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  1. a lil bump to the dyin thread, well heres another kewl screeny, nuthin extreme picture of mine alt family at its home location 50 accs all mp5s as ya can see (the dots in front of player name in scenes online list show which mp level player is) [img]http://www5.picturepush.com/photo/a/9082963/1024/Anonymous/minefamily.jpg[/img] [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=5027"]alternative image link[/url]
  2. at least its done, other "soon" things are still in the queue _D
  3. wait..... wut??????? game mechanics doesnt allows ya to leave aramory before ya get creats and click continue in story, there is no arrow, this scenario is only possible on mp4/5 but then its no longer the issue OR if ya got creats by trade that doesnt counts to system, so that might be problem, system predicts ya will HAVE to enter aramory, which ya cant leave before that shade thingy triggers with clickin continue in story so ya got creats by trade? or ya talkin for higher mp levels?
  4. in baianos suggestion there is one problem current champ cant defend the title, still i think it would be oke to have same champ again, but maybe instead of that rest period he doesnt get reward again, only gets to keep the title if he wins and well... prevents others to claim first place reward
  5. advantages that ya mentioned loyalty, tea, ally, stats, i dont see anythin wrong with him havin those advantages, those advantages are as fair as one person havin fully tokened premium/wind drachs while other person having dark archer lvl 4 as his best creat each of those advanatages can be earned and aint exclusive to anyone, but are rather obtainable by everyone
  6. it makes sense actually if ya take a look at things that are done by hand and things that are done by computer, for example scene has its pict hand made, while arrows are computer made, so medals are just as arrows, just sticker on fridge imo anyway its pointless to argue about somethin we arent up to decide about, best is to see wut council or mur have to say about this if they even notice this question
  7. i dont think that matters, those are medals in here its about item images, so... since avys nor item images arent allowed to be made with epen, then i dont think one is allowed to color item images with computer, especially since there is no visible (or almost to none) difference between epen and real pencil, while coloring images physically and eletronically, difference is easily spoted, so....
  8. yeah same guess as yoars, water etc is more like to have "charges" when ya trade ya are just addin/removin those charges, rather than each bein its own item, anyway this can be easily checked, by water ids when ya get more water and such, i bet those never change, idk myself cuz i never had those items called resources, its just wild guesses that sound logical to me
  9. imo rumi should get rewarded somehow, he really did a lot with garden as ivorak said, and imo just putting community garden in scene subtitle is way to low reward thing is there are strict rules regarding how players are allowed to reward wps, so thats where the problem lies ya cant reward him in that way unfortunately even thought he deserves much more
  10. participation fee is in there so that it would be used as reward pool, but as population dwindled, mur and council became needed to sponsor it as well
  11. lool however i still cant figure whats left join?
  12. oh since this is topic about highest authorities in md... so we have council, we have mur as east demigod, and there is one more "secret" demigod that replaced tengri, now i wonder, is that demi still active, is he maybe played by council or in any way influenced by them, is he there to counterbalance council, etc etc
  13. have to agree with chew, one person in place of coucil means we get GM back, and thats bad, and he retains anonimity of council thats even worse, still imo council should remain, they should keep anonimity and the current method of their work BUT community should be able to put a veto on councils decisions, and council seat rotation should be scheduled like... idk every 4-6 months
  14. yeah i agree if nothin else then council seat rotation should happen now, current council roster didnt change for quite some time, and imo it is time for it already
  15. i think murry meant that he as character mur is now lower rank than council, but as manu he is still in charge, so yeah....
  16. he asked in wut way ya got them, ctc trade, recruiting, or somethin else (reward box item, mdscript or w/e there is)
  17. yeah playin policeman like seigh said, search for bugs, breakin down inner workings of game mechanics to understand them better, almighty mdscript, creatin papers and embellish them, i guess researchin falls under gettin inside murs head... umm will add more if i can think of it
  18. Liberty4life


    its colored drachorn from mdshop(all mdshop creats are colored) that is available during any time of year, reindrach is also mdshop drachorn but is only available during xmas time
  19. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1339480890' post='114440'] Or you simply have to accept that you don't know everything, either, had you bothered to ask somebody who has such a charm (me) they(i)'d have gladly told you that the drachorn is simply out of kill and revive items. They are all taken already. [/quote] omfg, i even explained mine posts and again got interpreted in wrong way, let me try again i said that it was supposed to be made that those items spawn there, but that isnt made yet, i freakin know that drach run out of items, or in otherwords regular item spawn in there aint imp
  20. my point was that revival/kill items were supposed to spawn at drach lair, and there was supposed to be a way for anybody to acquire charm in some way, this still aint implemented i wasnt sayin that somebody needs to get charm now and go there and pick revive up, since its not done yet, but seems like some folks missunderstood mine post
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