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  1. the developer did support idea of dojo, what do you think how did this player got theirs titles? players on "the list" are this that ARE AWARE of dojo but dont want to listen to rules of community, also this players that are part of dojo staff will later get ability to forbid attack option of this player that dont follow the rules inside of dojo

    i dont get it what you wanted to say with this to stop posting names of repeated offenders since they know about rules and they keep breaking them, you call this discrimination? O.o so for example, a guy is a serial killer, you caught him, and instead of putting him in jail you would set him free to kill more ppl, sry but thats what you said, that you dont like that others who respect rules of dojo hunt this which are disrespecting dojo rules (that means killing players which respect it), it think you should reconsider what did you said

    you suggested to make this about dojo the game rule, well that cant be done, punishment for breaking game rules is to get banned, and if you break dojo rules, why in hell you should get banned? since there are some players which play dark/evil role for example

    for now only way of punishment for this that break rules is to hunt them down, as i said later it will be implemented that this player which break rules will be unable to attack

    considering all this what you said, you would like to break dojo rules and go unpunished, or maybe you rushed toooooooo much about your opinions

    next time before you start giving some heavy critics on something, get informed about it first, i mean get really good infos and explore/examine more how things work

  2. well there is problem with mp4s too, but look the main problem with mp3 about dojo is that when ppl get out of story mode they appear in dojo, and they are not aware of it, so they start attacking, anyway how could they be aware of it if they just started playing

    hmm there is always something new to learn, even lots of mp5s dont know some things, but there are always ppl which play this game more and are older players, so they are much more experienced, fresh mp5 still has to learn some things, since each mp level is different, also dojo isnt much of school, there you can learn simple things that new players need to learn, dojo is more like training ground

  3. as title says it all, here is a proof (picture) and omegaweapon is rpc but he isnt showed on list


  4. [quote name='Cirith' post='17910' date='Oct 5 2008, 02:34 PM']Hmm i know that problem, i don`t discuss complicated subjects on english cause it can take some time to formulate complex thoughts in english (and I lost interest in most philosophical topics anyway.). Reading is easy, writing abstact thoughts can be annoying.[/quote]

    you got the point, i was trying to say this all the time, but i didnt know how to say it in this "easy to write and understand" way

    hmm abbreviations arent problem to me, i know tons of them

  5. yesterday i had a "devil's talk" (you know when player is taunting you and then persuading you to come on the dark side (we have cookies lol) and when you refuse then they act offended and are playing/acting like they are victim) with one player, and it was a big problem for me to replay to him correctly (and still i was pissed off because of rl, yea i have rl problems lately, i almost quite playing this game, but i didnt) so this just frustrated me more, i came to talk about something else (i wrote in my logs that i dont want ppl to write in it, and he wrote in there that he wants to talk with me lol, is that normal, well normal player would sent a pm not spam in other players log, i sent him pm twice but he didnt replayed, so this time i asked him in chat) then he ignored that, attacked me and started his own topic (mentioned in start of this post), i didnt know how to say lots of things i had to say, so my only answer was attack

    btw i dont like that logs are public, its okey to me that logs can be viewed by all, i just dont like reading my own logs, so i want them clear

  6. [quote name='Burns' post='17873' date='Oct 4 2008, 11:17 PM']One wouldn't realize you are no native talker when reading your posts^^
    My mother tongue is German, i started learning English 8 years ago, and i have some problems with the phrases of the language, too, because those i know are different from those that are used in english...-.-

    the short messages in chat help me a lot, reading those short and simple sentences is far easier than reading novels or stories, but sometimes i get frustrated when trying to solve the riddles round here, i just don't get what they are saying xD

    i think i can say whatever i need to say, but sometimes it takes me a bit longer too find the right words and most of the time it sounds somehow stupid, but i don't mind at all, even the best make mistakes sometimes, pobodys nerfect or something like that :P[/quote]

    yea you understand me, this problem came out to me when i started to play this game, this game requests better understanding of english, lots of topics and lots of theories are very mind-wise, i was never at any english forum that is that much mind-wise and requires so much explaining theories, since if i want to talk with smart ppl i have some very good forums that are in my mother language

    this problem isnt so much seen in theories i write in forum and in other places, since it isnt real time communication, i have time as much as i want to tell something, to reedit things, this is so much of a problem in chat, when i need to say something very fast, and i dont know how to say it, which words to choose, would i be understood, etc

  7. oke, i have this problem for a long time already, and finally it came to this that i opened topic about it, so lets start

    lots of times when i read someone is talking in chat or on forum, and then i want to replay, i know that i have something good to say, i know what you want to say, but i dont know how to say it, or i say it but everyone understood it in wrong way

    it is really frustrating to me when this occurs, the problem is that english isnt my mother language, so i dont know all phrases, lots of words, how to say things i want to say in right way, in short i am not so profficient in speaking english

    if everyone could understand my native language (huh, just an example) that would be great, then i would be able to say many many more things about lots of topics, but since i cant do that, i feel like i am stupid

    does someone else have this problem, say it here, i want to hear your opinions and experiences

  8. yea glaistig has the point, i agree with that

    you just wont see me writing something between asteriks and talking where chat is flooded with that kind of garbage, thats very rare to see me there, i just speak about the game, i never speak about rl, i speak about things thats are actual right now (AL) and what to do about it, etc, for me rp is doing something, decisions and acts in some situations, thats rp, chating isnt rp

  9. just like i said i am using ff2 on linux, it is all ugly because opacity in ie and other browser arent coded in same way, mur was lazy on this matter :P he coded this game to work best with ie (yes i know bad decision)

    to me everything is okey except flash opacity, and this battle windows poping out, i had this problem only with first window at beginning of game and no more

    in short: this game works best with ie (i am asking myself how much money does mickey$oft gives to mur for making this game working best with m$ ie), and has a bad support on other browsers

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