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  1. i dont think that getting support from other ppl will help anyone to get his own alliance, its on mur to decide will someone get alliance or not, its ONLY HIS DECISION and nobodys else, so in my opinion this is a futile try, since you wont get alliance just like that, YOU need to do lots of work to achieve that

  2. riddles werent original, i could find them on google, solving picture puzzles takes too much time and its boring, i get that it is hard to make new original riddles in so little time but still....hmmmmm......i dont have any suggestions either, thus i like new AL expansion

  3. [quote name='awiiya' post='19489' date='Nov 5 2008, 06:01 AM']Well, seeing as the weapon is at the Path Keeper, then it would make sense that the weapon was created to guard against Marind Bell from crossing their borders.[/quote]

    you need some history lessons, so i will make them short

    marind bell and loreroot were once one land and later when separated marind bell was in alliance with loreroot and also was supporting them financially in war against golemus golemicarum, loreroot had shades problem, and marind bell was peaceful land

    so dont talk nonsense

  4. [quote]If I recall correctly from the Adventure Log, the MDA connects to this building[/quote]

    as much as i got from AL, it said that they thought they were in archives, since house of TT is actually a kind of archive, sage keep too, lore manor also, not sure for library in golemus, and in no mans land it is paper cabin

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