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  1. hmm as much as i know 3 pyramids of same volume can make one cube just a random thought
  2. sakky nice theory very good one, i like it, but one thing is unanswered, and that is connection with mount kellethas
  3. i am wondering which nasty thing have ya done
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    [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3487&hl="]pms arrangement for lhos and rpcs[/url]
  5. yea i have done more or less same thing like one month ago, but i didnt gained that much stats
  6. its all old stuff which are...... most likely false as for akasha and shade sentinel, well we didnt heard from her becoz she stopped playing now she is back so you may want to ask her more about it ingame, and i dont think that person who plays akasha plays shade sentinel, and even if she does plays both accounts we cant refer to akasha as shade sentinel and vise verse, same thing with mur and knatty and with me and my libs, when i play as Liberty, i am Liberty damn it, when i play as one of libs then i am one of them, i am not Liberty then, when i play as bunny then i am bunny, end of stor
  7. yes kinda yes i like it, well few minor unimportant things.... nvm also there is another possibility, why would loreroot high command sent out just like that young squad of warriors with such a precious cargo? maybe it was a bait ^^ again assumption, and we have in this topic lots of assumptions, and questions is what is true
  8. oke so lets think a bit about it, why akasha and alche didnt got the book? hmm its somehow mystery, all i know is that cube/book protects its self, but also lets think a bit again about it, why cube, whats inside it? well inside it is what you put into it, if we look at cube which angien "pulled out of ground and smashed it to release/create our realm" then other cube golemus brothers used to create golem, but cube went unstable and golemus golemicarum was result, so in both cases cubes lost their shape/stability and created new world or new part of it, so in order to do something li
  9. thats all weak unsupported assumptions, dont you think so? well akasha didnt lost her papers, she would freak out if she did and thats the weak interpretation as well, since he holds one paper and he says he needs 6 more, he already has one, and he needs six more, i dont understand whats in here so hard to understand
  10. yea 6 papers and 10 principals, lol, whats with 4 more principals? and al page 145 says there are 7 also there are 7 pyramids on ground of mount kelethas, wot ya never been there? too bad and you readed it very badly look here [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=1794"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=1794[/url] i will copy it here for you, its in top of first post Ok, so, im at the top of the mountain, its been a looong journey. Now i see the same Akasha saw, 7 pyramids and one floating high above a fire. Each pyramid has a shrine insid
  11. after akasha took 6 papers, when alche arrived he also found 6 papers, again, book protects its self as said earlier, and i believe that 7th paper was in that cube and shades somehow got it and why 7 papers.... i think i know answer on that one too
  12. well that is not important how i know where it is well its said that some shades were tamed in golemus, so there is some way for them to get in so i think that cube contained one of this 7 papers, and 6 were already up there at mount kelethas
  13. oh shadowseeker you was faster than me i was just going to post something similar [spoiler]glowing stone is in inner necro, east of deathmarrow and south of tunnel of war and north of caves of torment, [/spoiler]junior should go there also i found this al page interesting as well Page 172 [2008-08-19 04:10:47 - The Shade Ballance - Alc. Sh.] A figure gathers from darkness and its mind connects to the other shades in the realm. "Master, a human used the Kelle'tha pyramid..". "I know, but i dont think he is a human anymore. We might need him, if not on our side then
  14. oke now lets take a look at something really extreme ^^ now i am number [u][i][b][size=2]1[/size][/b][/i][/u] with loyalty ingame, not like last time when mur and simply had more, now i have more than they do and they got theirs.... well you know how [img]http://img509.imageshack.us/img509/640/loyaltyyq6.png[/img]
  15. nooo, if i do then i will need to start losing xp again
  16. oh i thought you can do it better i am disappointed
  17. udgard at least you should know it you are playing on mp3 also, arent you? well there have been some serious xp sucking like 50k per battle, guys lost all exp they ever had, so what do you think about that
  18. thats normal ^^ or better said nothing you got it becuz you lost xp, opponent knew what s/he was doing
  19. no no no, he was mp7 (bah you ruined my secret ) but he is now mp1 ^^ and yes i picked him for protector back then when illusion test were about to start or when they already started, not sure on this one EDIT: mp7 is illusion now and cant be chosen for prot, cuz mp6s are now prots, not mp7s anymore
  20. .....you come in church to pray but then it comes to your mind dang i dont have heat
  21. [img]http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/9577/manusv9.png[/img] [img]http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/3853/ap2ud4.png[/img] oke first one is extreme becuz he is mp1 XD and he never was mp6 second one, well its obvious, i think i got over 1k but if i had then i accidentally erased that pict and they are cut out to just this details becuz of so many reasons
  22. oh not bad, thats nice for sure mp3 brute force against loreroot guard [spoiler]hmm try burst and 100 combo rit against second guard [/spoiler]
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