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  1. me sent list of all that reached me excludin top 10 to murrey, thing is idk who on that list is rewarded and who isnt... >_> but anyhow... it seems that accordin to announcement ya all who have problem like ivorak need to pm MC at goe >_>
  2. cmon didnt ya figured it out yet, this is murs conspiracy to made mainlands visc turn to +40
  3. [IMG]http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/5240/fenths.jpg[/IMG] could have made it double amount....
  4. 144) mur had sold himself on slave auction in effort to raise even more gold, since his other auctions didnt make it
  5. ya know that shadow have been on md too much when he tells ya dstop instead of stop
  6. 138) mur is actually chew's alt, and atm both accs are powered by wookie's uber advanced magical bot that has abilities to learn and adopt among many others, real wookie aint playin since years ago
  7. [quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1327797020' post='102754'] [i][color=#808080]134) Chewett is really an Ewok.[/color][/i] [/quote] or a cross-breed of wookie and ewok edit: HA! me can still talk... thus conspiracy theory 135 says: 129 is just a theory...
  8. burns i have somethin to say to ya about that... [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=768h3Tz4Qik&feature=related"]This[/url] and [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b0n8m9Qwj4&feature=related"]this[/url]!!!
  9. all croatian players are mine alts, neno was just most convincing one
  10. dst is a cool cat, and that was bold move
  11. md was supposed to be pokemon game, but mur didnt had money to buy licence, so he made up creats, similarity? players can fight only with creats(pokemons) against each other, and there are 6 creats max per ritual(just like poke fight), so have fun playin what was supposed to be poke duel edit: not to mention that after lifeline did research on md and somehow found connection to pokemons, it didnt took long till he got crown.... conspiracy is very deep in here edit2: one of empty aramors is called abra... ouuu cmon, gettin new proof every minute edit3: just look at similarity between dr
  12. 116)dst is actually secret sisterhood leader, there are also rumors that her real name is bob we got fooled by her... his manipulation techniques all this time
  13. ah i think i know wuts it... thats damn epic
  14. chew if i may ask, how did ya got 130k loyalty and then in matter of 2 months ya got 100k more did some mechanics changed or what? by mine calculations if ya were online 24h for 2 months most ya could get is 80k ... so....
  15. ya stare into md and forum and do completly nothin for hours and hours and hours until ya hear PING and pm flashes up
  16. new record from fresh mp3 to mp5, this was done in time of 4 hours, ya can check topic about it [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9929-a-show-of-force-episode-5-the-player-strikes-back/"]here[/url], account on which this was done is Justin Time.... symbolic name
  17. yeah tell me about it, i actually have around me several clocks with local time, but i use only the one inside md that has romanian time
  18. ah yes, tnx grido since i totally forgot, that was mine real reason for posting it
  19. i dont remember this post of mine, i dont remember that i posted that img, well actually at one time i had -300 rep
  20. well i always wanted to perform sword slash inner magic with mine sword, and i just happen to have all 3 lvls so i should be able to make salami slices out of everything XD but since atm this isnt possible, i was thinking about prot-movelock lvl1, prot-nomulti lvl1, prot-freeze lvl3 and deals 20% (of max ve) damage to players actual ve, well since its sword its logical that opponent gets hurt thats why ve dmg, since mine sword has dazzling light aura it blinds opponent thats why movelock, but since in md fights are done with creats... then creats should be affected too, so 3 of them gets fre
  21. i dont agree with ya chew, everyone cares so they can rant whole system about being unfair, nobody wants to point out someone in fear that s/he wont do something against him/her, but if that abuser does something that is against interest of other person, that other person will suddenly jump out and start digging accusations of past misdeeds of abuser and publicly flame him, and then suddenly that one person gets respect of community (well part of it) for "unveiling" and "reporting" about "heavy" abuses (which are done by everyone else) and he also then is marked a
  22. ya say there wont be ppl abusing alts to get wps? yeah same thing ppl said about alts and angiens abuse for ve and in the end it really happened and it became massive
  23. ah good point @rhaegar, but i must admit that in here is just like ya said, keeping up your own alt with age, especially if ya have bunch of them is hard, unlike dst's alts since she inherited them from real players... 1 wp on alt means almost nothin, with 1 wp in shop ya cant get anythin good, at least in mine opinion but this opens up broken pattern wp in consideration, and if age wp is placed at start... huh then yes we have problem i voted 1 wp per year and yes to alts, but now i see it as problem of a kind... so idk this will obviously create wp inflation in mine mind, maybe to
  24. yeah why not, 1 wp per 365 days why not, its symbol of loyalty to the game, aha... reach 1 year with bunch of alts.. right.. even if somebody does it i dont see problem, wps arent transferable, so i dont see how this could be abused :s
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