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  1. not need to mention your ingame name, we see it on your profile on the left, btw next time when forget to say something, its better to edit post than to post new one, ty

    hmm, were you able to add friends before, did you do same thing i told lady isolda to do?

  2. that would be a way too much in my opinion (creature branches)

    and huh no way to get creats leveled up just by losing, so i could by creats and go around spam attacking others and in no time my creats are ready to level up, just to age them huh, and to remove xp cap and allow gaining xp for dead creats in lost fights, uffff mp8 here i am :D

  3. well you are a lawyer, you see rules from different point of view thats for sure, i will tell you what i know and what i think about this

    first off all i dont know much about this, so i cant give you full answer on everything you said

    if i understood you good enough, dojo rules are to you part of game rules, but a less important ones, rules put by mur (game creator and developer) are also part of game rules but this rules are main rules, well from my point of view, mur's rules are only one game rules in there, i consider dojo rules (no matter what power dojo staff has) as society rules

    so when i said that dojo rules wont became part of game rules i meant on rules set by mur

    i think you get it what i mean, i hope others will answer to your other part of post

  4. [quote name='dst' post='18119' date='Oct 9 2008, 12:04 PM']Because I don't really like the idea of opening a new topic for each new player that wants to say hello.[/quote]

    well i agree with you

    @storm: i dont get it are you talking about innocent ppl pr about innocent as player name

  5. yea you are right to ask me to apologize, and yep i am busy and yep i really have some very serious problems irl (only few ppl knew that until now) which cant be solved just like that, it has been going on already i think for two weeks, and this isnt first time someone saw me like this, you guys all know that i suck a bit at explaining and i think this was key for this miss understanding, but i tried to explain everything as best as i could, maybe it wasnt so understandable but it was explanation

    [quote]I don't care who you are, and I care even less who you think you are.[/quote]
    well anyway who cares? nobody cares, no matter is that i or someone else

    [quote]You think I owe you respect just because you have some kind of title next to your nickname?[/quote]
    similar answer like above one, respect isnt gained in a way of showing achievements or anything else, it is gained by rightful acts with some person, i am not sure if i explained this good though, but i think you got point

    no its just a luck i began playing game before you, time is just a small advantage which later can be easy to overpass, at least this game works in that way, btw i didnt got my title in a way you think i got it

    also by your acts i would say that this is one of your first forums you got on, if not i wonder why dont you know that first you need to search and read every possible source that can give you an answer to what you are looking for or is it (the thing you want to talk) maybe somewhere mentioned already, when you got through all sources of info (well it doesnt take much time, max 20 mins if they are LOTS of infos, you have search button to help you) then you ask for a clue or post what you though is important and if you are unsure of it you are supposed to ask in ps or btw section of your post is it already mentioned before, also you knew that i suck at explaining because i saw your replay in that topic, so you was supposed to try a bit harder to understand what i was trying to say you all the time, ofc that was one of reason you pissed me off, knowledge can be obtained by many other ways, not just by asking, it is mainly obtained by researching, exploring and reading

    i didnt tried to say that your observation should be discarded i was trying to say that it was already seen and suggested a way to fix it, the same one you suggested

    at first i thought you were younger, now i am not sure, and i dont care, lets face it there are some kids that are 12 years old and they act like adults, they are talking wisely, they act like adult person should act, etc, also i saw some adults that are about 24 years old but they still act like kids, about this is a much deeper conversation which i dont have time to talk about, but its true, so age isnt important, as much as i saw from your acts i can only say you are a young lawyer, there is lots of things i could told you about where i think you are wrong but i dont have time and i want this conversation to over because we got a way toooooo away from topic

    hmm i cant say for sure what we will get to solve this kind of problem about dojo, but lets face it, if we get only a information system, well almost every player would know about it, but still there will be this which will not respect dojo rules, so wouldnt that mean that punish system is more important that information system, and btw this new "punish" system that will be implemented wont actually punish ppl, since it would just permit then to attack in dojo, and dojo is a training area, not slaughter area, this that dont use dojo why they should disturb others which use it? it like (not same) fighting school but, students there wont kill each other, but it can happen to injure each other, what if school isnt guarded/protected some maniac could get in just like that and start killing students trying to prove himself by killing all this students that he is lets say almighty karate warrior, this is just a example, probably a bad one, but it still shows my point what i want to say, and remember we arent in courtroom so if i say something a little wrong thats not a big deal cause everyone gets what i meant, while in courtroom every little thing can be a "wind of change"

    [quote]Disagree. It would be pretty much a game rule not to attack in dojo if the developer gave those powers to dojo staff.[/quote]

    i still dont get this, so what if you dont want to follow rules, you attack players, dojo staff permits you to attack, when spell wears off, later you came back when there is no dojo staff online and attack again, i still dont see it as problem, btw i think it will work in that way, but dont believe me much because i dont know it, it just an assumption

  6. [quote name='maggot' post='18083' date='Oct 9 2008, 01:57 AM']So argumentative. Liberty, as moderator of the forums, you ought to be more patient and try to aid communication, which is the purpose of the forums, rather than become upset and annoyed. As a LHO, you ought to help this new player understand something if you acknowledge that he doesn't understand something.[/quote]

    well if i need to repeat same thing ten times and if player is too lazy too look around, well who wont get upset, i tried to explain everything as best as i can though

    [quote]I disagree with you (Liberty) when you say the dojo is only society rule even if the developer plans to give special powers.. it is community-operated, but if the game developer gives dojo staff a power other players do not have to make players conform to the dojo, he is explicitly creating game rules regulating behavior around the dojo: you cannot attack in the dojo, and there are dojo moderators that will ensure you cannot do that.[/quote]

    dojo staff dont have this power yet, when it gets it, they would be like you said, dojo "moderators", when they get that powers, other players wont be needed to watch out/hunt others which are breaking dojo rules, it would all be MUCH more simple and only dojo staff would be needed to take care about it, also, when dojo staff get that powers, there wont be this "list" anymore

    [quote]I think Vaul's ideas about implementing things to make the dojo areas official is logical as long as the dojo is going to be game enforced. He is only suggesting, though, do not be so upset...[/quote]

    all that has been suggested lots of times before

    [quote]What bugs me right now is that[color="#FF0000"] some moderators are using their powers to enforce[/color] the dojo onto players who do not wish to comply with the community-created organization. If Vaul should wait until the dojo is officially endorsed to suggest his ideas for that time, then you should wait until the dojo is officially endorsed before using your powers granted by the game for moderating, a different purpose. That's abuse of powers for your own interest, and in the meanwhile you're taking away the freedom of people who don't even use the dojo and have no obligation to recognize it. The dojo is still not regulated by the game, as I understand it.[/quote]

    ;) what??? i dont know what about are you talking, forum mods or what???

  7. did you readed this? did you readed posts in new ideas subforum?

    [quote name='dst' post='18047' date='Oct 8 2008, 02:08 PM']Vaul, you need to understand that all those features will be available in time. The developers have huuuge lists of things to do. And believe me that those things are much more important then this.And it's up to us, players to deal with those problems. So please stop complaining about this!
    And for your information there are no developers, but 1 (one) developer. He cannot do all the things the players want. At least not in a blink of an eye. Be patient![/quote]

    vaul, this what you suggest, to put a sign in dojo so everyone can read it, or to send message every new player to inform him about dojo, etc, was suggested a hundred times already, and we will see what we will get

    [quote]Who are you anyway?[/quote]
    i will act like i didnt readed that

  8. [quote name='Vaul' post='18060' date='Oct 8 2008, 06:54 PM']So you're saying that it will be a game rule after all? But above you said it can't be done? What do you mean, I'm confused?[/quote]

    i told you that you dont get it how things work here, i am not even surprised about that, i wont explain it to you, you need to learn how role play system works here, no it wont became game rule, it will stay society rule, but developer will help society to uphold this rules by them selfs (by giving dojo staff that ability)

    [quote]I said no such thing. I'm a big supporter of the dojo, and I have never attacked anyone in the dojo area. To be honest, actually I did, when I first entered the area after the first story mode. I had no idea it was a dojo, I was new and everything was confusing. The IDEA of a dojo never even occurred to me. I was lucky someone had politely told me in a PM, and I am grateful that no one was angry because of my ignorance. And that's why I'm suggesting a more active informing mechanism, because if there wasn't for that polite person who warned me, I could have easily got to one of the lists and be "hunted" for it.[/quote]

    thats what i am telling you whole time, players cant get on that list, to get on that list, player needs to be warned first, and if after warning he continues to break rules, then we have no choice but to put him on list, so do you still think there are innocent players on the list??? do you still think there is a flaw in dojo system???

    and yes i am reading your posts

    why arent you listening to me, i told you to get more infos about topic you are criticizing, not to be rush, but it is like talking to a wall

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