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  1. papers as resources? well i had elu for few days nuw, 3 or so :D got one candy atm, elu ate it... i saw that button on elu so i clicked :D didnt knew wut it was before ^^ but yeah... i am tryin... :D beggin bru bru for candies and such :D

  2. sellin elu :D

    name: Halloween Elu
    [color="#999999"]ID:749916 [/color] Stored Heat 64795 Won battles 6 Age 103
    tokens: [b][emeraldglare][/b]
    [i]Current trade value: 44, Transfered 2 times.[/i]

    bid away :D auction up several days, no reserve, want coins (unless ya have somethin very good), bidin starts with 1gc

  3. [size=4]oke folks... me is lookin to buy followin

    barren soul with 10k heat minimum
    water being with 20k? heat minimum

    lookin to buy up to 3 of each type

    MUST HAVE REQUIREMENTs: followin tokens:
    [kellethafire] [sunshine] [firedrop] [osirisbelt] [jewelshards] [purpurfog]

    from left to right are tokens i value the most, with purpurfog bein least valued token but still...desired... ofc any additional token itself even if its one nut mentioned is still valued by me, but those mentioned are "MUST" (nu need to have all of them if creat has few of those or even just keletha fire i am still interested)

    if ya have above mentioned type of creat/s with some combination of mentioned tokens, pm me and we will discuss :D[/size]

  4. thing in here is that pips didnt take coe as some sort of "hostage" and to demand ransom, he took it with intention of keepin it for himself for his own reasons, be it revange or somethin else idk, and he obviously dusent wants to disclose his reasons, from wut i see he claimed coe for himself, and why would ya folks be entitled to "work" for it to get it back if pips (current holder of it) doesnt wants to give it away, its like... i say hey i like your item, i will work for it, now let me have it, things dont work that way, same as ya wouldnt give it to pips in first place, same is with pips nut givin it back to ya, he took it by himself, he managed to do it, thats all that matters, current owner/holder, as long as there is no breakin of rules there is no need for any kind of reasonin behind holdin onto somethin be it creat, item or badge

  5. his point obviously is that mp4s shouldnt be allowed to lower heat with heat infused creats, cuz its makin players stay on mp4 and continue fightin, while mp3&mp4 were meant as "test" for new players, and mp5 is meant as real fightin level, hence today more and more fightin is goin back to mp4, seriously when ya last time heard that somebody advanced to mp5 cuz of fightin reasons?

    i think thats wut no one tried to point out

  6. eh... oke so your point of this spell is to prevent eon from gettin tools at respawn time, in that case redesign teh spell

    why i am sayin that, cuz obviously your spell can be used for nuthin else except that, although in eyes of many in md its noble deed to stop eon from doin his things, keep in mind that this spell if accepted will permanently enter md and be available in mdshop, eon most likely wunt be in md forever, and only thing this spell would be doin is preventin somebody to do somethin, in other words this spell would be massively used in hostile way, example: enemy of loreroot has the spell, comes to loreroot and banishes most loyal citizens of loreroot that were waitin for tools

    this is just one most obvious example

    so LA DOES matter if ya wanna make it defensive spell end of story

    fact that water tools spawn in mda is another thing, and for preventin resource depletion think of another way cuz this one is very bad way of doin it and that will in end bring more hostility than good

  7. umm another point of view on aramors chainin, they are mp2s, mp2s generally were tied to gg land and nut allowed to leave it until they became mp3s, later mp2s became tied to souther part of gg only, same part that aramors roam those days

    umm main knator merc guard is away from game :P

    and well i must ask about wuts your reasons to help abra? so in here we have ppl that just simply want to help aramors, and on other hand we have ppl that want to free knatty, and we found out that first group of ppl is mainly helpin aramors blindly... how about other group of ppl, why ya folks want to help knatty

    atm i am not gettin involved into this directly but tnx for askin >_>

    oh and to add one more thing about aramors, actual real empty aramors are just that empty, waitin to be bend by someones will, how come those aramors gain "free will" of their own, which doesnt actually seem like theirs free will but rather controlled by somebody else, is up for investigation, so atm they have semi-free will which imo is as far as it can go, either they are fully free (which makes them fully empty (and numb) and ready to be bend by somebodys will) or they are bend by somebodys will, atm they seem to be stuck in between

  8. ff4eva

    hmm i considered usin idiot exploiter, geeks found out it can get separated from windows and can be put under nix, and it works 3 times better on nix XD

    edit: could it have somethin to do with alts? i mean... that it copies alts settings to main after switchin accounts?

  9. oke this is startin to be annoyin, me has message cload disabled by default, and during last several hours me relogged few times, and this is third time in row that message cloud got enabled by itself on sheer login, this started happenin like 6h ago or less

  10. yes, thats what happens when ya come out of "cube" and enter carnival, how ya responded to carnival is another story, but afterall we are still at that point, point where carnival itself defines openin of other parts of world, marind was the one that sparked this openin

    anyways this sparked again some forgotten subjects of discussion, and while me was tryin to answer question, i kinda got lost on a way and provided answer to "how" and didnt provide answer to "what" like samon did, and the "what" is wut the question was all about

  11. technically we never were inside the cube in way how it is described in story, so we were and we still are in cube all the time as chew and poe pointed out, or we never were in cube, and therefore those limits(walls) that we saw, and felt in story that felt so real were self imposed limitations, after all there are things that are more real than actual reality, hallucinations are one of those things for example, if ya believe somethin is real, then thats how things are, as for reasons on such belief we need to turn one page back and analyze, but that doesnt matter much for this subject, while marind is a friend, person who came to help us, or person who we run into and which we were still able to notice even inside our own walls, i could compare her to a person one falls in love with in real life and then one strives to better himself and to get involved in normal life again or somethin of that sort, wut happens later with marind is again discussion for another subject :P

    as for coffin and death part... heh, death in md has root idea tied to necro, and necro as such left totally different idea impressions on me when compared to your thinkin

    also as for wooden cube bein actual md, dont forget there are bunch of cubes, every single one bein md? heh thats somethin me cant agree just like that, but cube(s) itself is off topic here, so want discussion on that, open new topic :P

  12. yep, thats why i stated its ooc, from mine point of view ooc ties are important for rp cuz a lot of plannin and complexity of rp that follow are defined by ooc, its a lil bit of somethin ppl tend to forget

    however this ooc stuff, ofc arent ment to mess up the actual rp nor to undermine or influence the importance of rp event, this ooc info on who is behind it gives ya basic idea, if ya know person ya can figure how much of their person they put in this char and that would mean one would have insight in essence of character, however knowin the person behind it is VERY different than knowin another char this person plays, and must not be confused

    ofc none the less both chars are to be treated individually, the importance of event are in no way to be lowered or to suddenly gain in popularity due to ooc reason, thing that matters in here is that abra got knatty, and ze? :P put demands forward, and this is the problem thats bein addressed

  13. mine observation on this subject is completely different from others, if ya ask me, we never were in wooden box, small wooden box in our pocket is just a symbol of somethin else :P imo it was just our illusion or different perception of world around us, we imposed those walls by ourselves

    i cant really be detailed in here much, cuz this is just another of mine work in progress that barely started and which tends to get forgotten over and over again due to other things and lack of time, but a sheer idea of this kind of approach gives me high hopes :D

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