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  1. give us a real example of this chat thats going on and to you seams not understandable so then i will see what the problem is and try to explain you some things

    i think it is just because you yet dont know lots of players, you dont know what shorthand (like ve, vp, etc) means, and you are familiar with AL and other players stories and their behavior

  2. hmmm very interesting.....
    i think that this new guy maybe asked some of this questions that reveals spoilers, but then someone should warn him, also funny thing is that i once ran into a guy that didnt know how to read pm, ah lol, and he left before i had chance to explain

    about live help button, yea sometimes it is very likely that some of lho gets idle and messages are still delivered to him (thats really a bug) an then when he gets back he got a LOT messages to replay to, similar thing happened to me, i sent a message via live help button when i was starting and i got replay next day

  3. its a big minus to new player if he doesnt know how to use a big glowing button that says: "Live Help" :)

    also maybe someone pmed this players to answer their questions, maybe they asked something that isnt allowed (answer could give out spoiler), there could be lots of reasons, it is rare to see that older player isnt helping new one, very very rare in this game :P

    well talking about ale and other fun stuff :) at winds sanct you can very often see windspirit08 she is playing a role with her magic pub :) and thats way lots of fun non-sense staff is going on there

    look it isnt just playing your own role, you will get in touch with others and participate in theirs roles/stories

  4. you arent right, every new player has its own chance to participate in there and it isnt so hard to figure it out whats all about, just get out there and start talking non sense things XD i saw there lots of new players role playing there in chat

    EDIT: i forget to better explain, participating in chat rp (role play) will get you noticed among other players much faster and will help you a lot to build relationships with others, so not participating in chat could take you to a longer path of getting noticed

  5. well thats a kind of problem from player to player, since everyone has its own style of writing, some player are writing story that looks like monologue (like you did), some are describing, some are writing novel-like story, etc

    thats way i see myself as a bad feedback, but generally i like almost anyones story

  6. hmm i dont talk much in chat either, and still i am a pwr, chat can be vital and still it doesnt have to be, you can get noticed without chat, but not likely, this chat role play shows out some of your personal acts and behavior but it isnt needed to play a role, well you will need to talk from time to time in chat :blink: no matter do you like it or not

    i think that lots of players will disagree with me that chat isnt that much important, well i think that how player acts in situations is more important than he acts in chat :D but well it depends from player to player or better said from role to role

    i hope that i helped you this time

  7. every role needs a goal, without goal there isnt role, role without goal is just a story or an useless identity or biography or call it as you wish, but it isnt a real role

    you can write into your story anything you wish, but that story needs to have a goal and it needs to be connected with this game, you cant write in it that you are a taxi driver or something like that lol

    in this story you describe your identity, so when you role play, if in your story you are hmmm lets say a guardian of something then you cant go against it, lets say if you are in story dedicated to guard paper cabin then you cant get out there and in chat write something like this: *takes torch and burns down paper cabin*

    in short: you need to behave in chat just like you described in your papers and you need to do everything that helps to achieve your goal, for example if someone cames with torch and you are guarding paper cabin you need to attack him, i think you get it

  8. oo sjecam te se jos iz onog razgovora u chatu

    eh ljepo od tebe kaj si se potrudil oko price to ti se tu jako cijeni i igraj tu ulugu u igri koju si si opisal u prici, nisa procital cijelu pricu, preduga je :) duza je i od moje a ja imam jednu od najduzih prica i igri :)
    samo pazi da ti prica bude nekak povezana s igrom i sve pet :blink: nisam sad bas siguran oko kojeg warhammera se prica vrti, al uglavnom mora ti prica biti sredena da bude nekak povezana s ovom igrom, nadam se da kuzis kaj mislim

    ak trebas pomoc oko neceg samo me pitaj i zabavi se s ovom igrom, a i ova igra je po meni i po mnogo drugih ljudi najbolja igra na netu

    malo nas je al nas ima
    nije vazno srusit cemo snove svima :D

  9. eh eh eh, i say it is good that not everyone has avatar, let me explain, when you are going to attack someone you click his name then if he has avatar you automatically look at it and while attacker (you) click on it to get further to the attack button it gives you additional time like 0,5-3 seconds (attacker needs to be really amazed by avatar to keep looking at it for whole 3 secs, thats way you need avatar that is a masterpiece of artwork ^^ or at least 0,5 secs to click it and get as fast as you can to attack button) and defender will escape, so after all, having avatar gives you less chance to get hit while walking around in MD world :)) from my point of view this is just TOOOOOO huge advantage since to me it is the worst thing that can happen, to get killed while moving, so if you have avatar and you are hunting someone less chance you can get hit by someone else and bigger chance that you will hit someone you are hunting if he doesnt have avatar

  10. 1)no morrel is my protector i saw he is mp5 now too, wtf happened to all protectors :s
    2)my all creats were fully alive before i went idle, when i was back all rits were alive, no battles happen at all, nothing happen just my creats all fully dead :s and nobody didnt even touched me :S
    3)i heard why if it is because of [spoiler]EB[/spoiler] well, when i get it and when i attack and win this fights are shown in my battle log
    4)i dont have battle logs from it anymore, too late
    5)nop ritual didnt get under 301, when i got dead for no reason after comming back from idle mode, i healed my creats, and i looked up, rits were alive and i used them for attack, but when i got attacked instead of def rit i got random rit -_-

  11. when i looked in my todays achievements i see that i lost my protector??? wtf

    also i was idle and there was no attack at me, no lost heads, no destroyed def rits, but all my creats were dead ;) :s

    more, when some alliance member attacks me and i lose, that fight doesnt appear in my fight log, and lots of strange things also happen

    when i do damage enemy creats and my creats arent even touched i got "retreated" fight outcome, wtf also when i do more damage to enemy than he does to me also retreaded outcome, but not always, it happens sometimes

    and when i set my def rit with more than 301 vit i still get random rit :s

    so is this a bug or not :s

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