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  1. i dont know much on rpc abuse and we wont talk here about it, if you wanna discuss that open new topic

    yea i agree, main dojo area (marble dale park) is toooooooo close to willows, now there are much more players at dojo than at willows, and its frustrating that players are RELAXING at dojo, more than 80% of them are there just to dont get killed, they are "abusing" dojo since they mainly use it as protection not as training place, so i dont wonder that lots of player get frustrated on that matter, also i agree that you dont have to be for dojo, you can be against, lets say ppl like STF and Jesous Faction (i am not sure of name) are one of oldest and strongest players which doesnt support dojo, so you new and weak ones which doesnt like dojo can talk to them and maybe get their protection from dojo enforcers, also there is some kind of anti dojo alliance so seeking them could also be of help to dojo haters

    i dont like two things about marble dale park as dojo area, in background is that frustrating music and it is too close to willows so 50% of players do jump ins for hit&run, so they get one kill at willows and they are instantly back at dojo for protection, thats another dojo abuse

    well dont get me wrong i am a big supporter of dojo but i really dont like that two big abusing problems of dojo
    1)80% doesnt train at dojo they use it as sanct (calyx tried to stop this by allowing attacks at idle players but it doesnt help much because it is at so crowded and popular location)
    2)50% do jump ins to willows so if you want to hunt that player down you need to break dojo rules and most players dont want to do it

    you wont see this problems at defensive quarters or road of battles, only at marble dale park, and why is that? because willows is so close to it, moving dojo to new location in marind bell would solve all problems, i think dojo was mainly put at marble dale park because when you get out of story mode you get into marble dale park, but this players ont benefit from dojo, and here all misunderstanding starts from point that they dont know about dojo and they want all kind of signs and alerts which tells them this is dojo

    in short it will be best for all that mur makes new location for dojo in marind bell, also glor damar is already working on artwork, so i hope it will be implemented very soon and i hope it wont be so close to all this crowded areas

  2. comments on maggot's suggestion rules:
    1) agreed, i have a bit of problem what is spoiler and what is not, this is first time in my moderation career that i have to handle with spoilers, i was always rule giver/spam destroyer/warning&ban giver
    2)well if we post which spoiler are allowed and which arent to public then we would give out spoilers by ourselfs, right?
    3)too rude for this kind of forum, so i disagree
    4)everyone should know what is offtopic, well if you arent talking about thing that topic subject tells you this topic is about, and this forum isnt so strict, that means users can get a bit offtopic, but there are limits ofc
    7)no petition, at least not against moderators, if you dont like how moderator does his job you fire complain to his superior
    8)disagreed, i say admins have right to write rules and moderator should write rules only if he/she get permission from admin, i asked for that permission few weeks ago, and i got it, the thing is i didnt wrote bigger and better rules because this forum isnt so strict as i mentioned already, this forum is just like any normal forum lots of things are allowed, its just that thing with this spoiler in which i am not so experienced, but as forum will grow there will be need of new better rules

    and btw i didnt saw new player complaining about spoilers, only old ones, i wonder why is that ?

  3. yea this problem is killing me, and i am in big dilema what to do i cant fight at all only against few alliance members, so no xp and no wins for me in long run, and still i get kicked by this non alliance.... ~censored by me~ players, like lightsage :P lucky he is now in alliance (eh ex necro leader in gg :P ) so if i attack non alliance player i get from -50 to -500 honor

    in short two more attacks on non alliance player and i am toasted

  4. [quote name='TheNinjunny' post='18837' date='Oct 24 2008, 08:36 PM']5)Ummm... No. I'd much rather See what Armor the Opponent has than what Avatar they have during Battle (this is the current System). And what RPCs have you seen that On?!? I know my Avatar doesn't show in Battle...[/quote]
    wodin and ren has avatar in fights, it could be that mp1s have avatar in fight

  5. yes i happens sometimes, so i dont remember how did i solved it, btw i am using ff2 so here is what i do to fix this fkng problem:
    first i refresh/reload (but as much as i remember it doesnt helps), so then i logout close MD tab in my browser i clear cache, restart browser and login again, after all this it must work normal (i think that it is even enough to logout and login, but not sure)

  6. [quote name='dst' post='18491' date='Oct 15 2008, 10:46 PM']Playing devils advocate here :)

    What if a real Richy Rich player comes and gives money for: making one player his/her adept, receiving the solution for quests/riddles/etc, pays another player to kill another one etc, etc?[/quote]

    then mur will became rich?? :D:P :lol: :(

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