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  1. so many contradictions by ackshan or i have perception problem
  2. um i almost said that its not zens fault afterall, but then i saw her post in that second link where she copy pasted murs post, so i am still in dilema [quote]I figured if anyone would know the rules it would be Seigh. I feel like I was used and lied to.[/quote] but it seems you knew the rules too, as you have should, but i guess that we all forget about protocols and rules when boss tells us wut to do, but still...
  3. first off... i am quite amazed that he managed to pull so many infractions ins such a short time, i really dont remember when was last time somebody screwed up that much O.O [quote]He awarded 1 WP directly to Seigheart for the Pumpkin Carving Contest although it was never announced that the TKs would sponsor the quest with the WP. When asked, he said he awarded the WP because ZenTao asked him. ZenTao's reason was that the anonymous sponsor [color=#ff0000]was unable[/color] to award the WP so he turned to TKs.[/quote] unable due to wp rewarding limit ? theres limit to award wp aga
  4. if i am not mistaken this is old khals code
  5. i agree with nim, thats just wrong to say that voting for lightsage would allow power monopoly, and then you pick out dsts name directly, and say nothin of chew, burns, bfh, grido, well grido didnt yet cast his vote but, they are all key "admin" figures of game, and they all get along among each other, as much as i know lightsage doesnt get along more with dst than with any other of above mentioned, and why you think he would or actually why you think lightsage always did say yes to dst? he told her no more than once fyi
  6. lightsage, for reason said above and cuz it seems hes got things already thought out how to perform this job, as well as his contribution to game through all this years in many fields to sum it up [list] [*]active [*]veteran [*]plans things ahead and has great insight in how to do certain things [*]since he was unaffilated with tks til now, hes more open to changes [*]contributed over the years as bug finder and lho [*]above points prove hes got extensive and versatile knowledge and skills [*]he was on high positions in 3 lands - he was leader of necro sentinels, he was leader of gg
  7. and i quote you this [quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1353950720' post='126501'] if they can back up name change with real thing, np let it stay fine with me [/quote]
  8. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1353933855' post='126473'] Question, other than speculation, is there anything to suggest that it was meant as insulting? Has anyone insinuated, have you heard any rumours or anything along those lines, to say that it was indeed done as a means of insulting Lib? Granted, that the person who did it hasn't stepped forward and said why they did it, doesn't look good for them, but with the threats/attacks towards this person being throughout the thread, if they are not wanting to confront those, then it may be justified in not comi
  9. this behavior of illusions prevented lore's takeover of SI as well as few takeovers over TW and from discussion back then and all the fuss it was decided to let it be like it is now, this fuss with citizenship... well its lower importance than alliances, you can simply reapply, as with tryin to kick somebody out of land who sits in illusion, well its true ya pretty much cant same as it happened with dst and peace, but usual players who dont belong to this priviledged club of few dont have illusion powers, and this "priviledged club" aint gonna move around the lands, they are all
  10. becoz it isnt assigned to name, but to id, however illusion works in a way that it takes stuff away acquired during illusion when illusion ends
  11. discussion in here is not about scene gettin renamed back into plains of liberty, its about insulting ppl if only way to remove is to use wp, then ty all we can all close this topic at once, since thats easy to do it only costs one useless wp i dont have issue with scene gettin renamed, i have issue with scene gettin renamed in offensive manner, name that location as you wish if council doesnt cares, then i would prefer for it to stay named as it is, as permanent scar on face of md as a reminder that this is place where you can easily insult others and get away with it
  12. i brought up road to eros too, however things are a bit different here in both cases names were put up for historical purpose difference is, in this case it is put as an insult, if it got renamed into Plains of Love or somethin alike then there wouldnt be any basis for complaint its pretty clear that reason for name changed by unknown person was to insult, s/he pretty much said that Liberty=Everlasting Stench, and since that person who changed name didnt spoke up anywhere about this name change, then its obvious its all about insult, if person had any good intentions/reasons for namec
  13. rhaegar, rule IS broken, i will quote [quote name='dst' timestamp='1353681408' post='126122']Abusing this [color=#ff0000]by writing ofences[/color], advertising or similar will be penalised. [/quote] for those of you who dont know, name of location was put by mur during exploration of east (opening event for tribunal and unwritten part of al), and he put it as double meaning(due to my name) for sake of [quote]mark historic locations to remember an important event for all future players[/quote] so i do find it as direct insult to both myself and community mor
  14. dude, that doesnt have anythin to do with browser, that validation is sheer validation of code, in other words it says that md first page has 26 errors from standards in order to check how good does specific browser satisfy standards you do test like [url="http://acid3.acidtests.org/"]this[/url]
  15. [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1353260084' post='125745'] Will sell when bid is sufficient enough. [/quote] which means theres hidden minimum sale price or theres hidden buy-now price, or both? also i assume it has 0 age and 0 tokens and 0 heat
  16. main supporter of "research and clues" program, yrth, stopped playin, so yeah
  17. and how she harrases other players? by reportin rule breakin in "private place", or? if its ANY other kind of "harras" then you can and have right to report her, but honestly i think you are just lookin for a private place where no rules apply
  18. its like sellin yoar soul to be the last man standin
  19. finland <3 [media]http://youtu.be/BfqJsYGTCeQ[/media]
  20. thumbs up but it would also be nice to make whole trigger box more natural, like removing underscores with other separator like colon or dash and capitalizing first letter of spelltype or even restructure whole trigger box into table-like thing Casted on: | Casted by: | Spell type: | Cause/SpellWords: [hr] somethin like this, and i added 4th column for name of cause used in fights (which are actually same as spell word) and if its some normal spell casted by chat it would show up real words used by caster for example when dst uses senttogoe it would put Shu in forth column
  21. what kind of things need to get coded and how do ya mean "completely player-operated"? those two things seem contradictional to me does that means no clickies? or wut?
  22. you noticed it now? XD there has already been topic about it year ago or so XD
  23. isnt it old useless bug when you keep clickin on names in online player list really fast sometimes medals and idle status of previous player accidently show on next player mini-profile?
  24. nad, look what i quoted, you colored word "multiple" yoarself, i quoted "succesful multiple uses", and mine point was on whole phrase mainly on "succesful" part of it, now you even have public confirmation from bugs, but yeah in short mine point was that if somethin looks incriminating it doesnt means it actually is, or in this case, eyes can see wrong (or they cant see at all) so in the end ya had one insufficent evidence which proved only that somethin is wrong, but which couldnt prove wut, ya gave answer to second question by yoar own indications, ya failed to provide evidence that proves
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