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  1. what O.o i thought it is possible to be played on mobile, on iphone it should work, i think that it also should work on that new fancy nokias and sonyericssons, but i never tested it, all that flash and images and tons of things would eat me alive on mobile, lol just imagine mobilephone bill after playing md on it ^^ lol

  2. bored, it seams like this hovering method doesnt work for me lol

    btw i like this ones, and ofc i must add examples and explanations

    DST, or daylight saving time, is both a blessing and a curse. Its purpose is to make the day longer (daylight saving) by setting clocks forward one hour. This initially screws us over by depriving us of one hour of sleep on the first saturday night in April. However, it also allows us to enjoy the sunlight for an extra hour in the summertime, letting us party hardy every night for that extra 60 minutes.
    Jim: DST [spoiler]fucked[/spoiler] me over last night, I only got 5 hours of sleep.
    Bill: Yeah but think of all the extra daylight we will have this summer, during which we can party hardy.

    STF - Sa te fut
    Romanian abbreviation for [spoiler]"fuck you"[/spoiler]
    STF - Stands for [spoiler]Shit[/spoiler] Thats Funny. Replaces the older, tired phrase, lol.

    and i put into spoiler tags words that should not be seen :rolleyes:

  3. destroy that "dome" if you dare, before you try i will personally execute you, next time ask dreamcatcher to show you same dream, and then open your eyes much better, that dome surrounds only Marind's Bell, also just one more thing, since you dont believe what i say, then look at this

    Page 347 [2008-11-21 03:43:43 - The Inner Sun - Noo.]
    In the direction of Marind Bell, there is another light. It seems odd and surrounds the land. Before No One has a chance to analyze what he sees, the moon fades, the stars disappear, and the sky lightens again. He then hears an odd thumping. Looking at the source, he sees the puppy ramming against the bubble.

    you wont be able to see sun and moon in lands of marind's bell and necrovion, remember that, i already said too much, and good thing i did that i spoke with bootes about this and tarquinus too, they had same thoughts as you, you all aimed to get rid of that dome, i wonder why you dont want get rid of dark dome that surrounds necrovion

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