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  1. wraith shipwreck is teh landin spot

    thing is they aint chained completly, they can move, and they every here and there change their location, i mean, they are movin or better said patrolin southern gg, from wraiths wreck to fenths beach, but if they leave gg they are magically ported back, also dont forget that no long after their landin tiny ppl left cave and moved to tempest fort, connection?

    (ooc&ot: i am just wonderin, there was somebody who got access to aramor acc (there was also another person who got shade acc but nvm that) as reward or somethin back then and was allowed to sell creats from those or hand as rewards w/e, well thing that i am wonderin is who is that person, which empty aramor acc s/he got and does that have anythin to do with this?)

  2. as i said, this is unclear on this matter when ya pay for somethin, and as for your first quote as i also said, i doubt council has authority over fund makin part of game, as for second anno quote, yes i found that one out, and thing that made me unsure was if date of post (in which mur said that coins paid with real money are transferable) was after or before that announcement, cuz i was unable to find that post, but i think he said it later as a reply to that very same announcement or alt abuse question, unsure >_>

  3. how i currently understand it, ya are allowed to transfer coins ya bought in mdshop with REAL MONEY between your accounts, even if by the rules ya arent allowed to trade between your accounts since ya actually paid for those coins, they are yours no matter what, so shouldnt them be the same for shop creats if they are paid with real money?

    imo this type of transfers shouldnt be allowed, if ya used real money to buy somethin from shop on one of your accs, and then ya are givin it to another is abuse, why? cuz ya dont have to use shop reset if ya dont want or dont have any spare ones left

    from mine point of view this is a way to bypass shop quantity limitations

    so question is, is it still allowed to transfer coins between accs if that coins one bought in mdshop with real money?

    if answer to this question is yes, then we can continue with debate:

    should it be then also allowed to transfer creats if they paid with real money, or should this get on blacklist

    why i didnt mailed this to council?
    cuz i feel this has a room for debate and since bunch of ppl got warmed up on this alt questions, i guess many would like to know it, so i make it public, also i dont think that council has authority over md finances :P so this would me more of a rule for mur to set, and in the end i dont want to know for myself, i am rather interested in this due to possible prosecute reasons in future :D

  4. point of mine 4th fact was knattys relation with jailors actually :D

    so even if we are their "accidental jailors" i dont really see how knatty is connected to majority of population, if they went to blackmail their jailors by holdin knatty, they would normally contact exclusively ppl who are in close relation to knatty and who are in same time jailors, which as much as i see didnt happened, instead they made "open cry for help" or how i see it, open blackmail

  5. actually guillak's idea is awesome, it is simple and self explanatory, not to say it removes HUGE WALL TEXT, but at what i am currently lookin it lacks important infos, like how much ve each creat has left, what was percentage of lifesteal and such, if ya work out all details into this small table that would be perfect

    yeah addin color to current log would be helpful, but as much as i see point of guillak's idea is to remove the need of scrollin down

    now thing is we already have this thing in our... animated log, but it goes very very fast, ya cant really see much wut happened except the outcome, this would be almost same just it would be animated and ya would be able to see graphically whole fight, current way of how system has this animated fight isnt there to show ya how battle went, its there more becoz it is user friendly to new players :) so we cant remove it, nabs would be even more confused :D

    however, why not redesign animated part of fight, in a way, that it does its silly super fast animation from start to end, and then ya get option to with some dropdown menu or some buttons or w/e to select round and then it would display what happened in that specific round, so that ya can go from start to end of fight round by round on your own pace to check wut was happenin in fight, and it would all be displayed graphically, which is very user friendly and that as guillak said, ya get more detailed infos on mouse hover, for instance

    ya select round 1, hover over your grasan lvl3, and then it would display its dmg images inside flash element on opponents creats and in that small text thing below animation where text gets scrolled uber fast during fight animation, in there would be put some more detailed infos, although for grasy that wouldnt be needed since who he attacked with what ability and how much that can be seen flash element

    just a bit of mine brainstormin to add to teh idea :D

  6. i cant believe that i have to agree with tarq, but he is totally right

    its terrorist-like to take somebody's else freedom/life in attempt to ask for yours especially if that person isnt involved in that

    knatty is vip hostage they kidnapped and are askin their own freedom as ransom, but from who they askin? not from jailors, but from "third party"

    logical way would be that ya kidnap somebody that is important to your jailor in order to press him, but no instead they went onto other road, kidnapped innocent person (knatty) in order to exchange him for help in gettin their freedom which they didnt even elaborate on how they lost it and for what reason, as you can see on first part its terrorist way of work, kidnap family of some rich businessman and in exchange demand money with which they can fund their war for freedom, similarity is obvious, although this isnt confirmed, it arises big suspicion in mine mind

    atrumist, tell ya teh truth? i dont think somebody can do that, since nobody was involved from mine point of view, not like ggers went on chain-teh-aramor spree, aramors landed in gg and puff they were chained there, ggers were like wtf just like the rest of md population when they saw them and had no clue about them, no common person had anythin to do with it, we are in search of greater force that was at work, it could have been related to anythin from al that was unfinished, thats however just mine guess, dont hold me for word in here

    facts atm are[list=1]
    [*]they came to gg
    [*]they are chained there
    [*]they took knatty as hostage
    [*]they asked us common folks of realm for help instead of their "jailors" (ones who are responsible for them bein chained) which indicates that their hostage aint connect with "jailors"

  7. just wonderin, did anyone of ya guys that talked with abra asked him how and why he and rest of his kind ended up in gg? we know they came with that ship from "west", but did anyone bothered to ask why they came? and where exactly this "west" is? imo answers to that would give better insight on matter of their "curse" that binds them to gg

    and soz, me cant attend this although me would like, cuz me got ... >_> umm ... to take ov... *coughs* ...care... of palace... <_<

  8. peace.... necro got bone resources scattered around and once it gets "opened" it will most likely get shared bone collectin item

    and yeah i dislike idea in one way or another

    and by makin that item havin one use and be useable on idle ppl, the only target that comes to mine mind is eon, like he isnt being targeted by enough spells and items already >_>

  9. just like tarq said, yup he would be lair, and me has no problems if ya wanna stick some labels on him, me just thinks traitor is kinda inappropriate from mine point of view

    and no kyphis, for me traitor is someone who becomes part of somethin with intention of helpin it build up and be part of it, and then changes his intention to destroy it, thats what i call traitor

    but joinin organization with intention to destroy it from start, i call that enemy in disguise who is tryin to deceive, in other words spy

    although both cases lead to same result if successful, imo they still cant be labeled the same

    or maybe mine english still sucks a lot so actual word for case1 would be turncoat while for case2 would be traitor, sry if it came down to this sort of misunderstandin

  10. wait... so ... problem here isnt that eon is harvestin herbs in tribunal/lr from wut me understood, but rather problem is that ppl harvest all herbs so they cant regen back to max on next tick, right? ah thats dumb, me is always for maximal economic growth, me dont see reason why would anyone want to fully harvest anythin, unless he wants to hurt land/realm economy in his favor

  11. oke so we know he was told by pip to enter coe and then to hand it over, thats fact #1 which furthermore leads to conclusion that his pledging of fealty to coe never was true for him, ie he didnt mean wut he was sayin, so thats fact #2 which also means he cant be betrayer of somethin he never put his true loyalties in, ie he cant be betrayer of coe

    now we have assumption, that inviting neno was just a setup planned to fail in order to show back some good will towards loreroot, if that is true then he aint betrayer to pip, meanin he aint betrayer to anyone, he is just a spy that did well on his mission, but if this assumption aint true then he is only betrayer to pip and only an hostile agent to coe

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