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  1. [quote name='Granos' post='20136' date='Nov 17 2008, 06:32 PM']Best LHO

    Best LHO

    Least Convincing Alt

    Best Backstory

    Best Personal Papers

    Best PWR

    Most Vaulable Alliance[/quote]

    hmm lhos are that much popular now that you mentioned them 2 times O.O wow

    least convincing alts, yea i think my libs win here XD

    hmm backstory and papers, i dont want to submit my backstory to forum, i want everyone to read it in my papers, and it seams that i will need to do some make-up on my papers, i am soo lazy :))

    hmm best pwr.... this is interesting

    and SOE is the best right?? :yahoo:

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