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  1. well i will tell you that this could hurt a lot if not used properly and many players, believe it or not doesnt know to set proper rit with all this we have now, not to talk about counter rit for something, this could help only very experienced players, but still nobody is safe, since you can crash into many things and you can never know, and most likely if you are going with force, you will always choose till destruction, well anyway, i guess everybody will chose that, so if some smart guy sets trees as i stated in post above, then dang, you are out ^_^ it could screw you and you didnt wanted that

  2. great if this is implemented then i can use tree on mart vs 6 trees on regen we both choose until destrucition and battle never ends ^_^ (well it will end after 70-80 rounds if i am not mistaken) and that would result in me getting back to 0 personal xp just after one fight XD hehe

  3. lol, i must say that this hc was fun ^_^ and btw i am still third but i dont count XD i am gray O.o
    and hcs which were before were almost the same, before i was also making great progress and many players were aggressive and angry, but this time it was much more, how ppl are pissed off when they start to lose in competition where are high rewards in play, they face you with anger, dislikeness, some even with hatred, now i think that i fully understand you dst since ppl are behaving like that to you quite often

    and yes if nothing will be done about this problem, i think i will have to invent some fun for veterans

  4. @Burns: i can beat this two ;) so no problem to me, and loreroot battle tournament is boring, its like sitting on willows, ohh my mistake being at willows is much more fun than that, i want hunting :) yea and i want other to come after me, like hc i have heads which attracts others :) i need to catch others, there is whole art in playing hc :) and also i like land wars cuz when you bring down opponent he cant participate again :D

    @Ren: land wars were just one of idea to make it real since they already exist an we arent using them, we could pick something else, and we WANT more fun :)

    @MRWander: yea thats one solution, but that wont influence game much, but instead what will happen players wil start making more alts, and will stop playing their main, they will uber train their alt and then they will have some fun, smashing all in theirs way, thats already happening, many ppl are already for months doing that on hc, i mean there are players which won hc 3 times or more, why? becuz of credits (i think that some of them have different names on accs an then when they win hc they request credits transfer to main acc, just an assumption idk if this is possible, but i heard rumors) reward or becuz of fun, and why did they won hc 3 times? becuz of alts, and now it will just happen more and more

    @Bunns: you will need to became normal player cuz rpcs cant participate :)

    and i agree with dst ofc :)

  5. oke everything is more or less said above, what we cant have fun anymore? ;) well then i say lets make something to entertain old folks, why not land wars each 15th of month, or some kind of contest that only players which already won hc can compete, all this without prizes, just for fun :) what do you think?

  6. now idk on what are you referring, on this that manu implemented today, or this wysiwyg editor for personal papers, but you can switch it to html editor, its useful for many newbs so they have now some easy work, but i liked old one cuz when i switch it to html editor some things arent the same as they were before

  7. well pwd spells are not allowed as well as rpc spells or maybe just rpc spells arent allowed in hc, hmm not sure but prot spells are allowed :P and heads dont give you negative stats, they just lower, figure out by yourself what they does cuz i wont tell it, and yes mr's have it all, they are perm organized organization, and there are other "big" (well somehow organized and big enough like 5-10 players) organizations but they are temp, and mr's control what they want in hc and that changes from one hc to other, they arent always controlling everything, cuz sometimes they dont have time to bother with everything and it isnt necessary for them to bother with all that, also they are good opportunists, when they see it they take it

  8. yea i know all that :( dont worry, well i am amazed that everyone forgot one thing to mention, so then nvm :D

    and braiton, i meant that fresh mp5 if he has some brains wont compete in hc, thats obvious he will get bashed a lot, he needs to get to mp5 much earlier so he has time to train

  9. well i didnt talked about organizing in way you meant, i was talking about organizations which own hc, on mp4 that is performed, and i am not surprised since mp4 is best positioned in hc, they can have much more dynamic and more tricks to use, if you know about what i am talking about

  10. you really dont have idea what guys on mp3 has, what they have now you probably got on mp5
    usual thing on mp3 6 max grassans, then some even have chaos, but dark lvl3 can be seen more frequently, ele lvl 5, bird lvl 3-4, 1 max pipmed grassan, and things like that, and this days many many more mp3s get to loreroot, thats becuz of alts and players with lots of patience, they have older experienced teachers, they plan all, there is no single pers xp wasted, and they use wp for xp reset, plus if they donate to game they have premium creats, that makes them extremely dangerous, and on mp4 there you can do what ever you want, but if you arent the chosen one you wont win :( cuz on mp4 everything is organized, on mp5 its chaos :D and not many players which wants to win or which didnt done that already

  11. braiton times changed, all what you said is much more increased on mp3 and mp4, on mp5 its very solid, but still first 2 days on mp5 hc list are players which cant win, so that gives you pretty much chances to get it, i am 95% sure that one who wants it and tries hard will in worst case get 4th place on mp5

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