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  1. umm yep i knuw wut we are talkin about in here, but it was very strange for me that ya are the one rising the dust up, while those that should be concerned are puttin it down, doesnt that speak enough for ya?

    simple as it is, those that should know, they know, while others dunt need to know

    if ya aint here to shot at pip, and if ya are just curious, and if they said ya wouldnt get to know why, why ya stubborn? even mb ppl are puttin ya down on this, to me this is clear message to all: "outsiders" should watch their business

    things would be much different if clocky for example wants to hear wut ya wanna hear, but truth is, he either knows, doesnt cares, or plays his own game regardin this, imo its most likely the first case

  2. i am pretty sure that he said why to folks from who he took it, at least he said why for kob (afaik), and he obviously didnt wanted to say it publically

    and well if those aint yoars allys why ya care? however truth is ya are still here cuz of coe, ya hang with them and it was just a matter of time (imo) before ya join them, so..... in other words (from mine pov) it is about yoar ally, i just dont understand why ya hide it... >_> or? hmm

    anyways doesnt matter, there is no need to push this in here, longterm things will get to their places, or ppl would move to new places, and it wont matter anymore, not every fight is good fight, and not every good fight is won fight, same with bad fight isnt always lost fight.... (with good and bad fight i describe struggles with good or bad reasonin behind them)

    in short, reasons dunt matter, they dunt justify things, but they dunt accuse things neither, actions are the ones that are affected by this, "why" doesnt matters only "what", so pls stop bs about "why" cuz thats simple indirect bs when ya dunt have anythin else to play on

  3. dont forget glor drew few locations (east wing and basement) in mda mansion during the "event of expandin the mansion"

    anyways on mainpage there is [url="http://magicduel.com/index.php?pag=staff"]link[/url] where some old ppl are mentioned who contributed to md development (think that ppl mentioned there are up to 2009/10 anythin later aint mentioned), and ofc i have no idea who are 75% of them XD even though me is here since summer 08

  4. 1gc

    and ofc referr to followin [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11895-wtb-waterbeingbarrensoul-tokened/page__p__106751#entry106751"]topic[/url] of mine... me is serious when me said me wanna buy those...

  5. yeah i wanted to say same thing, md-archives site has been broken for ... how long? 2 years or so? and md wiki isnt filled with content in the way it should be, for instance in wikia i can find anythin related to game mechanics, but very little about realm "history", its just most basic infos which are mainly done by burns, and he aint archivist, but yet he did foundation of wut ya guys should have done completly, and on forums we obviously have nuthin too, so where is your work, we wanna see it

  6. [quote name='AmberRune' timestamp='1331736320' post='106552']
    We have been sent more evidence regarding this and will therefore be
    opening an investigation. We are considering the current infomation
    that was emailed to us, and in this thread. If anyone has relevant
    evidence please send it to us. We will be contacting individuals for
    information, please could all slaves post their view of the situation
    on this thread or if they wish to remain anonymous thn please email us
    at [council].[/cquote]

    so... wut happened to this investigation its takin quite a long time already and there are no updates about it, to me it looks like council intentionally forgot about it

  7. [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' timestamp='1333099818' post='107819']
    Once you have been mentored by someone you can't just 'unmentor' yourself. So I don't see why you should be able to unadept yourself at all.


    oke then z, it should have been made that nobody can change his master/mentor at all, atm everyone is switchin them like socks, but unadeptin aint option? funny

    as for rest... wut prot has to do with this... bein adept of someone dusent mean that someone is prot or that he even aims at prot status

  8. no dst, nobody wants real challenge, especially when they know wut they are against, everyone wants first place in hc and dunt want second, so before hc starts everybody knows who will compete and who will take first place, so others sit back and wait for next run, remove all rewards from hc, then ya will "challenge"

  9. related but not same...

    i am askin simply for button that removes your adepthood, just like ya can remove your protector nowdays

    if ya can change who ya are adept of like socks why not be able to be nobodys adept

  10. i would like to see for very long time already the unadept button, which would ofc remove you from being adept of xxxxx person, how currently things work are that once ya become somebodys adept, ya always must be adept of that person or of some other, but ya cant unadept, only way not to be adept of anybody is if ya reged without referrer id and by now pickin adepthood during whole game, i mean why would i have to be somebodys adept if i dont want to, simple as that

  11. by splittin ppl in those two groups would also make hc last very long, since low population, meanin even less chances to gather heads, wut ya want hc to last from 28th till another 28th day of month?

    me thinks that boss hc has been made exactly cuz of wut ya propose, to make folks who won already have some fun

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