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  1. [quote name='Death Bell' post='22465' date='Dec 15 2008, 10:54 PM']Yeh of course we know what your life is :P posting in da forums or ingame chat right[/quote]

    oh dont tell me you dont know :D dst's life is endless seeking for bugs and useless posts :D (so he can click that nice lil button named delete)

  2. because it confuses new players since it doesnt auto update, honor you can see in same place where you can see your new gained stats, your protector , etc also you can see there your current xp too, and only annoying thing about this is that there is no loyalty counter

  3. i would say that there should be internal page which can be seen only by alliance members and edited only by alliance leader, well mass pming could be useful too, but its annoying, since there is only one inbox and you need to rearrange it by your self, if there would be one inbox for alliance messages, one private inbox, one lho inbox, one rpc inbox, that would be much more better than current "advanced" messaging system, and a lot of things would work more efficiently

  4. wait wait wait, if mur doesnt want to remove rpcs when they went inactive but is still giving them spell pages, i say it really isnt good, because then omega is still rpc if you look at his profile, and he isnt on rpc list nor he has spell pages, and i at least see his traces quite often compared to other rpc which left, also there are rpcs which left and gave theirs account to someone, and there are this ones which left and didnt gave theirs account, so its all messy

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