4?
    ... seem to me its not a good change , remove chance on one player to chose to try at mp3 and force to do it at higher level ...

    By same reasonning, remove it from mp4 .... as its capped stronger mp4 that pick on younger less strong mp4 .... force it to be only mp5 ...


    mp4 has no heat cap, ya can lower heat at mp4 and train endlessly

  13. oh also, wut if ya have vista/7 and want to listen to youtube, ya still cant mute firefox :P

    and easy thing to code for this is relative thing in this case, it is simple to add mute thingy, but problem comes if all sounds are controlled from single place or not, i think thats not the case this time

  14. well then, back then, there was no inventory items, no coins, i remember times when there was no wps, rather rpc logs were instead, when there was mainland, underground and mda, some folks in here remember even when there was no loreroot, so tell me if world was that small back then, there would be no use of visc no? :D

    also now tools have loyalty req so yeah we need that too to use them, no to say that land loyalty was implemented AFTER tools got implemented so yoar argument in here is invalid, i am vet, you know mine history with mb land? well i have no mb loyalty

    back then there was no limitation for mp3 creats cuz folks didnt holded level, once they were capped they went up, once folks realized that they can stay at mp3 with nice creats and woop others ass, that limitation was put in place, and those that had those creats on mp3 were forced to move up, since those creats couldnt be used anymore at mp3

    there was ALWAYS xp cap

    yeah alts were encouraged but those that abused them in ways ya describe got banned, that was never allowed

    exploration is meant to be slow, so is walkin, shadowseeker is golden chicken when it comes to wealth, he got up there without tools, later tools boosted him up even further, ask around and ya will see that tools aint only money makers around

    oh and fyi i plan to start from scratch this game with nothin, already have everythin planned out just no time :P and tell ya i see i would do just nicely, i would do same thing i did back then, no difference, same money donations to boost me up a bit, gonna save some time since i already know things, so it would be even easier for me, only problems are lack of time and no joy in doin things ya already know how and what to do

  15. i didnt neg reped yoar post, but imo its still bad idea, why?

    yoar suggestions will lead to make md faster paced game, well md is meant to be slow paced game, thats all i can say about yoar suggestion

    it isnt problem on what ya suggest, rather is problem that ya suggest change on wrong way

    viscosity is god given thing and it should have been there since beginning

    makin newbs move faster, makin newbs gets items easily will lead to as i already said to faster pace of game, and also make alts again more common, with recent restrictions, alts are nuw used minimally, only few of us remained who actually play alts without havin them for some profit but rather for our own joy, so i dont want to see folks usin alts to go here and there faster, nor would i like to see fresh alts hoardin shared items

    and also, why would newbs move faster anyway, thats somethin that comes earned by veterancy or by trade (tea), that suggestion is equal to "hey lets make genetically modified babies that will run marathon before they start crawlin"

  16. i second this

    ajax response on this aint that accurate and is slow, and reload is poor solution

    in addition it would be nice to have same button for regen timer too, since it usually bugs up as well and maybe even same button for ve/vp/ap/exp thingy

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