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  1. new record from fresh mp3 to mp5, this was done in time of 4 hours, ya can check topic about it [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9929-a-show-of-force-episode-5-the-player-strikes-back/"]here[/url], account on which this was done is Justin Time.... symbolic name :D

  2. well i always wanted to perform sword slash inner magic with mine sword, and i just happen to have all 3 lvls :P so i should be able to make salami slices out of everything XD but since atm this isnt possible, i was thinking about prot-movelock lvl1, prot-nomulti lvl1, prot-freeze lvl3 and deals 20% (of max ve) damage to players actual ve, well since its sword its logical that opponent gets hurt thats why ve dmg, since mine sword has dazzling light aura it blinds opponent :( thats why movelock, but since in md fights are done with creats... then creats should be affected too, so 3 of them gets freezed, and other 3 get nomulti targeting but they should be happy that they still can attack, as for charges... args.. its sword.. its not battery :( so its logical to have infinite charges :) but that wouldnt be fair to others :D no? so why not give infinite charges to all melee weapons it would be realistic, but limit should be put on using it multiple times on same target, for example mine sword has infinite charges but i can use it only once on same target in same day

  3. i dont agree with ya chew, everyone cares so they can rant whole system about being unfair, nobody wants to point out someone in fear that s/he wont do something against him/her, but if that abuser does something that is against interest of other person, that other person will suddenly jump out and start digging accusations of past misdeeds of abuser and publicly flame him, and then suddenly that one person gets respect of community (well part of it) for "unveiling" and "reporting" about "heavy" abuses (which are done by everyone else) and he also then is marked as some sort of "good doer" becoz of that

    question is where was that "hero" before when abuse happened, if s/he knew about it why did s/he waited so long, oh... i forgot s/he put public black mark on that person just becoz that person did something that isnt in his/hers interest, so lets then flame him about his abuses regardless if both are "sinners"

    thats where big fights start, ya think it wont happen with wps? all those votes FOR are becoz everyone is greedy, once ppl get those free wps, it will be kewl, then everyone will start abusing alts for wps, and then jealousy will come up, and conflict of interests will come up, insults, and other crap, so it will look like always in similar situations which i described earlier in this post, this already happened with tolerated level of abusing bugs and tolerance of having alts, so it will happen again with wps

    phase 1 overall greed
    phase 2 abuse
    phase 3 complains about system and individual conflicts of interests

    i will conclude this with question: is it possible to satisfy greed of players and prevent abuses?

  4. ah good point @rhaegar, but i must admit that in here is just like ya said, keeping up your own alt with age, especially if ya have bunch of them is hard, unlike dst's alts since she inherited them from real players... 1 wp on alt means almost nothin, with 1 wp in shop ya cant get anythin good, at least in mine opinion but this opens up broken pattern wp in consideration, and if age wp is placed at start... huh then yes we have problem

    i voted 1 wp per year and yes to alts, but now i see it as problem of a kind... so idk

    this will obviously create wp inflation in mine mind, maybe to look for some other alternatives to motivate young ones and keep loyalty of vets?

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