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  1. [quote name='dst' post='17273' date='Sep 25 2008, 12:47 AM']No...it's not. He is good because you can fight a really strong player when you are mp3. And if you know how to use it...it will be in your advantage... Trust me.[/quote] i agree with you
  2. [quote name='Blaze777' post='17271' date='Sep 24 2008, 11:49 PM']MP4: wsxdr moepheus Dream Knight Legendary Apprentice[/quote] ty, updated again
  3. well i think it would be good to start with basics about drawing, from which detail to start, how to draw lines in right way, etc, and as penny mentioned body proportions in 2d effect and in 3d effects (like perrobotilos armored dog avatar, it gives feel like it is 3d, i cant explain good enough, but i think you got the point) after that you could get to normal things, like process of drawing step by step, etc i dont know what to suggest i am newb
  4. wtf i thought you are mp4 arent you? and demo acc is mp3
  5. ~public warning, you guys get OT (offtopic) you have already a thread about it, get back on topic or someone will get real warning, ty
  6. [quote name='Granos' post='17220' date='Sep 24 2008, 01:13 AM']Then try asking him... If you can find him...[/quote] well i will ask him for sure, also i will ask Mur and Shoeps does this guy have anything approved about this nasty spamming and role
  7. this guy is just saying beware this and that, and wants us to do something, how should i know what to do anyway O.o when he isnt telling me nothing specific
  8. is this guy for real, is he approved by Mur/Shoeps you cant know anymore who is real and who is fake there should be some list of this minor approved roles
  9. in the game are only 5 altars for now and i dont think there will be more, and only 1 is accessible to everyone ~answered and locked on request
  10. hmm this seams very interesting, my drawings are very bad and ugly i would like to learn how to draw a good drawings, i hope i will learn a thing or two from this following lessons
  11. i had much more than 52 rounds against npcs (like 78 or 72, cannt remember) anyway it isnt the same to get that much number of rounds against npc and human player, it is very hard to get that against human player, and i dont know what was dst's point
  12. why not??? chaos in your mailbox and peace in country
  13. [quote name='XinHun' post='16678' date='Sep 14 2008, 08:32 PM']~MP4 -Syerthrix -Genspy -Hansvon -Sir Exict[/quote] ty, updated keep up with posting
  14. Everyone here it is, the place to post your list of repeated aggressors in dojo that you found out. Calyx asked me to post it in the forum. I had a bigger list but one part I misplaced, second part is pm-ed to meru chi, and third part is here. I hope that other part of list will be added here as well so that dojo guards (like myself) can hunt them down. Also please dont spam in this topic, just post names, ty. What it means "repeated aggressor"? Repeated aggressor is a player who breaks dojo rule about attacking without getting permission for attack from that player/s first and he kee
  15. lol, you are really funny, there is no knowledge about outer magic, only ability and it is acquired as stated above by becoming pwr or mp6
  16. so here we have outgoing messaging control system and one for sorting messages the outgoing messaging system when i purchased it, well in start was bugy, it showed me a lot of messages that i sent before i get it, and it sayed they wasnt delivered, but they were answered to me long ago sorting system well it is all nice, but sometimes i got losted in it and i dont like rotating all this icons, and i dont remember in which i put what, maybe it will be better if each player could create and name his own categories for storing and sorting messages, the main thing that sucks with this system is
  17. first to comment few things from the beginning of topic interesting is the white box and the shade, this assumption that willows was angien later killed marind and became shade....etc...... and he offered us white box to help us, apparently because of need to help him save marind, and thats way we are still alive, well i didnt taked the box (well because it was offered to me by shade ), i run away (or at least tryed to do so), and still later i somehow finished in wooden box with marind, i dont know what that shade has to do with willow, lets remember homepage of magic duel, there is on pict
  18. yea thats is major problem to me, i dont see much rpcs online, so i cant hunt them
  19. so as much as i can tell, thats problem with flash, you probably didnt installed yet a flash plugin for google chrome, but maybe the problem is with chrome since it is beta version, i dont know for sure
  20. oke i just wanted to report this so that i dont get banned from free credits page for no voting because in my case voting is impossible
  21. envy you are reading my mind, yesterday night i was think about the same think and wanted to open topic next day, when today i see it is already opened, heads game also annoys me too, i just keep getting attacked, i need wins, a lots of and if i win 5 times, and i get some heads after it, then i got reaped by 10 more losses then i get to sanctuary to heal myself, and guess what, i got 8 heads from nowhere and get killed again, i just cant play normally
  22. i didnt know where to post this, so i think this is the best place for it a few minutes ago i was going to get free credits i normally click links and vote, some of them doesnt open so fast, so i wasnt taking too much attention, so i let it to keep opening while i was clicking and voting on others, so when i get back to deal with this slow loading sites, i saw on two of them this errors http://eternalgamelist.com/ and another one http://www.mmorpg100.com/in.php?id=2877 did this happend to anyone else?
  23. i like it fojar then just to add at least one more mp level with this principles and it will be ultra super
  24. Player Name: Liberty Tag: Servant of Light Description: Just a humble Servant of Light whos goal is fulfillment of his last task given by divines, to liberate lands of Magic Duel from evil at all costs.
  25. it just sucks on ff, it crashes (mainly because of flash), it looks very bad, i can bearly play it, this game is made to work woth ie, but for us linux lovers, we are stuck to play it on ff, btw on konqueror it dosent works at all :lol:
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