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  1. sabaot means over armies, lord god sabaot, meaning god is mightier than any army, ya can find this phrase in old testament which is logical, it was used to picture gods might, since back then in history always one or two armies ruled over whole known world, also ya can still hear this phrase during sunday mass as for that dude... umm lets see, he is drivin on train, most likely without any purpose just like mur, he likes those kind of concepts just like mur, hmm only thing that mur is missin is religious touch (but hey some of md players are already worshipin mur and also mur is considering
  2. new record from fresh mp3 to mp5, this was done in time of 4 hours, ya can check topic about it [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9929-a-show-of-force-episode-5-the-player-strikes-back/"]here[/url], account on which this was done is Justin Time.... symbolic name
  3. oke this is a tribute to murs show of force topics just to point out that i want to read murs next show of force which he said he would post but didnt, and just to show that players can show some force as well since i started playin md, casual player gets to mp5 in like 30-90 days time, for ppl that got to mp5 month time it was considered fast levelin, well let me show ya wots fast, i planned to get to mp5 in less than 3 hours but since not everythin went as planned so we did it under 4 hours mark still uber fast but let me tell ya this... theoretically its possible to get from freshly
  4. yeah tell me about it, i actually have around me several clocks with local time, but i use only the one inside md that has romanian time
  5. no no no no, i meant that i came in with new ip and it even said during regin that i will get 5 creds when i signup, idk why i didnt got them, and i dont care really coz i dont need them, i just wanted to point out how it happened to me although it could be some temp glitch or somethin, idk
  6. chewy, mur said that somewhere on forums, i saw it in dsts thread when seigh i think didnt wanted to send coins to no one so she dig up that murs post as for alts, there is no more 5 creds bonus, at least i didnt get it on new acc although it wasnt marked by alt system for whole two weeks, and as much as i can see in description of valuable metal orb it doesnt says it gives silver coins, although back then i did gave them
  7. bah... there is simple solution for this problem, ya ppl who make auctions should make dutch type of auctions, meaning ya start with very high price and then ya start lowering it, meaning sale would have only one bid, and as soon bid is made deal is done, and there wouldnt be any misunderstandings since bidder has no time to lose his money somewhere else while in this english auction type, after highest bid is made there is still a lot of time left to see if there is gonna be any higher bid, and in that time who knows wot can happen to highest bidder and his money
  8. what is this information discussion about?
  9. ah yes, tnx grido since i totally forgot, that was mine real reason for posting it
  10. ah rendril finally made it, it was about a time, when i first time met him and saw some of his work i thought he would take up rpc position mur offered for players papers coder but that position was never taken, also i expected to see him as a major bugfinder ingame, but in the end he passed a way beyond of mine expectations and thats just great
  11. i dont remember this post of mine, i dont remember that i posted that img, well actually at one time i had -300 rep
  12. I have also left Sword of Dazzling Light to Shadowseeker.
  13. unlike other mods who are global mods, fenrir was just a section mod, so he was lower in hierarchy
  14. maybe lho reward? i know mods small amount of creds per year, so i guess lhos do it too
  15. well i always wanted to perform sword slash inner magic with mine sword, and i just happen to have all 3 lvls so i should be able to make salami slices out of everything XD but since atm this isnt possible, i was thinking about prot-movelock lvl1, prot-nomulti lvl1, prot-freeze lvl3 and deals 20% (of max ve) damage to players actual ve, well since its sword its logical that opponent gets hurt thats why ve dmg, since mine sword has dazzling light aura it blinds opponent thats why movelock, but since in md fights are done with creats... then creats should be affected too, so 3 of them gets fre
  16. [quote name='Orlando Gardiner' date='17 January 2010 - 01:55 AM' timestamp='1263686150' post='52845'] I don't paticipate trough same reason as chewett does, no point. MB has no chance at all. [/quote] seconded
  17. yeah back then at that month i managed to get myself into deal for help gettin placed first, mrr was supposed to help me with mp3 heads, but i wasnt able to catch him up that often due to timezones i assume, and other allies from that month quit lightsage went to mp5 and mravenger, no idea wot happened with him, so i quit too since i alone had no chance against ya since ya was way stronger than me that month, anyway mrd said that i will get some help but it will be tough especially since ya went alone to win hc that month, so mine deal with him was after ya made your choice, also next month i
  18. chew not true, if ya get vict it doesnt necessarily means other dude will get defeat [quote] # ~~VICTORIOUS~~ (win+1) This type of outcome happens when both players lose at least 10% vitality and the difference between both oponents is at least 30%. The win gets counted with the win/loss ballance. # ~~DEFEATED~~ (loss+1) When the difference between the players is at least 90% and you lose, the lost fight gets counted with the win/loss ballance. [/quote] that means range of fights with outcomes from -10% vs 20% till -10% vs 79% (or -79% vs 10%) is always outcome that attacker gets vict
  19. why would mb be undefeatable, mb always had quality over quantity, and lifeline isnt a dude that have infinite ap and for sure he wont be online all the time during tc, so if he leaves mb, then dang.. others have 2-3h of time to score points, and wot happens when he isnt online? shush, yeah mb has some more great fighters which are able to do job just fine, but thing is they arent undefeatable in combat, so ya see, top fighter doesnt helps that much to turn the tides even in fair game, unlike all other things in md, torch competiton is only one afaik where one man doesnt makes an army also c
  20. [quote name='Lady Ailith' date='10 January 2010 - 03:32 PM' timestamp='1263130354' post='52410'] No, the biggest problem is that barely anyone participates, so people have to resort to point farming. If MB players participated, your capital would have a very good defence indeed. [/quote] wot bs is that? even when mb was in its best military edition ever, and that was around the time when torch was implemented, we tried torch best we could several times, and never scored a single point! then why to keep up? not enough ppl on our side to cover up tactical disadvantage, 10-15 ppl, if everyone
  21. nah mrs allow women, remember morgana?
  22. thanks everyone for your best wishes, i read them before but didnt wanted to reply before i was ready to announce this: As final part of mine heritage, mine Lib Army is now under leadership of Golemus Crown. Libs now reside inside Tempest Fort and they act as Royal Guard, also they were and will continue to be army dedicated to fight against shades. thats all from me, bye
  23. umm wot? O.o to punish rp raping? oke.... then tell me wot should we do about rp "physical" assaults and rp tries to kill someone, assault or murder is heavier crime than raping afaik, so... next time someone attacks ya and beats ya up with his drachs while ya are walking down the park speak with yas king and tell him to lock that guy in prison... yeah right... get real
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